Charleston Crisis

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Charleston Crisis
Base Level: 130
Party: 1+, need to be in a party
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Explosive Powder which can be dropped by Step monster in the instance
Base Experience: 1,500,000 (non-VIP); 2,250,000 (VIP)
Job Experience: 1,000,000 (non-VIP); 1,500,000 (VIP)
Item(s): Charleston Components which can be used to buy and enchant Mechanic gears.
* You cannot re-enter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance is completed (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn).
* It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.
* All monsters in this instance are Demon race and Neutral element.


To start this quest, go to Verus verus0474114. Talk to the Charleston there to reserve the instance, then click on the transporter to enter the instance.

Charleston Crisis Map.png

First Phase

  1. After the introduction, move west and kill a security device monster to open portal advancing to next area.
  2. Just like first area, kill a security device monster to open next area. You need to do this 2 more times.
  3. Make your way to the lab which is slightly north of the center of the map.
    Charleston Crisis Central Lab Map.png

Second Phase

  1. Speak to Dr Ve and Charleston there. You need to kill 3 Rocksteps scattered on 7 spots on the map. Optional quest: you can speak to a computer behind Dr Ve to get a quest to kill 50 steps. Completing this quest will net you one Charleston Component.
    Charleston Crisis Rockstep Map.png
  2. Once 3 Rocksteps are killed, go back to Charleston. Now, she instructs you to check 3 generators scattered on 3 spots on the map. You need to walk near the generator to trigger the dialogue.
    Charleston Crisis Generator Map.png
  3. Once all generator are checked, go back to Charleston. Multiple waves of monsters will swarm the area which you need to dispose. Also, make sure the party members do not leave the lab room. If they do, they will not be able to assist in the fight. If you are solo and leave before finishing this part, you will be locked out and will not be able to continue.

Boss Phase

  1. Make your way to center of the map. Move near Charleston to trigger the dialogue. After the dialogue, give 1 Explosive Powder to Charleston to open the central area.
  2. Watch the battle intro and defeat Charleston 3.
  3. Information about Charleston 3
    • She is Large Size, Neutral 3 Property and Demon race.
    • She has a 23,671,401 HP and 200 DEF and 90 mdef.
    • She will use skills such as Lord of Vermilion, Meteor Storm, Heal and Napalm Vulcan. Once her HP is low, she will case AGI UP.
    • Gradually, security robots are summoned one by one into the area.
    • She will drop Charleston Component at 50% chance and Pilebunker P, Tornado Axe, Robot's Arm, Gigant Blade, Supplement Part Agi, Upgrade Part Booster at low chance.
  4. Once defeated, witness the battle prologue and move out of the area.

Finishing the Instance

  1. Move back to the lab and talk to Dr Ve and witness the instance ending.
  2. Talk to Shalosh and choose to move out, you will be given 3 Charleston Components and transported to Verus city.
    Charleston Crisis Shalosh.pngCharleston Crisis Shalosh Map.png
  3. Return to Charleston to receive 1,500,000 (2,250,000) Base EXP/1,000,000 (1,500,000) Job EXP.