Amatsu Blue Harvest Quest

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Blue Harvest

Amatsu Blue Harvest Quest
Base Level: 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 551.png 10 Sushi (5 are consumed)
544.png 10 Raw Fish (5 are consumed)
7150.png 30 Piece of Bamboo
7053.png 20 Cyfar
1000.png 20 Star Crumb
Item(s): 2228.png Helm [0]
7072.png Old Shuriken
1120.png Tsurugi [2]
18617.png Onigiri
6495.png Eden Merit Badge
  1. In Amatsu, head to the bar and talk to Fujiko Tomonaga . After speaking to her, she will ask you to buy one set of 551.png Sushi and one set of 544.png Raw Fish. You can buy both them from the old man near the entrance .
  2. After returning to her with 10 551.png Sushi and 10 544.png Raw Fish, continue your conversation with Fujiko. She will let you keep half of them. Her fiancé Yubei has been imprisoned for the theft of a sword and is being held on the third floor of the Amatsu Castle. Offer to help her.
  3. Talk to the Gullible Guard and deceive him into leaving his post.
    • Choose "Deceptive" (he will give you a 2228.png Helm), after which you will be able to speak to Yubei.
  4. Yubei (/navi ama_in02 29/179) asks you to help find the person who framed him. He suggests you talk to Einrich Lambretta.
  5. Einrich Lambretta ([Ground Floor]) tells you that his sister Zella has entered the Tatami Maze in search of a recently stolen heirloom.
    • He will teleport you to where Zella is if you offer to help her look for the stolen treasure.
    • Doing the quest at this point unlocks access to Amatsu dungeon. An alternative to the Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest.
  6. Zella directs your search to the underground shrine.
  7. Retrieve the sword from the Loose panel (ama_dun03 122, 204) in the northern section of the shrine
  8. Return to Zella who is waiting outside the castle .
  9. The sword is broken and needs repairing. Zella suggests that you seek the help of the Master Swordmaker who resides in the eastern area of Amatsu Field (ama_fild01 330, 140).
  10. The Master Swordmaker requires 30 7150.png Piece of Bamboo , 20 7053.png Cyfar and 20 1000.png Star Crumb for the repair.
  11. After making the repairs, the Master Swordmaker will teleport you to Amatsu Castle.
    • Find the Lord of Palace and explain the situation to him.
    • Receive 1120.png Tsurugi.
  12. Return to the bar to tell Fujiko that Yubei is now cleared of the crime. She will ask you to find the real culprit and tells you to find Major Kusanagi (near Einrich) in the castle.
  13. After obtaining Major Kusanagi's permission to search the guards' quarters, head to the top left area of the next floor.
  14. Locate the Suspicious Wall Panel to find a Ninja scroll.
  15. Enter the small house next to the well in Amatsu and speak to Happo Zai. He will summon three ninjas. After killing the ninjas, exit the house.
  16. Speak to Lord of Palace who rewards you with one Eden Merit Badge.
  17. Speak to Yubei Jagyu . Receive one 7072.png Old Shuriken.
  18. Speak to Fujiko Jagyu . Receive 18617.png Onigiri.

Item Collecting

  • Note: Completion of the main quest above is required to unlock the following additional quests. Each quest below has its own cooldown timer.
The item collection quests are given by the ambassadors located in the embassy in the western area of Amatsu. The reward for completing each quest is one random level 10 (Kafra) cooked food.
NPC Location Item Amount
Brasilis Ambassador ama_in01 81, 115 Poisonous Toad Skin 50
Dewata Ambassador ama_in01 108, 104 Oil Paper 50
Moscovia Ambassador ama_in01 91, 113 Worn-out Kimono 50
Louyang Ambassador ama_in01 110, 100 Yellow Plate 40