Divest Weapon

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Divest Weapon.png Divest Weapon
Divest Weapon Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: (15+Skill Level*2)
Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: 1 second
Duration: 60s + Skill Adjustment and Dex Difference
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Status: Divest
(Rogue) Divest Armor Lv. 5


Forcibly strip the weapon off a target. While used on players in PvP environment, the target cannot equip weapons for period of time. Used in PvM, this skill decreases the ATK of a monster by 25% for a short amount of time. The skill has a base success rate of 5%, and base duration of 60 seconds, which is improved with higher skill levels and adjusted by the difference in DEX between you and the target.

Skill Level Bonus Success Rate Duration Bonus SP Cost
1 +5% +15s 17
2 +10% +30s 19
3 +15% +45s 21
4 +20% +60s 23
5 +25% +75s 25



  • DEX affects the Cast Time of the skill.
  • The Cast Time cannot be interrupted except by use of Spell Breaker.
  • The skill's range is checked after the skill is finished casting. If the target is out of range when casting is complete, the skill will fail.
  • The skill will only remove the right hand weapon. Weapon's equipped in the left hand (in the case of Assassins) can still be used.
  • If the opponent isn't wearing a right hand weapon, the skill will always fail.

Duration and Effect

  • Success Rate [%] = 5 + (5 * Skill Level) + (Dex Difference / 5)
  • Duration [seconds] = 60 + (15 * Skill Level) + (Dex Difference / 2)
  • Dex Difference is your dex minus the target's dex. If your dex is higher than the targets, the chance of success and duration will increase. If your dex is lower than the targets, the duration and chance will decrease.
  • There is a base 5% chance of success, the success rate cannot be reduced below this 5%.


Level 5 with 100 Dex
Target's Dex Success Rate Duration
50 40% 160 seconds
150 20% 110 seconds
185 13% 92.5 seconds

Other Information

  • The status cannot be removed normally. The skill Dispell does not remove the status. The High Priest card from a Minstrel's Tarot Card of Fate and a Paladin casting Battle Chant can remove the status.
  • The divest status is lost when you log out.
  • Can be used on Boss type monsters.
  • When used against a monster, the monster's ATK is reduced by 25%.
  • Only shows animation on success.
  • You can divest a target in frozen status, and on success the frozen status is not lost.
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