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As Zeny is the main currency in the game, how rich a player is or how much gear and items they can afford is reliant on how much capital they have in terms of Zeny. Zeny mostly originates from selling items to NPCs, but selling to older players who already have large amounts of Zeny is usually the main method to attain decent wealth. The basics start with selling items to NPCs and Vending. Some items that have a high value can be hunted or obtained through Quests. The market is constantly changing and different Zeny-earning methods may or may not be effective at different times. The recommendations in this article are just some general tips and guidelines to get players started, and are by no means a complete list (a complete list would be impossible). Adding recommendations to this article is highly appreciated.

Selling Items

The most common way of making zeny is via selling items, most commonly ones dropped by monsters or made by the player, and less commonly items gained via Quests, Battlegrounds and Minigames. You can sell items to NPC vendors, but that's only a good idea for some of the more common monster drops. For non-monster drops, most rare monster drops, and even a few common monster drops, you make the most money via selling to other players.


Most players who want to make a lot of zeny from selling items via an efficient automated process create a merchant character. Using the vending skill a merchant character can set up a shop where items are offered for a price determined by the player. The big advantage of selling items this way is that once the shop is set up the process is entirely automated, so you can make zeny while doing other things on your computer, or even while away from your computer. Additionally, if you're playing on a Free to Play server you can put your merchant character on a second account and log into that account in the background, letting you keep a shop open and play with your primary character at the same time. With this setup you move items and zeny back and forth between the two accounts via the Mail System.

You only need to get your merchant up to Job Level 10 to get the vending skill if you spend your skill points solely towards getting that skill, at which point you can open a shop containing a maximum of three items.

Hunting Methods

Time Limited Quest Items

Anytime there is a temporary event in Ragnarok that has some type of item reward players want, the items necessary for that quest can be farmed and sold to other players. The completed quest item itself can also sometimes be sold, if that is more profitable.

Spores & Strawberries

Many new players start collecting Zeny by hunting Spores for Strawberries. Strawberries are a popular SP Healing Item. SP items cannot be bought from NPCs and must be hunted, so older players are willing to pay large sums of money for Strawberries. Many players will always have a Buying Store up to buy Strawberries.

Hunting Mobs to Sell To Buying Shops

In addition to the Poison Spores and Strawberries, players are often looking for lots of various trash mob drops. Instead of vending these items to an NPC for a small sum, you can check towns for players with Buying Stores set up. Common items include Poison Spores, Strawberries, Dead Branches, Witch Starsand and Stems. Oridecon and Elunium are also popular, if you don't intend to use these items to upgrade your own equipment. You can also check external websites like Ragial to see what players are buying (or selling) at the moment.


MVPs often have rare drops that are quite valuable and can be sold to other players. Once a player has reached a higher level, they may choose to attempt to hunt MVPs for their drops, sometimes with their friends in a party.

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Market Methods

Generally referred to as "playing the market", Ragnarok Online tends to have a stable economy that somewhat reflects a real world economy situation, with actual "supply and demand" and also sometimes "inflation". The basics start with "buy and resell". Experienced players or players that research items carefully may know which items may currently be at a low price and can potentially raise to a higher price later on. Of course, there is always risk involved (sometimes very high risk), and players do have to accept that there is a chance they will not be able to recover their Zeny or be at a net loss.

Reselling Kafra Shop Items

Kafra Shop items tend to be released and then discontinued for a short while before being re-released again. Sometimes they are not even re-released for up to several months or even years. One tactic some players may use is to buy them while they are newly released and "cheap", and resell them later when the cost has gone up.

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Quest Methods

Selling Quest Items

On most part, high level players won't spend time farming some quest items and they will just burn zeny to buy them. Farming items from the following list can be profitable:

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Mora Quests Method

Once a character reach Lv99, it's advisable to take the Wandering Guardian Quest, players below Lv140 will need a party or help from high level DPS characters (Genetic/Ranger are quite useful) to complete it. Once you complete the quest, you can access Mora Village and start to collect Mora Coins from Mora Daily Quests. Selling the equipment is profitable, and the player can try getting different enchants (as shown in Mora Enchants) to increase the price.

Alternatively, Merchant class can also vend the etc items needed for Daily Quests in Mora. Although their price isn't too high, it's still a good way make some profit. Characters below Lv99 can't get access to Mora by themselves, thus needing an Acolyte class with Warp Portal to access the map.

Bounty Board Method

Bounty Board Quests give you zeny (as well as Exp and Job EXP as a reward. It will also give you an Eden Merit Badge (EMB) for every four boards turned in. Check the Weekly Turn-In Method for further information about EMB.

Rewarding Quests

Some quests reward the player expensive or useful items. Others might give consumables or other items which, while being cheaper, are quickly sold to other players.

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Other Methods

Weekly Turn-In Event Methods

Weekly Turn-In Events are currently the most popular way to level a character at the higher levels (80+). Each turn-in rewards Eden Merit Badges (EMBs), and VIP players also get double the reward amount.

Trade EMBs For Magical Stones

Eight EMBs can be traded for Magical Stones, which can be vended for a decent price.

Turn-In Zeny Reward (VIP Only)

Each Turn-In rewards a small amount of Zeny for VIPs. Higher level characters receive higher amounts of Zeny.

Conserving Zeny

These are not methods to directly gain zeny. They are aimed to new players to prevent unnecessary expenses and offer them a more friendly experience.

  • Make a first/main character that doesn't rely heavily on equipment to work in PvE (ie: Thief Class]
  • Don't make a first/main character that can't solo (this includes Support classes, Brewer/Forgers and Non-DPS) or that need to buy ammo/expensive equipment (this includes Archer class who can't use Arrow Crafting and Gunslinger Class).
  • Complete the Criatura Academy quest arc to get a good amount of Novice Red Potion, Novice Fly Wing and Novice Butterfly Wing, as well as Free Tickets for Kafra Teleport and Storage
  • Don't waste money on equipment. Instead, do Eden Group Equipments Quests to get free gears. They are better than the non-upgraded,
  • Some people consider Expanded Class (TaeKwon Kid, Gunslinger and Ninja) to require more zeny to perform properly. The exception would be Taekwon classes, but they're unpopular with the current system (Max Lv 99, and can't Rebirth).
  • Archer class can conserve their arrows by using Daggers at low levels if they choose an AGI build. Mage class can do the same if the player were to use an INT/AGI build.
  • If you don't mind leveling slower, hunt monsters below your levels. At low levels, EXP penalties won't differ much. This would reduce potions/supply usage.
  • If you're playing an ammunition-dependent class (Archer, Gunslinger or Ninja) it is advised that you make a Merchant class with Discount to get them for a lower price.
  • Merchant characters are good for buying cheaper and selling more expensive, as well as selling to other players. As stated above, one strategy is to create a second account with a Merchant in order to idle with it, while playing on the main account.
  • Can be added more later

Endless Tower Method

Endless Tower is one of the most popular methods to get good loots (armor,weapon,etc....), although you'll most likely need a party to survive and conquer the Tower. There are many MvPs which drop expensive items (check above for further information on MvP drops).

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