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Criminal Activities Quest

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Criminal Activities Quest
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Bomber Steak (Optional)
Zeny: 100,000 or 50,000 or 5,000+
Base Experience: 1,000,000 (Non-VIP) -OR- 1,500,000 (VIP)
Job Experience: 700,000 (Non-VIP) -OR- 1,050,000 (VIP)
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box
  1. In Geffen, go to the Inn (169, 171), and talk to Agent York on the right. He asks you to help him Vince Noir near the Geffen fountain.
  2. Talk to Vince (107, 48), who also asks you for a favor. His friends have joined a musician group without him, and are serving a crime lord, Jymmy the Thumb, against their will. He tells you about his friends, and asks you to help each one get out of their "obligation." He then gives you a Raccoon Doll and tells you to speak with Ling Mynmei.
  3. Head to the Geffen Bar and speak with Ling at the counter. She misses Vince and the other band members, and asks you to get the Old Lady Kroot to let her out of her contract.
  4. Talk to Old Lady Kroot, who gives you the following options:
    1. Suggest a competition to break Ling's contract. This costs 5,000 Zeny per attempt and has a moderate chance of succeeding each time.
    2. Give her a Bomber Steak, and she will lower the contract price to 50,000 Zeny.
    3. Buy the contract outright for 100,000 Zeny.
  5. After breaking Ling's contract, tell her the news. She says to speak with Howard Moon next, also in Geffen.
  6. Find Howard outside manning a shop stall in southeast Geffen . He says you should come up with a way to shut down the shop while making it look like an accident. You suggest flooding the storage room; to do so, you must locate the four flood controls around the city.
    Flood Control Valve Locations
    1. The first device is at (34, 138) *outside* the building.
    2. The second device is at (75, 43) *outside* the building.
    3. The third device is at (194, 183) along the northeast outer wall.
    4. The fourth device is at (139, 166) in the center of the pointed tower.
  7. Return to Howard, who says you should find Naota on the domestic Airship in Juno.
  8. Go to Juno, head over to the Airship station, and board the Domestic Airship.
  9. On the Airship, locate Naota, who is downstairs on the main deck (102, 62). He asks you to drug the guards and wire the gambling machines with cheat detectors.
  10. In the kitchen to the left of the crewman, add drugs to the chicken to knock the guards out.
    1. The first detector goes on the slot machine at (46, 79).
    2. The second detector goes on the roulette wheel at (24, 70).
    3. The third detector goes on the slot machine at (44, 45).
  11. Speak to the dealer (32, 52) after all 3 devices are in place.
  12. Speak with Naota again.
  13. Go past the casino and flip the switch that looks like a sword around (18, 62) to be transported to the bottom level. (Note: Once you arrive on the next floor, there will be a period of time where you cannot act. Simply wait it out.)
  14. On the north side of the bottom level at (95, 202) there are three cannons. Select the middle one and several Mobsters will spawn. (Note: You do not need to kill the Mobsters)
  15. Note: If you die on the Airship:
    • You do not lose experience.
    • Talk to the next NPC, Jymmy.
  16. Inside the Captain's Quarters speak to Jymmy as the airship crashes near Izlude.
  17. After crashing near Izlude, speak to the guard (prt_fild08 347,216) to the north, he tells you to return to Agent York.
  18. Inside the building at , speak to Agent York to receive EXP (Exp Given as 4x 375k Base and 2x 375k + 300k Job VIP) and an Old Purple Box.