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Current iRO Events & News

iRO Renewal (Chaos/Thor/Freya)

  • Renewal servers are currently having a +200% EXP event!
  • Renewal servers are currently having a +100% Drops event!


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Database and Simulators

iW Database
iW Skill Simulator  • iW Stat Simulator  • iW Damage Simulator

Nirvanna21's Damage Calculator

  • Levels - Basic leveling introduction and EXP tables
  • Leveling Spots - Where to level at what level as each class/build.
  • Experience - How EXP is calculated and modifiers.
  • Classes - Introduction to classes in Ragnarok Online.
  • Stats - Attributes that determine a character's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Skills - Skill usage and how they work.
  • Achievement System - Earn titles and rewards from completing various tasks.
  • Cute Pet System - Tamable monsters become your companion and give Stat boosts.
  • Mail - Easily transfer items and zeny to another account, and keep in touch with friends.
  • Marriage - If you have a sweetheart, you might consider marrying in RO.
  • Adoption - Players can choose to be adopted by a pair of characters that are married.
  • Homunculus - Player Controlled pets for the Alchemist class.
  • Mercenaries - Purchasable player-controlled fighters.
  • Cooking - Give yourself a stat boost with tasty foods.
  • Replay System - A built in recording system for replaying your gameplay.
  • Size - Mechanics of how monster sizes and weapons impact your damage.
  • Race - The different races of monsters found in Ragnarok Online.
  • Zeny - Ragnarok Online's primary tradable currency.
  • Zeny Making Tips - Suggestions on way to make in-game money.
  • Vending - Shop that allows players to sell items directly.
  • Buying Store - Shop that allows players to buy items directly.
  • Adventurer's Guild - Repeatable experience quests.
  • Arc Quests - Storyline quests.
  • Daily Quests - Quests available once a day for experience or rewards.
  • Eden Group - A variety of quests designed to assist in early leveling.
  • Access Quests - Table of restricted areas and the quests required to access them.
  • Quest Table - Easily sort through quests with experience rewards.
  • Instances - Special dungeons involving NPC-narrated quests.
  • Element - Relationships between magical elemental properties in the game.
  • Status Effects - Status debuffs in general and how they work.
  • Status Icons - Guide to the various on-screen icons.
  • Drop System - Understanding how monster drops work.
  • Party - Level up together, sharing EXP and Drops.
  • Guilds - Battle in War of Emperium and donate EXP to the cause.
  • Clans - Organizations players can join to gain buffs.
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