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A spotlight is an event within iRO to promote the use of a town, its field and dungeon maps, and also its corresponding quests. EXP, drop rate and spawn rates are boosted during the event's duration. MVP monsters are not affected by spotlights unless stated otherwise.

Victoria Quest can be found in spotlighted towns if there are spotlighted quests and will offer players additional EXP for completing all spotlighted quests. She will also warp players to the entrance of spotlighted dungeons.

  • Note: Due to exploitations with Victoria Quest's scripting, the NPC is currently disabled.

For a list of previous spotlights, see the archive page.

Lutie & New World (2016/11/22) ~ (2017/XX/XX)

Map Monster
Lutie Field Sasquatch Baby Hatii
Santa Goblin Santa Poring
Toy Factory Cookie (Green) Cookie (Red)
Cruiser Drops
Myst Case Poring
Horror Toy Factory Evil Dwelling Box Dancing Marionette
Malicious Baby Ghost Vicious Cookie
Splendide Fields Naga Cornus
Luciola Vespa Pinguicula
Dark Pinguicula Tendrilrion
Bifrost Fields
Little Fatum Angra Mantis
Miming Pom Spide
Manuk Fields &
El Dicastes Fields
Centipede Tatacho
Bradium Golem Nepenthes
Kamidal Tunnel &
Scaraba Hall
Uni-horn Scaraba Uni-horn Scaraba Egg
Horn Scaraba Horn Scaraba Egg
Antler Scaraba Antler Scaraba Egg
Rake Horn Scaraba Rake Horn Scaraba Egg