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Cities are generally safe locations with Kafra (or related) services and have no experience loss on death.

City Name Kingdom/Area Navigation
Rachel Arunafeltz States (Capitol) International Airship, far west of Einbroch.
Veins Arunafeltz States 1 south, 1 west, and 2 south from Rachel.
Midgarts Expedition Camp New World From Morroc, one map east. Requires Onward to the New World Quest.
Manuk New World 2 east, 1 south of the Midgarts Expedition Camp.
Splendide New World 2 west of the Midgarts Expedition Camp.
Juno Republic of Schwartzvald (Capitol) Kafra Warp from Al De Baran, International and Domestic Airship, far north of Al De Baran, far east of Einbech.
Einbech Republic of Schwartzvald Via train from Einbroch.
Einbroch Republic of Schwartzvald Domestic Airship, far west of Juno.
Hugel Republic of Schwartzvald Domestic Airship, far northeast of Juno.
Lighthalzen Republic of Schwartzvald Domestic Airship, far west of Einbroch.
Prontera Rune-Midgarts Kingdom (Capitol) All Kafra services except Izlude provide direct warps.
Alberta Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Prontera. 2 maps south and 2 maps east from Payon.
Al De Baran Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Geffen or Izlude. Far north of Prontera.
Comodo Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Morroc.
Geffen Rune-Midgarts Kingdom 4 maps west of Prontera or Kafra warp from Prontera or Al De Baran.
Izlude Rune-Midgarts Kingdom 1 map south and east of Prontera or Kafra Warp from Prontera.
Morroc Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Prontera. Unreachable by land due to Satan Morroc.
Payon Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Prontera. Far southeast of Prontera.
Umbala Rune-Midgarts Kingdom Kafra Warp from Comodo.
Amatsu Standalone
Ayothaya Standalone
Kunlun Standalone
Jawaii Standalone
Louyang Standalone
Moscovia Standalone
Nifflheim Standalone
Lutie Standalone

Leveling Fields

Leveling Fields are fields outside of town and can sometimes be accessed by Warp Portal. The following is a list of notable leveling fields.

Field Name Notable Information Navigation
(Payon Forest 1/8)
Fields filled with spores, popular for novices to get their job exp. 1 map south of Payon, or 1 map east of Payon.
(Sograt Desert 2)
A map with tons of Peco Pecos. Used for low level exp parties. 3 maps south of Prontera, or 2 maps west of Payon
(Payon Forest 2)
A field with wolves, popular for low-level classes. 2 maps south of Payon, or 2 maps west of Alberta.
West High Orcs
(Geffen Field 14)
A field with High Orcs and Orc Archers. They can also be found in the Clock Tower Dungeon. Ymir : Visit the Orc Village via Kafra Warp from Prontera or Geffen, and one map west from there. Valkyrie : Walk 1 map west and 2 map south from Geffen.
(Einbroch Field 4/3 )
Fields with many Geographers and few other monsters, popular with low-level ranged classes. 1 map north of Einbroch, or one west of that.
(Comodo Field 1)
A field with alligators, used for leveling mid level characters. 2 maps east of Comodo.
(Einbroch Field 6)
A field with goats, popular for leveling higher level characters. 2 maps south of Juno.
Hill Winds
(Rachel Field 5)
A field with Hill Winds, popular for leveling archer classes and high flee characters. 1 map east, 2 north and 1 east from Rachel.


Dungeons are locations not accessible by Warp Portal and often contain a large number of monsters.

Dungeon Name MVP Navigation Other Information
Prontera Culvert Golden Thief Bug 1 map west of Prontera, in the center. Requires a Quest at the Knight Guild in Prontera.
Orc Dungeon None Kafra warp from Geffen or Prontera leads immediately to the first floor entrance.
Hidden Temple Baphomet 1 map north of the Valkyrie Realm map north of Prontera, at the 11 o'clock wall. Also 1 map south of Aldebaran at 7 o'clock. Both entrance lead to floor 1 but not the same starting area.
Ant Hell Maya Two entrances are available to this dungeon but are in the same area, one map east of Morroc.
Payon Dungeon Moonlight Flower At the 10 o'clock wall of the Archer Village north of Payon.
Byalan Dungeon ("Undersea Tunnel") None Accessible by boat from Izlude's port at the 1 o'clock direction.
Sunken Ship Drake Accessible by boat from Alberta's port.
Pyramid Osiris, Amon Ra At the 10 o'clock direction in the Oasis, northwest of Morroc.
Sphinx Pharaoh In the center of one map west of Morroc.
Clock Tower None In the center of Al De Baran.
Odin's Temple Valkyrie Randgris Via boat from Hugel.
Abyss Lake Detardeurus One map south and west from Hugel, in the center.
Thanatos Tower Memory of Thanatos One map south, one east, and two north from Juno. NPC to enter is along the north ridge.
Somatology Laboratory (Biolabs) Assassin Cross Eremes, High Priest Margaretha, High Wizard Kathryne, Lord Knight Seyren, Mastersmith Howard, Sniper Cecil From Lighthalzen. Requires the Biolabs Entrance Quest.
Ice Caves Ktullanux. From Rachel, one map east and 2 north, entrance at the 12 o'clock wall.
Amatsu Dungeon Samurai Specter
Ayothaya Ancient Shrine Lady Tanee
Beach Dungeon Tao Gunka
Mjolnir Dead Pit (Coal Mine) None
Einbroch Mine Dungeon RSX 0806
Geffen Dungeon Dracula, Doppelganger
Geffenia None
Glast Heim Dark Lord
Gonyrun Dungeon Evil Snake Lord
Juperos Ruins Vesper
Kiel Robot Factory Kiel D-01
Louyang Dungeon White Lady
Magma Dungeon None
Moscovia Dungeon Gopinich
Nameless Island Abbey Fallen Bishop Hibram, Beelzebub
Nidhoggur's Nest Nidhoggur's Shadow
Rachel Sanctuary (Holy Grounds) Gloom Under Night
Sealed Shrine Unsealed Baphomet
Thors Volcano Dungeon Ifrit
Toy Factory (Lutie Dungeon) Stormy Knight
Turtle Island Dungeon Turtle General
Umbala Dungeon None

MVP Fields

Field Name MVP Navigation