Dimensional Travel

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Dimensional Travel
Base Level: 140
Item(s) (Consumed): 528.png 1 Monster's Feed
6689.png 50 Burning Bug Skin
6690.png 25 Yummy Stem
Hunting: 20 Fire Pit
25 Sonia
Quest Prerequisite(s): Onward to the New World Quest or Cat Hand New World Quest
Job Experience: 1,500,000 (non-VIP)
Quest Reward(s): Access to Flame Basin
Access to Flame Cave
Access to Isle of Bios
  1. Go to Morroc and lift the Piled Rags off the guy . Give him a 528.png Monster's Feed. His name is Tamarin. Tell him about where to bathe, and then accompany him to the oasis.
    Note: You can buy Monster's Feed at


  2. Find Tamarin at the oasis . Tell him I'm listening and he'll tell you a story about his adventure in the Dimensional Crack. Tell him you want to tag along and he tells you to go meet him at the Dimensional Gap.

    Mr Tamarin.png

  3. Talk to Tamarin in the Dimensional Gap . He's near the entrance, below the group in the first intersection. He tells you to meet him by the Sand Mound in the 2nd area of the Dimensional Gap, where Devil's Tower and Ghost Palace are located .

    Dg Tamarin.png

    Note : You can return to the Dimensional Gap by talking to the Sand Mound or go to Eclage plaza.

    Dg SandMound.png

    • You can Access Flame Basin.
  4. Go to Flame Basin and talk to Tamarin near the entrance.
  5. Speak to Bargat Tiblack , who asks you to kill 20 Fire Pits and collect 50 Burning Bug Skin.

    Mv BargatTiblack.png

    • Fulbak (aka Fire Bug) drop Burning Bug Skin. Kill Fire Pits to make them spawn or search for them Fulbak.
    • Burning Bug Skin drop rate is low. It is recommended to use Steal or Moonlight accessory.
  6. Deliver Burning Bug Skin to Bargat Tiblack. He asks now to kill 50 Sonia and gather 50 Yummy Stem again. However, Tamarin calls you out. Talk to him and you will get the request halved to 25.
  7. After killing 25 Sonia and collecting 25 Yummy Stem, talk to Tamarin near the center of the map .

    Dgc Tamarin.png

  8. Return to Bargat Tiblack.
  9. Go to Southwest and talk to Instructor Rugen .

    Dg InstructorRugen.png

  10. Speak to Intoxicated Patient Otto (104,70), right below Rugen.

    Dg IntoxicatedPatientOtto.png

  11. Talk Instructor Rugen again.
  12. Report to Bargat Tiblack.
    • Player will receive 1,500,000 Job EXP.
    • You can Access Flame Cave by talking to Tamarin in the center of the map.


  • Despite of what the description said, Burning Bug Skin and Yummy Stem are tradeable and vendable.
  • Due to the low drop rate of burning bug skin and yummy stem, it is adviced to farm them using Thief class using Steal skill
  • You can drag any monsters to soldiers standing guard on lower left side of the map to make those soldiers use skill and teleport the monsters. It is beneficial if you want to remove some unwanted mobs while farming things. Be careful, however because they can teleport the Fire bugs away from you.