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As in any other MMORPG, leveling alone can become tiresome. RO allows players to group together in different ways. Refer to the main article links for in-depth information on a particular method of grouping.


Main Article: Party

For quick groupings with one or more people, players can create a party and invite others in, or be invited themselves to another party.

Through partying, players can choose to share EXP and items equally with all other players in the party on the same map. However, all players in the party must be within 15 levels of each other for share to work. EXP given by monsters is the same as normal even in a party, however when multiple players engage a monster (either take or receive damage from it), the EXP from that monster increases. This is known as EXP Tap.

Partying is also a great way to take down difficult bosses or progress through dungeons: "Together we stand, divided we fall." Many players look for parties before leaving for hunts; try checking cities and other areas where people gather. For support classes, such as many Acolytes, parties are a good way to obtain EXP, since they usually cannot directly hunt themselves.


Main Article: Guild System

When players have many friends that play regularly together, it can be beneficial for them to start a guild. Guilds are larger than parties, and allow up to 56 characters to join (Max Level of the Guild Extension skill). Guilds do not allow members to share EXP directly, but they do allow members to easily see when other members are online and easily communicate through the exclusive guild chat channel.

The biggest reason to create or join a guild for most players is to participate in War of Emperium, or Siege Mode. For this end, players can also contribute a portion of their Base EXP to their guild to gain guild levels which allows special guild skills to be obtained.


Main Article: Clan System

Friends List

This list lets players keep in touch with friends you meet during their adventures. To access it, use the Alt+H shortcut through the keyboard (This shortcut can be changed from option --> shortcuts). Adding a person to the list lets you know when they log on and log off, and also lets players quickly communicate and make parties with each other. The friends list is saved server-side, so no matter which PC a player uses, they'll always know whether their friends are on. The list currently holds a maximum of 40 people/character's list. With 15 characters, a maximum of 600 friends can be stored. Because people tend to make multiple characters, and their friends also make multiple characters, the friends list is a bit inefficient or ineffective due to this.