Horror Toy Factory

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Horror Toy Factory
Base Level: 140
Party: 1+, need to be in a party
Item(s): Bloody Coin which can be traded for several equipment and enchantment
* You cannot re-enter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance is completed (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn).
* It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.
* All monsters in this instance are Demon race; the boss is Undead race.

Instance Cooldown Quest Name

Trail of Toy Factory


To start this quest, go to Lutie. Talk to Catherine Jet Johnson xmas237303 to reserve the instance, then click on the transporter to enter the instance.

First Phase

  1. After the introduction, talk to the Myst Case NPC who will transform your sprite into a Cookie (Red).
    • Keep in mind you need to keep exploring while transformed.
    • Venturing/talking to other NPC's aside from the transformation Myst Case while not transformed will spawn multiple Nightmare Cruisers.
    • There are multiple Myst Case NPCs around the corners of the room; it is advised to speak to them when your transformation duration is about to expire.
  2. Kill Vicious Cookies and Evil Dwelling Boxes around the room.
    • After enough are killed, there will be an announcement, and all remaining monsters will die.
  3. Move to northwest portion of this room and talk to the Green Cookie.
    • You must be a Red Cookie in order to speak with this NPC.
    • If you are not a Red Cookie, the NPC will disappear for a short while before reappearing, and will not speak to you until you are a Red Cookie.
  4. After the dialogue, talk to the new Myst Case NPC, who will transform you into a Myst Case.
    • Player must be a Myst Case in order to proceed to the next location.
    • Enter the portal to the right of the Green Cookie to move to the next phase.

Second Phase

  1. After speaking to Catherine, talk to the Myst Case NPC again to change your sprite into a Red Cookie.
    • Similar to the first phase, you need to stay transformed while venturing; otherwise, Cruisers will spawn in large numbers around the room.
    • If you somehow entered the portal you came from before finishing the second phase, you need to go back to first room and transform into a Myst Case again in order to go back to the second room.
  2. There are 10 workers (Green Cookie NPCs) throughout this room. Talk to them and listen to their stories.
    • You cannot move, cast skills, or use any consumables while the workers are talking, but monsters can still target you at this time.
  3. After talking to all 10 workers, there will be another announcement and all remaining monsters will die.
    • Proceed back through the portal you came from, and then enter the north portal to move to the next phase.

Third Phase

  1. Walk to the middle of the room to trigger a dialogue between Santa and Antonio.
    • After Antonio disappears, enter the portal to the left.
  2. Here, there are many mobs, but only Antonio needs to be killed.
    • After Antonio is killed, there will be another announcement, and all remaining monsters will die.
    • Note: Antonio may also spawn in the room where the dialogue with Santa took place as well, so be sure to check before proceeding through the left portal.
  3. Go back to the center room, and then enter the right portal to move to the last phase.

Boss Phase

  1. Listen the conversation between Catherine and Celine Kimi. When it finishes, Celine Kimi and her phantom will spawn.
  2. Information about Celine Kimi
    • She is Large Size, Ghost 1 Property and Undead Race.
    • She has a large spongy Max HP (20m ~ 66m, depends on party size, 20m if solo, 66m if party of 12), high DEF, and high MDEF, so it's best to have high ASPD AoE skills to take her down.
    • She has the ability to cast Max Pain for 10 seconds at a time; while she is in this aura, all attacks will be redirected back in a screen wide physical AoE.
      • It is best to avoid attacking her while the aura is up.
      • The aura can be preemptively seen by Celine Kimi having long cast bar, and the use of the /hp emoticon.
    • She also casts Pulse Strike, Power Up, Critical Wounds, Wide Soul Drain (represented by a cast bar with /mp emoticon), Wide Stone Curse, and Wide Sleep.
      • While in Power Up, her attacks can hit for around 15k without any reducts, so be prepared.
    • If she was separated from her phantom, the phantom will heal Celine Kimi for a large amount.
      • Make sure the Phantom is always close to her and that damage is done to both of them simultaneously.
    • If she is moved too far from the area where she spawns, the fight will be completely reset, so make sure you do not drag her too far away.
      • It is recommended to stay next to the wall above where she spawns to keep her in place, as well as to prevent the knockback from Pulse Strike.
    • If her current HP is off by 1% compared to her Phantom's, the Phantom will heal Celine Kimi for 6% of her max HP.

Finishing the Instance

  1. After Celine Kimi is defeated, walk through the southwest portal to treasure room.
  2. There will be 10 treasure box NPCs which will drop items when clicked.


Treasure Box Contain
Bloody Coin
Random Items
1st Box 4 - 8 Gift Box - or - Old Purple Box - or - Closed Mind Box - or - Nothing
2nd Box 3 - 7 Old Blue Box - or - Old Card Album - or - Old Parasol - or - Nothing
3rd Box 2 - 6 Silver Bullion - or - Mystical Card Album - or - Shadow Walk - or - Nothing
4th Box 4 - 8 Gold Bullion - or - Old Purple Box - or - Closed Mind Box - or - Nothing
5th Box 3 - 7 Gift Box - or - Old Card Album - or - Red Lantern - or - Nothing
Treasure Box Contain
Bloody Coin
Random Items
6th Box 2 - 6 Old Blue Box - or - Mystical Card Album - or - Hurt Mind - or - Nothing
7th Box 4 - 8 Silver Bullion- or - Old Purple Box - or - Closed Mind Box - or - Nothing
8th Box 3 - 7 Gold Bullion- or - Old Card Album - or - Kind Heart - or - Nothing
9th Box 2 - 6 Gift Box - or - Mystical Card Album - or - Lush Rose - or - Nothing
10th Box 4 - 8 Old Blue Box - or - Old Purple Box - or - Closed Mind Box - or - Nothing
Closed Mind Box
contains one of the following:
10x 3Carat Diamond 10x Amethyst 10x Bloody Page 5x Bloody Coin 2x Gold
5x Hot Tea 1x Hurt Mind 1x Kind Heart 1x Lush Rose 10x Manacles
1x Old Card Album 3x Old Purple Box 5x Sweet Canape

Bloody Coin

You can trade the coin to the NPC below:

NPC Item Amount of Coin
Billy The Golden Hands
12020.png Cursed Water
523.png Holy Water
11564.png Sweet Canape
11563.png Hot Tea
22534.png Closed Mind Box
19686.png Costume: Santa Hairband
19701.png Costume: Red Bonnet
18848.png Lush Rose [1]
19687.png Costume: Lush Rose
13442.png Old Parasol [3]
NPC Item Requirement
Bloody Coin Item(s)
Vagrant Cain xmas240297
18849.png Celine's Ribbon [1] 1,000 +9 18848.png Lush Rose [1]
16029.png Noble Cross 2,000 1540.png Grand Cross [1]
2980.png Evilspirit Gloves [1] 1,000 2977.png Hurt Mind [1]
2978.png Kind Heart [1]
2976.png Red Lantern [1]


BlackBeardJoe.png Black Beard Joe xmas240294 will enchant certain items for 15 Bloody Coins per attempt.

  • There is a chance of failure in which the item is destroyed
  • Enchants cannot be reset.
Item(s) Slots Success Rate Possible Enchants
18849.png Celine's Ribbon [1]
18848.png Lush Rose [1]
2486.png Shadow Walk
4th Slot 100% Fighting Spirit 2~5
Sharp 1~3
Matk 1%~2%
Spell 3~6
ASPD 6%~10%
3rd Slot 100% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~3
13442.png Old Parasol [3] 4th Slot 100% Fighting Spirit 5~10
Sharp 3~5
Matk 1%~3%
Spell 6~9
ASPD 6%~10%
2977.png Hurt Mind [1]
2978.png Kind Heart [1]
2976.png Red Lantern [1]
2980.png Evilspirit Gloves [1]
4th Slot 95% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~2
3rd Slot 70% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~3
2nd Slot 50% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~4