Charleston Crisis

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Charleston Crisis
Base Level: 130
Party: 1+, need to be in a party
Base Experience: 1,500,000
Job Experience: 1,000,000
Item(s): Charleston Components which can be used to buy and enchant Mechanic gears.
Gold Card
Notes: *All monsters in this instance are Demon race and Neutral element. 
*It is suggested to bring an item or class that can use Greed as lots of Gold Cards will drop after some of the phases.


To start this instance, go to Verus southwest area verus0478114. Talk to Dr. Magnatum several times to create the instance, then click on the transporter to enter the instance.

NPC-Dr. Magnatum.png
King's Heel Map.png

First Phase

  1. After the introduction, kill all the monsters.
  2. More monsters will spawn, kill them all again until a portal opens below.
    • Lots of Gold Cards will drop after each wave of monsters, be ready to loot or use Greed.

Second Phase

  1. Speak to NPCs here. You need to kill Rocksteps scattered on spots on the map. NPC will show where all Rocksteps are if talked to again.
    • Optional quest: you can speak to a board near the NPCs to get a quest to kill 50 steps. Completing this quest will reward you 5 Charleston Component at the end of the instance.
    King's Heel Rockstep Map.png
  2. Once the Rocksteps are killed, head a bit north center through the portal to the Synthesis Room.
    Charleston Crisis Central Lab Map.png
  3. Talk to the NPC at the very left, kill some monsters, then walk through the portal to the left.
  4. Go through the portals and kill the Security Devices at each of the spots.
  5. After all three corners are killed, go to the very top of the instance to fight the final boss.

Boss Phase

  1. At the top of the instance, talk to the NPC. Watch the battle intro and defeat Charleston 3.
  2. Information about Charleston 3:
    • She is Large Size, Neutral 3 Property and Demon race.
    • She has a 23,671,401 HP and 200 DEF and 90 mdef.
    • She will use skills such as Lord of Vermilion, Meteor Storm, Heal and Napalm Vulcan. Once her HP is low, she will case AGI UP.
    • Gradually, security robots are summoned one by one into the area.
    • She will drop Charleston Component at 50% chance and Pilebunker P, Tornado Axe, Robot's Arm, Gigant Blade, Supplement Part Agi, Upgrade Part Booster at low chance.
  3. Once defeated, lots of Gold Cards will drop on the floor. Be ready to loot.

Finishing the Instance

  1. If you've killed 50 Steps earlier, talk to the sign to be rewarded 1,000,000 Base EXP and 300,000 Job EXP.
  2. Talk to NPC to be rewarded 1,500,000 Base EXP and and 1,000,000 Job EXP. Talk again to be transported to Verus city.

Monster List


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