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Root.png Root
Root Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 10
Cast Time: 0.5-1.3 seconds
Cast Delay: 0.5 seconds
Duration: (10 + (Skill level*10)) seconds
Target: Enemy (None Needed)
Range: Melee
(Monk) Flee Lv. 5


Root is the Monk's version of the Knight skill Counter Attack. Once Root is cast, it allows the caster to "catch" an enemy if they use a normal attack against the caster during the skill's Catch Time. If Root is successfully casted, then both the Monk and enemy are thrown into the "Root" status. During the Root status, only the caster may attack, by use of skills, and what skills they can use are determined by the level of Root they have learned (exception if the opponent is also a monk, see notes). Root only works on physical attacks and requires 1 Spirit Sphere per cast, regardless if an enemy is caught or not.

Skill Level Skills Catch Time Duration
1 None .5 seconds 20 seconds
2 Throw Spirit Sphere .7 seconds 30 seconds
3 Occult Impaction .9 seconds 40 seconds
4 Raging Quadruple Blow 1.1 seconds 50 seconds
5 Guillotine Fist 1.3 seconds 60 seconds

The Catch Time associated with Root is the amount of time you have to actually "catch" an enemy attack to launch the Root status.

Continuing as a Combo

Guillotine Fist only requires 4 Spirit Spheres to be cast in the Root status (since Root takes one Spirit Sphere to cast) but still requires the Fury state.

It is possible to continue the Raging Quadruple Blow to Raging Thrust if you select the enemy just after quadruple. This way, it is possible use the folowing combos:


  • Root cannot catch players or monsters using skills.
  • Since this skill is of the Monk discipline, if the user Roots an enemy Monk, then the enemy can also use skills while in Root; which skills are available is determined by each player's level of Root.
  • During the Root status, players/monsters will retain all of their original characteristics, except the inability to move or attack. They can be damaged, attacked, use items or even change gears.
  • Rooted players/monsters are also susceptible to effects like knockback (and it will not affect the Root status).
  • Throw Spirit Sphere is weakened when used from Root, as Root itself consumes one spirit sphere.
  • Root only works from melee range. It can be used against ranged attackers, but the monk using Root must be within melee range.
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