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VIP Summoner

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VIP Summoner
Base Level: 70
Party: 1
Item(s) (Consumed): 6495.png 4-12 Eden Merit Badge


Summoner gef_tower4116 in Geffen Tower 3rd floor can summon boss monsters to fight at a cost of Eden Merit Badges. VIP activated with Magical Stone qualifies to enter this instance too.


Instance Cooldown Quest Name: MVP Summoning Timer
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Map Name: 1@summon (uses the guild_vs5 map file)
VIP Summoner Map.png

  1. With Eden Merit Badges, talk to Summoner, choose a MVP to fight, then enter the instance.
    • Check table below for badge cost per MVP.
    • Eden Merit Badges are consumed once instance is created.
  2. Inside, walk north to a circular shadow NPC to summon 1st wave of regular monsters.
  3. After all are defeated, an announcement will appear. Walk north to summon 2nd wave of regular monsters.
  4. Defeat those, an another announcement will appear. Walk north to summon the MVP and the 3rd wave.
  5. Defeat all, then walk north again to exit the instance.

Current MVP List

The current MVPs list was updated, placed in on May 16th, 2016, and is still sadly being used as of October 2022.

MVP Mob Monsters 6495.png Eden Merit Badge
Pharaoh Pasana,
Side Winder
Phreeoni Sandman,
Drake Pirate Skeleton,
Stormy Knight Sasquatch,

Previous MVP List

This is a list of MVPs used in VIP Summoner in the past.

MVP Mob Monsters
Amon Ra Mimic
Pharaoh Pasana
Side Winder
Vesper ?
RSX-0806 ?
MVP Mob Monsters
Atroce ?
Dark Lord Dark Priest
Doppelganger ?
Hatii ?
Kiel D-01 Aliot