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Here you'll find some of the various skill sounds heard in the game. For background music, see BGM Files.

Bard & Dancer

This list also includes Minstrel and Gypsy songs.

Name From
Acoustic Rhythm Ensemble Skill
Battle Theme Ensemble Skill
Classical Pluck Ensemble Skill
Down Tempo Ensemble Skill
Battle Theme Dancer Skill
Gypsy's Kiss Dancer Skill
Harmonic Lick Ensemble Skill
Hermode's Rod Ensemble Skill
Impressive Riff Bard Skill
Lady Luck Dancer Skill
Lullaby Ensemble Skill
Magic Strings Bard Skill
Mental Sensing Ensemble Skill
Power Cord Ensemble Skill
Sheltering Bliss Ensemble Skill
Slow Grace Dancer Skill
Song of Lutie Bard Skill


This list also includes Priest and High Priest skill sounds.

Name From
Aspersio Priest Skill
Assumptio High Priest Skill
Blessing Acolyte Skill
B.S. Sacramenti Priest Skill
Cure Acolyte Skill
Gloria Priest Skill
Heal Acolyte Skill
Impositio Manus Priest Skill
Kyrie Eleison Priest Skill
Lex Aeterna Priest Skill
Magnificat Priest Skill
Magnus Exorcismus Priest Skill
Resurrection Priest Skill
Sanctuary Priest Skill
Status Recovery Priest Skill


Name From
Adrenaline Rush Blacksmith Skill
Battle Chant Paladin Skill