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VIP and Non-VIP

  • The following is a chart of most of the differences between iRO's servers and account statuses.
Server(s)/VIP Status Chaos & Thor
Character Creation<ref>All characters can be accessed and played regardless of VIP status or server</ref> 3 Characters 12 Characters
VIP EXP Bonus <ref name="exp">This bonus applies to all sources of EXP and job EXP, including monsters, quests, and bonus EXP events. This bonus stacks additively with battle manuals.</ref> +0% +100%
Rebirth Cost 1,285,000 Zeny Free
Kafra Storage Slots 600 2 Storage
(600 ea)
Kafra Storage Cost 500 Zeny Normal Cost
Kafra Teleports Higher Cost / Limited Destinations Normal Cost & Destinations
Alberta Satellite Towns/Areas
Warp Cost
10,000 Zeny 1,000 Zeny
Monster Drops 100% 150%
Death Penalty 3% EXP 1% EXP
Marriage Cost Marriage Covenant 1.2-1.3M Zeny + Rings or
Marriage Covenant
VIP NPC Access<ref>Special NPC's are listed in the VIP NPCs section of this page</ref> Limited Yes
Third Class Job Change Magical Stone Required No Magical Stone Required
NPC Item Buyback Price 50%



The following are special NPCs providing special functionality to VIP-subscribed accounts. They provide benefits such as buffs and warps and are available on all servers unless otherwise noted. Non-VIP accounts can sometimes use a limited subset of their services as noted.

NPC Name Location(s) VIP Functions Non-VIP Functions
Kafra Employee Valkyrie Realm (142, 113)
Greenwood Lake (305, 185)
Britoniah (253, 117)
Luina (220,168)
Near each WoE 2 castle entrance
Fill HP & SP
Teleport to other WoE maps
(Higher cost)
Keiki Prontera Teleport to most Rune-Midgarts Towns and Juno Juno Teleport Only
Isalei Juno Teleport to Einbroch, Lighthalzen, Hugel, Rachel, Prontera Prontera Teleport Only
Aperture Eden Group HQ
Teleport to most Rune-Midgarts Towns and Juno Prontera Teleport Only
Gramps Eden Group HQ 1.5x Weekly Turn-Ins EXP
Combine Base/Job EXP
Both Quests at Once
1x Weekly Turn-Ins EXP
One Quest at Once
Primo d'Buffer Eden Group HQ
+7 increase to all stats (32.5 minutes) Not Available
Clearchus Eden Group HQ
Free Mercenary
Mercenary Grade is depend on your level range
3hrs cooldown
Not Available
VIP Services Eden Group HQ
Teleport to Geffen MVP Summoner
Overlook Dungeon
High Orcs Field Map
Free 10 VIP Token Of Siegfried (Max, 24hrs cooldown)
Not Available
Cart Tuner Galijo Eden Group HQ
Free Cart Decoration skills for Merchant Class Required 50 Eden Merit Badge

VIP Content

The following is a list of features/quests that requires VIP status to access. Access to those features/quests in italics can be obtained by purchasing Reset Stones and redeeming them with the appropriate NPC. They are available on all servers unless otherwise noted.


For a cost of two 2 pcs. Magical Stone, players can temporarily gain many of the benefits that full VIP accounts receive on the single character that redeems the stones.

  • The "subscription" lasts for 72 hours after redeeming the stones (maintenance periods run down the clock).
  • This mini-subscription can be enabled via the following NPCs:
    • Gramps - Eden Group HQ
    • Sign -
    • VIP Services NPC - Eden Group HQ
    • Primo D' Buffer

Benefits of this mini-subscription include: