Jupitel Thunder

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Jupitel Thunder.png Jupitel Thunder
Jupitel Thunder Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 17 + (Skill Level × 3)
Cast Time: [2 + (Skill Level × 0.5)] seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: Magic
Knock Back: 2~7 cells
Property: Wind
(Mage) Napalm Beat Lv. 1, Lightening Bolt Lv. 1, (Super Novice) Quest

Jupitel Thunder (Alt: Jupitel Thunder) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Wizard, High Wizard and expanded Super Novice.


Fires a ball of crackling lightning at a single target that inflicts 100% Wind property magic damage each shock and pushes it backwards.

Level Hits Inflicted Knock Back Cast Time SP Cost
1 3 2c 2.5s 20
2 4 3c 3.0s 23
3 5 3.5s 26
4 6 4c 4.0s 29
5 7 4.5s 32
6 8 5c 5.0s 35
7 9 5.5s 38
8 10 6c 6.0s 41
9 11 6.5s 44
10 12 7c 7.0s 47


  • Despite the animation, all damage is connected in one single bundle.
  • Some monsters have a more powerful variation of this skill, which inflicts 30 hits and pushes back 15 cells backward.
  • In addition to Level 1 Napalm Beat and Level 1 Lightening Bolt, Super Novices also have a prerequisite of doing the Expansion Quest. Wizard classes only require the aforementioned skills.


  • This skill has no cast delay at all, so this skill can be cast again right before the target has even been hit (ordering another cast before the first one has finished will usually automatically start a new cast right away).


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