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Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Level: Base 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Coconut
Base Experience: 202,500 (VIP)

90,000 (Non-VIP)

Quest Reward(s): Access to Brasilis Dungeon
  1. Go to the middle part of Brasilis and talk to the group of kids (181, 250). Ask about the gossip, they will tell you about a ghost in the museum bathroom. Talk until one of them gives you a set of spells.
  2. Go to Fruit Gardener (221,128) and buy a Coconut .
    • Note: You may want to buy more than one, as getting past step 9 is completely random.
  3. Proceed to Museum (148, 160). Inside, walk straight ahead until you see Curator (bra_in01 9, 181). He forbids you to enter the bathroom. Talk to him and give him the coconut; he will let you in.
  4. Inside the bathroom, you have to talk to 5 items. Door > toilet > faucet > carpet > mirror.
  5. Talk to door:
    • Type in Mother the door won't open!
    • Turn the key 7 times.
  6. Talk to toilet:
    • Use the toilet.
    • Type in Mother the water is flooding!
    • Flush the toilet, 3 times.
  7. Talk to the faucet:
    • Examine it.
    • Type in Mother the drought has started!
    • Turn on the water once(second option).
  8. Talk to carpet:
    • Examine it.
    • Type in Mother where are my friends?
    • Shake the carpet, 7 times.
  9. Talk to mirror:
    • Examine it.
    • Type in Where are you mom?
    • A Ghost will appear. Take off the bandage from her eyes.
    • Note: A dice roll will start over your head and the ghost's head. If your number is lower, the ghost will take half of your HP/SP and send you back outside the bathroom.
    • The numbers are chosen completely by random, so redo steps 3-9 until you win the random dice roll.
  10. You find yourself transported to a sewer pipe. Walk ahead until you see the Open Manhole. Click the Open Manhole and the Ghost will reappear and tell you her story.
    • Click the Open Manhole again and you will enter the Brasilis Dungeon
    • You can now freely enter the Brasilis Dungeon through the toilet in the museum bathroom.