Spiritual Sphere Absorption

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Spiritual Sphere Absorption.png Spiritual Sphere Absorption
Spiritual Sphere Absorption Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 5
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Cast Delay: None
Target: Enemy/Self
(Monk) Summon Spirit Sphere Lv. 5


When cast on a monster, there is a 10% chance the user will regain SP equal to twice the monster's level. When targeted on a player (in a PvP environment) or the caster, all Spirit Spheres of the targeted player will be "absorbed". The caster will regain 7 SP per Spirit Sphere absorbed, and the targeted player will lose all of their Spirit Spheres. If the targetted player does not have any Spirit Spheres, this skill will fail. Otherwise, when cast on players, the success rate is 100%.


If a player loses their Spirit Spheres after they begin casting a skill, the skill will still complete even if Spirit Spheres were required. For example, a Monk that has his or her Spirit Spheres absorbed in mid-cast of Guillotine Fist will still complete their Guillotine Fist (unless the cast is interrupted or the targeted player evades it, of course). If the Spirit Spheres are removed before a Monk begins a skill that requires them, they will have to be re-casted.

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