Temple of Demon God

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Temple of Demon God
Base Level: 160
Party: 1+ Player(s)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Dimensional Travel
Isle of Bios
Morse's Cave
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 500,000
Item(s): 6715.png 1 Darklord Soul Piece (Only on first completion)
22567.png 3 Squad Prize
* All the monsters in this instance is boss protocol.
*You need to kill monsters in total HP of 81m+55m+80m+120m under one hour. It is adviced to bring party that can produce high DPS.


  1. Talk to Commander Hiva Agip moro_vol10888 and Abidal to take the two quests to finish Satan Morocc.
    Mv CommanderHivaAgip.png
  2. Talk to Nidhogg inside the cave, then check Yggdrasil Lookalikemoro_cav4373, Reserve and enter dungeon.
  3. Talk to Ahat in upper center part of this room.
    • Defeat the furious version of Valkyrie Morocc Incarnation and Ghost Morocc Incarnation.
    • You will get Soul of Ahat and Soul of Shnaim. At top center of the room, put each soul into the orbs to open the door to central room.
  4. Morocc in boy form will greet you, and conversation will happen when Loki and Nidhogg join in.
    • After that, a portal will appear to the left. Talking to Nidhogg again will grant you Nidhogg mercenary.
  5. In this room, kill the Brinaranea.
    • She has 81m HP. Once killed, every party member must talk with Nidhogg and a portal leading back to central room will appear.
    • Note: You may want to collect some frost crystals in Brinaranea room to help the upcoming battles.
  6. Morocc will talk again, then a portal on the right will be opened. In this room, kill Muspellskoll.
    • He has 55m HP and will inflict heat status. If you take some Frost Crystal with you, you will be cured.
    • Once defeated, talk to Nidhogg again and portal to central room will appear.
  7. Morocc in Adult Man form will talk and open portal at the top. In this room, you will fight Morocc in Boy form .
    • He has 80m HP. Be careful when fighting him, if a green text saying he is regenerating appear, you need to stop attacking, else he will regenerating back to his full HP.
  8. Once his HP already halved, he will disappear and summon 2 Satan Morocc. Once defeated, the boy will reappear with only 20% HP left.
    • Finish him this time and no need to worry since he doesn't regenerate again at this stage.
  9. Once defeated, Morocc in Adult Man form will appear which you need to be defeated. He has 120m HP.
  10. Once defeated, talk to Nidhogg again and you will be transported on Flame Cave.
  11. Talk to Abidal moro_vol11090 on Flame Basin again to get 1 Squad Prize for defeating Brinaranea and Muspellskoll.
  12. Then talk to Commander Hiva Agip again to get 1 more Squad Prize defeating Morocc.
    • Note: If your party somehow only able to go past Muspellskoll stage and you somehow failed to finish, you still can get reward from Abidal since he only require the count of Brinarea and Muspelskoll.
  13. If you had destroy the 3 mana types during the instance then talk to Hishieh to receive 1 Squad Prize.


Squad Prize

These are the possible items gained from Squad Prize
  • You will get 2 type of prizes, A and B
Contain one of the following item
505.png 10 Blue Potion
547.png 10 Condensed White Potion
22566.png 1 Frost Crystal
7444.png 1 Treasure Box
607.png 3 Yggdrasilberry
608.png 5 Yggdrasil Seed
Contain one of the following item
4908.png Darklord Essence Force1
4909.png Darklord Essence Force2
4910.png Darklord Essence Force3
4914.png Darklord Essence Speed1
4915.png Darklord Essence Speed2
4916.png Darklord Essence Speed3
4917.png Darklord Essence Vitality1
4918.png Darklord Essence Vitality2
4919.png Darklord Essence Vitality3
4911.png Darklord Essence Intelligence1
4912.png Darklord Essence Intelligence2
4913.png Darklord Essence Intelligence3
4920.png Darklord Essence Concentration1
4921.png Darklord Essence Concentration2
4922.png Darklord Essence Concentration3
4923.png Darklord Essence Luck1
4924.png Darklord Essence Luck2
4925.png Darklord Essence Luck3

Darklord Soulpiece

Using the Darklord Soulpiece will increase the whole server's exp bonus by +10%.

This will be categorized as the "Chaos" / "Thor" exp. It lasts for one hour.
Please note that you receive only one soulpiece per character. Following attempts at the instance will only result in the Squad Prizes.