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A spotlight is an event within iRO to promote the use of a town, its field and dungeon maps, and also its corresponding quests. EXP, drop rate and spawn rates are boosted during the event's duration. MVP monsters are not affected by spotlights unless stated otherwise.

Victoria Quest can be found in spotlighted towns if there are spotlighted quests and will offer players additional EXP for completing all spotlighted quests. She will also warp players to the entrance of spotlighted dungeons.

  • Note: Due to exploitations with Victoria Quest's scripting, the NPC is currently disabled.

For a list of previous spotlights, see the archive page.

Rune-Midgart Spotlight (2017/01/26) ~ (2017/0X/XX)

For the complete official list of mob: Renewal, January 26th Maintenance

Prontera & Izlude Dungeon

Map Monster
Prontera Fields Ambernite Elder Willow Fabre
Goblin (Mace) Goblin Steamrider Hornet
Little Poring Lunatic Metaller
Magnolia Poporing Poring
Rocker Roda Frog Rotar Zairo
Savage Babe Stainer Thief Bug
Thief Bug Egg
Prontera Culvert Cramp Drainlia Tarou
Thief Bug (Male) Thief Bug (Female)
Byalan Dungeon Cornutus Marse Deviace
Merman Hydra Obeaune
Kukre Phen Marc
Plankton Marina Strouf
Marine Sphere Swordfish Vadon
King Kray Lamp Ray Octopot

Geffen and Geffen Tower

Map Monster
Geffen Fields Ambernite Chonchon Coco
Creamy Elder Willow Fabre
Goblin (Axe) Goblin (Dagger) Goblin (Flail)
Goblin (Hammer) Horn Lunatic
Mandragora Mantis Petite (Ground)
Petite (Sky) Poporing Poring
Pupa Roda Frog Side Winder
Orc Village Orc Baby Orc Lady Orc Warrior
Orc Dungeon Orc Archer Orc Skeleton Orc Zombie
Geffen Dungeon Deviruchi Drainliar Familiar
Jakk Marionette Nightmare
Poison Spore Whisper Zombie

Payon and Payon Cave

Map Monster
Payon Fields Bigfoot Boa
Elder Willow Greatest General Skeleton
Spore Worm Tail Willow
Payon Cave Archer Skeleton Bogun Cat O' Nine Tails
Dokebi Horong Munak
Nine Tail Skeleton Sohee
Soldier Skeleton Zombie

Morocc, Ant Hell and Pyramid

Map Monster
Morocc Fields Peco Peco Peco Peco Egg Muka
Wolf Argos Steel Chonchon
Drops Picky Picky (Shell)
Scorpion Baby Desert Wolf Condor
Sandman Hude Frilldora
Pyramid Ancient Mummy Archer Skeleton
Drainliar Familiar Isis
Matyr Mimic Minorous
Mummy Poporing Soldier Skeleton
Sphinx Anubis Marduk Pasana
Requiem Zerom
Ant Hell Andre Ant Egg Deniro
Familiar Giearth Piere