Heart Hunter War Base 2

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Heart Hunter War Base 2
Base Level: 100
Hunting: Heart Hunter Ebel
Quest Prerequisite(s): Terra Gloria



  1. Speak to Julian ein_fild04281337 once again to reserve the instance.
  2. Talk to Striker Unit Commander ein_fild04275341 top left of Julian to enter.
  3. Once inside the instance, go left and talk to Julian (@swat 54/122) to start the encounter (2nd option will reduce the amount of dialogues). Heart Hunter Guards and Upgraded Heart Hunter Guards will appear.
  4. Defeat all the guards and the defense wall to the north will automatically explode to let you pass. Move to Julian (@swat 30/233) who who will talk.
  5. More Heart Hunter Guards and Upgraded Heart Hunter Guards will spawn. Defeat those and continue through the defense wall (@swat 35/272) that explodes after they are all defeated.
  6. Julian (@swat 55/283) is standing there and tells you about the security devices. It's designed to prevent people from passing through. Talk to the SWT_309 device beside Julian and "Push the Button" to reveal a path (@swat 24/301) through the security devices. The path starts at the far left. More Heart Hunter Guards spawn that you must kill.
    This next portion is a maze created by the Robot-NPCs positioning. If you get too close to them, you will get severely damaged (death by robot not possible, but hp will drop to 1). There are more than 1 possible paths depending on the encounter. The path leads north-east of where you start.
    The Robot-NPCs' range is up to 4 cells away as shown here:
    A visual depiction of the area coverage of the robot sentry's range
  7. Julian is waiting for you at the end of the defensive force maze ( @swat 163/300 ). He wants you to go through the portal near him.
  8. Go down the stairs and talk to Julian who is standing next to Ebel (2nd option shortens the dialogue). Prepare yourself, and gird your loins!
  9. Defeat Ebel despite her odd personality and attractive allure to some.
  10. After defeating her, go back up the stairs, wait for the portal to spawn, and enter it to warped outside the instance.

Monster List

Heart Hunter Guard
Upgraded Heart Hunter
Heart Hunter Ebel