Isle of Bios

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Isle of Bios
Base Level: 160
Party: 1+ Player(s)
Hunting: Reaper Yanku
Quest Prerequisite(s): Dimensional Travel
Item(s): 6684.png 1 Token of Hero
Quest Reward(s): Access to Morse's Cave

Instance Cooldown Quest Name: Memorial Dungeon: Isle of Bios

  1. Talk to Wandering Old Man moro_cav4560.
    Mc WanderingOldMan.png
  2. Check the Yellow Seed moro_cav5064, choose Reserve and enter instance.
  3. Inside the instance walk east to the bridge. There will be a conversation between Zeith, Vrid and Reaper Yanku.
  4. You need to kill all monsters in the zone to be able to move to the second zone. An announcement will show if all the monster has been killed. On the second zone, you also need to kill all monsters to be able to move to final zone.
  5. On the final zone, head to the center of the room where you will see Zeith and Vrid. Reaper Yanku will appear and froze them (you will be frozen also, Evil Druid card or unfrozen armor works here).
  6. There will be a wave of Orc Zombies, followed by Verit and Megalodon that you need to kill.
  7. Once all undead wave has been cleared, Reaper Yanku with 50m HP will appear and you can kill him now. Once he's dead, he will drop Prize of Hero at 100% chance.
  8. Once done, talk to Vrid again to receive Token of Hero as well as move you out from the instance.

Monster List

Token of Hero

Token of Hero can be used for Hero Ring Enchants.

Prize of Hero

List of possible items gained from Prize of Hero:

522.png Mastela Fruit
547.png Condensed White Potion
608.png Yggdrasil Seed
607.png Yggdrasilberry
678.png Poison Bottle
12530.png Mastela Fruit Box
12549.png Condensed White Potion 200 Box
12534.png Yggdrasil Seed Box
13517.png Yggdrasil Berry Box
12550.png Poison Bottle Box
12679.png WoE White Potion Box
12676.png WoE Violet Potion Box
12680.png WoE Blue Potion Box
12095.png Hwergelmir's Tonic
12100.png Cooked Nine Tail's Tails
12075.png Steamed Tongue
12080.png Dragon Breath Cocktail
12085.png Immortal Stew
12090.png Steamed Desert Scorpions
12623.png High Weapon Box
15093.png Hero Plate [1]
15094.png Hero Magic Coat [1]
15095.png Hero Judgement Shawl [1]
15096.png Hero Trade Mail [1]
15097.png Hero Hidden Cloth [1]
15098.png Hero Target Suits [1]
22035.png Hero Nependess Shoes [1]
22036.png Hero Silverleather Boots [1]
22037.png Hero Ungoliant Boots [1]