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Guarana Quest

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Guarana Quest
Base Level: Unknown
Base Experience: 70,000 (Non-VIP)
157,500 (VIP)
Job Experience: 10,000 (Non-VIP)
22,500 (VIP)
Item(s): 12414.png 1 Guarana Candy
Quest Reward(s): Ability to buy Guarana Candy
  1. In southern Brasilis, talk to the Candy Maker (/navi brasilis 187/162). He has run out of his supply of Guarana, but refers you to Chetro.
  2. Find Chetro (/navi bra_in01 95/178) in the Art Museum. Head upstairs and enter the portal to the right. He is on the upper side of the room.
    • Ask him about the Guarana and he tells you that Guarana does not grow in Brasilis anymore.
  3. Talk to him again and he will then tell you about the Guarana Kid; since he was born Guarana can't grow in Brasilis.
  4. The Strange Kid (/navi brasilis 204/64) is standing by the shore near the Hydras. Regardless of what you ask, he only answers with animal sounds.
  5. Go back to Chetro and tell him about the boy. He refers you to Magician Paje.
  6. Mage Paje (/navi brasilis 57/224) is on the upper west side of town. He casts a spell on you to allow you to converse with the animals.
  7. Head to Brasilis Field and walk near the Tucan (/navi bra_fild01 75/83). Continue talking to him until he gives you a feather. He will then warp you near the Jaguar.
  8. Walk near the Jaguar (/navi bra_fild01 33/184) and he shall give you a meat. The Jaguar will then refer you to the Monkey as the animal to speak with.
  9. Find the Monkey (/navi bra_fild01 243/51) and continue talking to him until he gives you a grape branch.
  10. Go back to the Strange Kid and give him the items. He shall reward you with 6237.png 1 Guarana Fruit.
  11. Go back to the Candy Maker and you shall receive your first 12414.png Guarana Candy.
    • The Candy Maker will now sell you Guarana Candy for 4,000 Zeny each.