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This page lists iRO Wiki hosted game tools. Please feel free to leave any suggestions for other legitimate tools we can host on the Talk page.


  • Warning: This is considered an illegal program by iRO due to other features / uses included in it and you can be banned for using it. Use it on iRO at your own risk.

The following are previous versions of RCX hosted by iRO Wiki. For the current version, visit the RCX homepage.

Build(s) Dependencies
RCX 61 • RCX 61c • RCX 61f • RCX 61h • RCX 61j

RCX 60 • RCX 60a • RCX 60c • RCX 60e
RCX 59a

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1
RCX 57a • RCX 57b • RCX 57c

RCX 52d
RCX 50
RCX 49
RCX 48
RCX 47
RCX 46 Rebuild

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1
RCX 43 None