Sky Fortress

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Sky Fortress
Base Level: 145+
Item(s) (Consumed): Sky Fortress Ticket
Quest Prerequisite(s): Room of Consciousness

This Instance has a 3-day cooldown timer. To enter the instance sooner than the 3-day cooldown permits will require a "(Skyfortress) Dungeon Ticket". These tickets can be obtained by Merry Badger for 25 Eden Merit Badges per ticket. During the ticket duration you will be able to run the dungeon as many time as you can. The tickets are only usable once every 3 days.

Source: Warpportal Forums

The 3-day cooldown can be bypassed by using a Sky Fortress Dungeon Pass obtainable from special rewards from the Clicker mobile game.

This instance is unlocked halfway through the Banquet for Heroes questline after completing the Room of Consciousness instance. Inside the darkened Prontera map, you will find the instance entrance on the east side of the map

and speak to the Scientist to book your instance.

Inside The Instance

Be sure party members are prepared for this dungeon with Token Of Siegfried. The MVP at the end of this dungeon is highly difficult and often bugs out doing Earthquake with little visible warning or after he dies or as he is dying. Going in at level 145 is not recommended even though it is possible.

This instance begins with a copy version of the MVP, Stefan.J.E.Wolf.

  • Speak to him and he will summon waves of Immortal Zombie Soldier on you to test you before access to the rest of the instance begins.
  • Speak to him after you have completed the waves of zombies to open a portal to the spiral staircase portion of this dungeon.

The staircase will be filled with trash monsters who have a chance of dropping Sky Fortress Keys.

  • These keys are used to open the doors along the sides of the walls as you ascend the tower.
  • Note that there may be less keys dropped than there are doors in a single run.
  • Each side room will offer a room with mobs of monsters and a treasure chest at the end.
  • The chest has a chance to give you a reward or spawn a miniboss.

The top floor of this dungeon features the real MVP version of Stefan.J.E.Wolf.

  • While fighting him he spawns Immortal Zombie Soldiers and Immortal Cursed Zombies, moving him to one side of the room will make dealing with the monsters more manageable.
  • When the MVP reaches low HP, you will need to be aware of purple splashes appearing throughout the room.
  • These areas are localized earthquakes which you will have to be ready to move away from if they spawn near where you are fighting.

Once you have defeated the MVP, a portal will open in the middle of the room and take you out to the scientist outside where you first entered.


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