Nightmarish Jitterbug

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Nightmarish Jitterbug
Base Level: 120
Party: 1+ (Need to be in a party)
Base Experience: 1,500,000 (non-VIP); 2,250,000 (VIP)
Job Experience: 500,000 (non-VIP); 750,000 (VIP)

Note1: You cannot reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.

Note2: All monsters in this instance are Demon race; earth, water and undead elemental.

To start this quest, go to Eden back door, the room where eden quest 100-140 is located.

1. Talk to Loel the Baby Royal Guard, Then Runane to book the instance

2. When instance is ready, talk to Runane again and select Enter. You have 1 hour to complete this instance.

3. Talk to NewOz and a portal will appear on right wall. This instance is really straight forward. You need to go through 23 rooms (1st room and 23rd room are non-combat room). You need to clear all mobs in every room, then a NPC will appear. Talk to them and new portal advancing to the next room will be opened. There will be battle against Jitterbugs at room 9, 14, 17 and 20. And final boss, Awakened Ferre at room 22.

4. at Room 23, talk to NewOz again and an exit portal will appear. If you talk to Mingmin, she will trade 50 6719.png Tooth Of Jitterbug for a random piece of equipment or other item:

18123.png Bow Of Storm [1]
18122.png Gigantic Bow [1]
2990.png Pendant of Harmony [0]
2991.png Pendant of Chaos [0]
2989.png Floral Bracelet Of Aigu [1]
1990.png Floral Mic of Aigu [2]
2988.png Hero Ring of Newoz [1]
1935.png Ukulele of Newoz [2]
15100.png Frozen Breastplate [1]
15101.png Hardened Breastplate [1]
616.png Old Card Album
12246.png Mystical Card Album

Note: She can also combine your Pendant of Harmony and Pendant of Chaos into 2992.png Pendant of Maelstorm [1]

Spawning Extra Jitterbugs

In some rooms, when you talk to NPC, you will be given options. These options will affect the boss encounter in the next room.

  • Room 8 (Newoz, Lagi, Shalosh): Choosing 1st, 2nd and 4th Option will spawn 1 Jitterbug on Room 9. Choosing 3rd Option (NewOz red potion feat. Muka) will spawn 2 Jitterbugs on Room 9.
  • Room 13 (NewOz, Mingmin, Shalosh, Lagi, Aigu, Loel): Choosing 1st option will spawn 1 Jitterbug on Room 14. Choosing 2nd Option (Shalosh was talking with someone) will spawn 2 Jitterbugs on Room 14.
  • Room 16 (Shalosh, Aigu, Runane): Choosing 1st and 2nd Option will spawn 1 Jitterbug on Room 17. Choosing 3rd Option (We're happy) will spawn 2 Jitterbugs on Room 17.
  • Room 19 (Loel and Gelka): Choosing 1st option will spawn 1 Jitterbug on Room 20. Choosing 2nd Option (You just made up the words to sound cool!) will spawn 2 Jitterbugs on Room 20.
  • Room 20 (Everyone): Choosing 1st option will spawn 0 Jitterbug on Room 22. Choosing 2nd Option (Search alone) will spawn 2 Jitterbugs on Room 22.

Note: on 2nd and over runs, choosing Hurry option will execute the option memorized in previous run and let you skip the lengthy talk (this may not work all the time; safer to just manually go through the pre-boss fight dialogues).