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For the active first and training editions of War of Emperium, see War of Emperium and War of Emperium Training Edition.


The second edition of the War of Emperium system involves the addition of two new castle groups: one adjacent to Juno and another near Rachel. The Schwartzwald castles are designed to mimic the styles of Lighthalzen and Juno, and the Arunafeltz castles are designed to mimic the various areas on the Arunafeltz region.

This new version of WoE places much more emphasis on defensive battle tactics, and is very different from the first version. The highlight of the new system are the new maps, which unlike the old system, does away with warp portals and precasting entirely, and has the entire fort as one section. New options have been given to defenders to allow them to have an easier time to defend a castle of this style.

War of Emperium 2 is a server-activated mode, meaning, it is only enabled at certain periods of time. On iRO these are (All times are Pacific, unless marked otherwise):

(Pacific Time)

Server WoE 1 Time(s) WoE 2 Time(s) WoE TE Time(s)
Renewal Chaos Wednesdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm Saturdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm Sundays 9:00am - 10:00am
Renewal Thor Not Available Not Available Friday 6:00am - 7:00am
Classic Loki Saturdays 1:00pm - 3:00pm Sundays 12:00pm - 2:00pm Not Available

(Eastern Time)

Server(s) WoE 1 Time(s) WoE 2 Time(s) WoE TE Time(s)
Renewal Chaos Wednesdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm Saturdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm Sundays 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Renewal Thor Not Available Not Available Friday 9:00am - 10:00am
Classic Loki Saturdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm Sundays 3:00pm - 5:00pm Not Available

Castle Locations

5 castles are available in each realm:

Battle System

The rules of battle are generally the same as the original War of Emperium. All damage formulas and ally statuses are the same. The following additions are the main points of difference between the two. In addition, the following skills are also disabled in WoE:SE.

Guardian Stones

Within a castle there is one Emperium and two Guardian Stones. The Guardian stones main purpose is to prevent enemies from advancing. These Guardian Stones are the first line of defense for a castle, and if they can be protected, a perfect defense is possible and attackers will be unable to enter the interior of the castle. The location of these Guardian Stones are usually referred to as defense points or strategic points.

While alive, an indestructible barrier blocks access to the first barricade of the fort. This barricade vanishes once both Guardian Stones are destroyed. The guardian stones, unlike the Emperium are vulnerable to normal attack and supportive skills. The guardian stones can be revived at any time by bringing the proper items. If both guardian stones are restored, the barrier will again reactivate. Note that even though the barrier will block access to the fort proper, enemies that have already passed this barrier when it is restored are still able to destroy the other barricades and potentially destroy the castles emperium.

While the strategic importance of holding the guardian stones cannot be overstated, the guardian stones also provide an additional role of summoning guardian soldiers. These guardians are similar in strength to those found in the Volcano Thor dungeon, and are quite powerful. The number of guardians that will be summoned depends on the defense rating of the castle, and killed guardians will automatically be resummoned after a period of time. If the guardian stone is destroyed, the guardian soldiers that it had summoned will be destroyed as well.

Any player on the defending guild team can repair a destroyed guardian stone presuming they bring the correct items. Allied guild players are unable to restore guardian stones. A guardian stone cannot be repaired until 8 minutes has passed since it was destroyed. If both guardian stones become destroyed, the main gate will not be restored until both stones are repaired, but having one active will still allow guardians to be summoned (though only half as many as if two guardian stones were active). The items required to repair the stones are as follows:

Name Guardian Stone (s_empel_1) Race N/A Lv 90 ATK 0 ~ 0
Image S empel 1.png Element Neutral HP  ??? Def 40+?
Size Small Exp 0 / 0 MDef 50+?
Notes Immobile, Passive
Name Guardian Stone (s_empel_2) Race N/A Lv 90 ATK 0 ~ 0
Image S empel 2.png Element Neutral HP  ??? Def 40+?
Size Small Exp 0 / 0 MDef 50+?
Notes Immobile, Passive


The Barricades are the second line of defense in a castle should the Guardian Stones fall. If the Guardian Stones are both destroyed the enemy will then be able to infiltrate the castle, so these barricades provide additional defense.

In all WoE:SE castles there are three sets of barricades. These barricades create a line of impassible ground, preventing all players from passing. A barricade is made up of a series of pieces, ranging from 4-8 blocks. All of these pieces must be destroyed before players are allowed to pass. Unlike the emperium, barricades can be targeted by regular offensive and supportive skills (such as heal).

Destroyed barricade blocks cannot be replaced by the defending team while War of Emperium is currently active. When you first capture a fort, the barricades are not automatically installed, but the guild leader can choose to install them at any time by bringing the required items to the barricade (a control NPC exists next to each barricade). Only the guild leader is able to install barricades. Barricades must be repaired in order, starting with the one closest to the emperium. The items required to replace the barricades are:

Name Barricade Race N/A Lv 98 ATK 0 ~ 0
Image Barricade.png Element Neutral HP 450000 Def 0+?
Size Large Exp 0 / 0 MDef 0+?
Notes Immobile, Passive


In addition to holding the main gate to the fort, the guardian stones can be used to summon Guardians Soldiers. The number of Guardians that can be summoned is proportional to the defence value of the castle. The higher the defense the more Guardians that can be summoned by the protection stones, so invest well in castle defense.

Guardians are summoned automatically, and do not need to be manually installed like in the original WoE system. Any killed guardians will be replaced after a period of time. If the guardian stone that summoned it is destroyed however, the guardian becomes inoperable and dies. Guardians are of the Demi Human race.

The guardians in this version of WoE are much stronger than those seen previously. They can plow through many players if an attacking guild or alliance is not careful. Their attack strength is on par with the guardians seen in the Volcano Thor dungeon.

Guild Flags

Placed throughout the castle there are 12 "Link Flags". The Link Flags provide fast movement throughout the castle for the defending guild. Each of these 12 flags have a pair located usually in the back of the Emperium room. Each pair of flags has a matching name, and by using these flags, you can travel directly to and from the emperium room and each of the flag throughout the fort.

In addition to the Link Flags, the flags directly outside the castle allows the guild members to warp inside. This is just like existing WoE flags. These flags take you past the final barricade into the emperium room, and usually close to the Link Flags. A defending guild can use this to warp into the castle and then re-deploy at any needed location in the castle without fear of harassment from enemies.

Only the guild members who own the castle can use the flags, they cannot be used by allied or rival guilds.

Castle Locator

Castle Number Name Entrance
Nidhoggur 1 Himinn (293, 90)
Nidhoggur 2 Andlangr (288, 258)
Nidhoggur 3 Vidblainn (97, 183)
Nidhoggur 4 Hljod (137, 98)
Nidhoggur 5 Skidbladnir (65, 315)
Valfreyja 1 Mardol (155, 274)
Valfreyja 2 Cyr (78, 47)
Valfreyja 3 Horn (68, 150)
Valfreyja 4 Gefn (289, 347)
Valfreyja 5 Badanis (287, 107)

Treasure Boxes

See: Castle Treasure Drops

Castles captured by guilds participating in the War of Emperium and War of Emperium 2 spawn treasure boxes each day at exactly 12:00 AM PST. The boxes spawn in a special room only accessible by the guild leader through the castle NPC. Castles in each original WoE realm have one common Treasure Box and their own individual box. Dr. Jonesy in Prontera (152, 285) will trade 150 Witch Starsands for 1 Treasure Box.


Holders of WoE 2 castles are able, once their castle's investment has reached a certain level, to create an Asprika or Brynhild via the God Items Quest 2. Your castle needs to have an economy of 60 (or 65, need to confirm), and 30 defense.