The Last Room

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The Last Room
Base Level: 150
Party: 1+, need to be in party
Item(s) (Consumed): Gravity Safety Device
Quest Prerequisite(s): Vestige
Item(s): 1 Intact Machine Components which can be traded for several equipments
- You should have in your possession a total of 2 Gravity Safety Devices (GSD) after completing Vestige and The Last Room for the first time.

- The GSD is meant to be consumed if attempting to take a direct warp into the last room through Verity, and may only be reacquired by completing The Last Room and talking to Fruit to collect it afterwards.

- Redoing the Vestige quest a second time will not reward you with another GSD.

Instance Cooldown Quest Name: Final Room

To start this instance, go to Verity verus01123181 on LAB OPTATIO. Talk to her to open the instance.

  1. You will be warped to the Last Room entrance. Speak with Mark.
  2. Once you're on the pathway, talk to Verity.
  3. As you head north, a security system triggers and monsters will spawn. Kill all these monsters and then destroy the System Message in the south-west corner of the map.
  4. Go north again and speak to Tamarin.
  5. Keep going north and enter the warp. Take note that a new security system will trigger.
  6. Walk ahead until you meet another batch of monsters and Verity at the end of the hallway. Talk to her and enter the door.
  7. Inside the room, talk to Verity again. As the final protocol begins, T_W_O and System Messages will spawn and attack you. System Messages will spawn as the time goes and start healing her. They are plant protocol and took 1 damage.
  8. After she's defeated, talk to her and you will get warped out of the instance.
  9. Speak to Fruit verus01151173 to get Gravity Device and 1 Intact Machine Components.