Central Laboratory

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Central Laboratory
Base Level: 140
Party: 1+ Member
Quest Prerequisite(s): To Phantasmagorika! Step 22
Item(s): Mini-Boss / Boss loots
Event Notice


The Central Laboratory Instance pits players against up to 3 possible MVP's, one at a time. The bosses that may appear are not pre-determined by pattern, so it may require more preparation than usual despite not all of it being put into use.

Bringing all elemental converters and armors will greatly improve the chance of completing the instance. Full Chemical Protection will also help as multiple MVP's and boss slaves here can break or divest equipment. Party play is also encouraged for clearing the stronger bosses.

For more tips:

Instance Cooldown Quest Name

Trace of Laboratory Access


He wants you to help him explore the mysterious past of Verus' ruins
  1. Talk to Civilization Explorer verus01149155 at Verus Lab-OPTATIO to open the instance. Talk to the Temporary Dimension-mover device next to him to enter.
  2. Once inside, talk to the Probationary Researcher beside the door to gain access through the first 3 doors.
  3. Talk to the Senior Researcher to receive the day's access code, input the code in binary form by turning the switches on the wall On/Off, then activate the Main Switch near the door to submit your code and to gain access to the next room (details in the next section).
  4. Make your way to the large particle accelerator room where the other researchers are waiting to conduct an experiment to obtain inter-dimensional materials.
  5. Deal with the hostile monsters summoned by MOTHER Comp MA-4885, the malfunctioning newly installed CPU.
  6. As the laboratory falls apart and the sequence ends, evacuate from the facility through a portal opened up on the central-eastern side of the room.

Access Code Puzzle (Step #3 in detail)

The 4th door encountered in the instance has a unique puzzle where the daily access code needs to be entered in binary form using the 8 switches embedded on the wall.
Each switch refers to one digit, with OFF-state being 0 and ON as 1, for up to 8 digits. All switches are turned Off by default, so all instance runs start with the switches pre-set to 0000 0000. To make it easier to remember the switch values just like with binary, the starting right-most digit/switch always has the numerical value of 1, with every following digit/switch to the left increasing that numerical value times 2.
The access code for any day of the year can be predicted with the following formula:

(Day + Month) x 5 = Access Code
Turn the switches on the wall On/Off to input the access code in binary form
  1. Talk to the Senior Researcher to receive the day's access code.
  2. Input the code in binary form by turning the switches on the wall On/Off.
  3. Activate the Main Switch near the door to submit your code and check if the solution matches.

So in order to advance beyond the 4th door, the player can find the solution to the puzzle by using any of the following methods:


  • The puzzle doesn't fail when the wrong code is given. So you can constantly recheck your solution along the way by checking with the Main Switch NPC.

Monsters List

Mini-Bosses spawn
(spawns in ANY stage)
Vagabond Wolf

The MVP spawns in the center of the accelerator so move farther way to avoid being rushed by the Unidentified MVP. The boss is not named, so review each of the MVP in the list to identify their sprite when it appears. https://db.irowiki.org/db/map-info/1@lab/

Stage 1
Boss Spawn
Orc Hero
Orc Lord Uses Earthquake
Maya Can break armor
Eddga Bomb breaks weapon. Bring Fire armor
Golden Thief Bug Uses Shield Reflect
Mistress Uses Jupitel Thunder. Bring Wind armor
Moonlight Flower Uses Full Divestment
Lady Tanee
Baphomet Uses Earthquake
Stage 2
Boss Spawn
Pharaoh Uses Darkbreath
Drake Uses Waterball. Bring Water armor
Stormy Knight Spawned with 2 Hatii MVP as slaves. Uses Storm Gust. Bring Freeze-protection and Water armor
Boitata Uses Shield Reflect. Bring Fire or Water armor
Lord of the Dead
Leak Slaves use Divest Weapon.
Dark Lord Uses Meteor Storm. Bring Fire armor
Hatii Uses Storm Gust. Bring Freeze-protection and Water armor
White Lady Uses Waterball. Bring Water armor
Ktullanux Uses Waterball and Storm Gust. Bring Freeze-protection and Water armor
Memory of Thanatos
Stage 3
Boss Spawn
RSX 0806 Uses Earthquake
Evil Snake Lord Uses Frost Driver. Bring Freeze protection
Turtle General Uses Waterball. Bring Water armor
Detardeurus Uses Shield Reflect, Meteor Storm, and Lord of Vermillion. Bring Fire and Wind armor/reductions
Gloom Under Night Bomb breaks weapon. Bring Fire armor.
Queen Scaraba
Valkyrie Randgris Uses Lord of Vermillion, and Earthquake. Bring Holy armor.
Daehyon Uses Waterball. Bring Water armor
Kades Bomb breaks weapon. Bring Fire armor.
Ifrit Uses Full Divestment and Earthquake. Bring Fire armor and neutral reductions.
Beelzebub Bring Neutral reductions.