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The Golden Years / bROWiki's Gravity Interview
« on: July 09, 2013, 03:06:20 PM »
As I said on the other thread:

"As official brazilian fan-site, we did an interview with Gravity Korean Team and they answer 7 of 15 questions that we made, one of them was "What the brazilian comunity can expect for rebellion's skills?".

There's a video on youtube made for this answer, you may want to watch it, if you understand portuguese.

However, unlike some people, I know that most of you don't speak my  language, so I will write the answer in English."

This is the complete interview:

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

1.   Lately, Ragnarok Online graphics are being improved (Ash Vacuum, Bifröst and last episodes)  and other interfaces that are being worked. We want to know if you guys are planning to also improve the old maps design.

Currently we are working on various tests for updating game engine update, internally.
(shading, Animation, effects, etc) as we are on very beginning term, we can’t tell you detailed schedule but once we archive our first goal, we believe that we will be able to speed up for applying this to real service. We are also waiting for this update.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

2.   Our servers will receive a new episode soon:  Biolabs 4th floor. Can we expect more Rekenber Corporation stories?

Biolabs 4th floor quest is extended story of rekenber quest.
In the last part of rekenber story, mad scientist Wolfchev was fired and now on this update, Users will be able to continue the story of Wolfchev, after his retirement from Rekenber.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

3.   Could you guys tell us the hardest task when you were working in Brasilis?

It was our fifth local map and our first goal was to make suitable for Brazlian users. Some will like this mood, some are not. Our biggest concern with making Brasilis was statue of Jesus on Corcovado Mt, Rio de janeiro. As it was symbolic monument of brazil, we considered to apply on game in the beginning but we arouse another doubt.
As a global game provider, we couldn’t apply something quite religious on game for better good, like being careful for dealing with religion. Though we coulnd’t apply this on Brasilis map, we were very satisfied as we could reproduce another attraction of Brazil, Iguacu fall in Brasilis field.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

4.   A lot of Brazilian players are excited with the new Gunslinger class, Rebellion. What can our users expect from this new class?

Current gun slinger was too much based to specific weapons. To solve this problem, we designed this character with weapon swapping tactics. And this character will be very unique as it will have way different types of skills from current classes. For example, rebellion will have de-buff skill to reduce neutral damage endurance, lock-on(once target locked on, another rebelion’s skill  will go for that target.) and as like champion’s skill “Zen”, rebellion also will have this kind of skill to flip multiple coins at the same time. Through this skill, gun slinger will have better convenience.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

5.   As you may know, some users prefer the pre-renewal settings. Can you tell us Gravity plans for these players?

For post renewal version, we still believe this one was also one of our proud products. However, as we are providing RO service such a long time, to overcome inevitable difficulties, we launched renewal episode. As a RO design team, we really appreciate your love and care for post renewal version; however, it won’t be helpful in real for more stable service operating and management. We think pre-renewal version is already dead as it won’t have any new contents and update, it is obvious how it would be in future. For those reason, even though we have a lot of love on pre-renewal version, we are negative on providing pre-renewal version for now.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

6.   Are you planning new classes for Taekwons?

At the moment, it is hard to say about this idea. We are sharing several ideas for new contents internally when proper time comes, we will announce.

Quote from: Dunde;1361432

7.   We know that your team collect a lot of suggestions from all over the world. What kind of suggestions do you guys like most to read and what kind of suggestions would be easier to develop/add to the game?

As we are receiving thousands of opinions from all over the world, it is quite tricky to answer generally. But there are some basics thoughts for this.
First of all, the hardest thing for us is repeated request for same thing that we already analyzed and decided as negative or impossible.
And the most helping ideas are ones that reminds us what we didn’t even thing about. In this case, no matter we apply or not, it really helps us, and this kind of suggestion is being applied to game with high ratio. In addition to this, another kind of helping suggestion is one reflects whole RO users. Any ideas which is biased to any classes or any situation will be excluded in most time.

Hope you liked.

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