Sealed Shrine Quest

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Sealed Shrine Quest
Base Level: 75
Party: 2+
Hunting: Unsealed Baphomet
Quest Reward(s): Headgear Creation for 5374.png Giant Magestic Goat

(See Rewards)

Instance Info

  • Members can enter, exit, re-enter the same instance multiple times as long as instance is not destroyed.
  • Snatch, Teleport/Fly Wings, Safety Wall, Assumptio, Convenio are disabled in the instance. Assumptio Scrolls can be used, however.
  • Instance Cooldown Quest Name: Sealed Shrine After-effect
  • Time Limit: 2 hours


At St. Capitolina Abbey, enter the building at prt_monk192170. In the last room, Party leader must speak with Friar Patrick and tell him you want to enter to create the instance. Then click Baphomet's Grave behind him to enter.

Enter this Building Friar Patrick

1st Floor

Below is a map of the 1st floor. Refer to this throughout the guide:

Catacombs 1.png
  1. Once inside, party leader must go talk to the Gravestone on the right (marked in yellow as Hero on the map) to begin the quest in the Shrine (141, 221). Choose 2nd option Waited for me?
  2. Next everyone can go around the instance and talk to Gravestone (marked in dark blue as Graves on the map) until someone gets 6003.png Pendant of Spirit.
    Sealed Shrine - Grave or Gravestone.png
  3. Let party leader know which gravestone it is and have them talk to it to get the pendant too. Then the party leader can return the pendant to the Hero gravestone at the beginning of the instance.
    • Trading the pendant will not count, party leader needs to talk to that gravestone and get their own pendant to proceed.
  4. An announcement will appear saying to head to the center of the instance (marked in bright green as Altar). Go there and talk to the Soul of Ancient Hero.
    • Annoyingly, party leader must listen through all 3 options first and then picking "I am ready" before they can proceed.
    Sealed Shrine - Soul of Ancient Hero.png
  5. The party now has two things to do (1 hour time limit):
    1. Party leader must get 10 6001.png Essence of Fire.
      • These are obtained from Bobbing Torch (marked in red on the map).
      • Only party leader can get these.
      Sealed Shrine - Bobbing Torch.png
    2. Party members need to hunt monsters with the name Apostle of Baphomet to acquire 6002.png Token of Apostle.
      • Each party member needs one token. So if the party has total of 5 players, 5 Tokens are needed.
      • Tokens go straight into the inventory when the monster is killed.
      • Tokens are tradeable!
      • Leaving and re-entering the instance will take all of that party member's tokens!
      • Apostles do not respawn, there are about 12-14 on the map.
      Sealed Shrine - Apostle of Baphomet.png
  6. After party leader returns to the Soul of Ancient Hero in the center with 10 Flames and 1 Token, he will open the portal to the second floor, found in the southeast corner of the map.
    • Going to the second floor will cost 1 Token of Apostle, so make sure each party member has at least one before going through!
    • All Tokens in inventory will be taken when entering to the second floor.

2nd Floor

Below is a map of the 2nd floor:

  1. Head to the center and talk to The Main Altar to summon the MVP Unsealed Baphomet.
  2. Once Baphomet spawns, the party can damage him for 3 seconds before it becomes invulernable.
  3. If Baphomet is not dead yet, use the following method in the next steps to damage it until dead (1 hour time limit):
    1. There are 5 seals that will weaken Baphomet. An announcement will tell which one of the following locations is available at that time: Main (center then little north), Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast.
      • The locations are marked as red circles on the map.
      • On iRO, it is bugged and only the Main one works.
      Sealed Shrine - Announcement Altar (Main) Is Unsealed.png
    2. Lure Baphomet INTO that available seal.
      Sealed Shrine - Lure Baphomet Onto Altar.png
    3. Then a player must talk to the altar seal Magical Formation to weaken Baphomet, which gives the party a few seconds to damage Baphomet.
      • On iRO, it is bugged and only the party leader can talk to the seal to weaken it.
      • That player will be Stoned Cursd for 30 seconds and will lose 60% of their hp.
        • Evil Druid, Stone Immunity, and GTB will not block it. But Blessing or getting hit will remove it.
      • The player will be on a 3 minute cooldown and cannot talk to another altar seal.
    4. After some time, Baphomet will become invulnerable again and party needs to wait until the next seal available is announced. Repeat the previous steps until Baphomet is dead.
      • Note: Standing in an area near the exits to the outer path may trigger mobs of monsters to spawn. At 5 minute intervals, the trigger is reset. These can make it difficult to drag Baphomet around and should be killed as soon as possible after they spawn.
        • The 5 min timer is independent of the spawn actually being activated. for example, it is possible to active the spawn point at 4 min 59 sec, and then again at 5 min 1 sec, yielding two mobs in the space of 2 seconds.


Upon killing Great Demon Baphomet, one of the possible drop items is a Cursed Baphomet Doll, which is used to make the account-bound headgear, 5374.png Giant Magestic Goat.

Process of headgear creation:

  1. With a 6004.png Cursed Baphomet Doll in your inventory, talk to Friar Patrick and discuss about the doll.
    Friar Patrick
  2. Speak with Rust Blackhand prt_monk26191 with the following to make a 5374.png Giant Magestic Goat:

Monster List