Warlock Job Change Guide

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Warlock Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise)
Job Class: High Wizard
Item(s) (Consumed): 6151.png Giant Bradium Fragment
6152.png Glittering Crystal
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Must equipped:
2797.png Magical Stone (Anti-Golem)
2797.png Magical Stone (Anti-Naga)
Item(s): 2795.png Green Apple Ring
5753.png Magic Stone Hat [1]
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Warlock
  1. In Morroc, head in an 8 o'clock direction from the center of town.
    • Keep walking the NPC Volunteer-Morroc's 10cell north, and a pop up window will appear morocc95132 (on the rebuild map morocc90144).
    • Choose the first option and you will be teleported to a small room with a Warlock and 3 assistants.
    Morroc wl-jobchange.png
  2. Once inside, talk to any NPC. Your presence alerts the Assistants, who alert the Guild Master name Master Egnoloria spl_in0280108.
    • She attempts to put a spell on you, but you resist it.
    • She tells you about Warlocks, and you then request to become one.
  3. Talk to the Assistant, Yoop spl_in0277107, the fairy with blond haired and blue dressed assistant, who asks you to gather a Giant Bradium Fragment and Glittering Crystal.
  4. Talk to the Assistant, wearing the white dress to leave the room. You will be teleported to Splendide.
  5. Equip the two (2) Magical Stone Accessories you're given and hunt the special Naga and Bradium Golem on Splendide Field 2.
    • Note:
    • The monsters you seek have a level 99 aura. Every time you kill one you have to gain the Glittering Crystal and Giant Bradium Fragment, respectively.
    • The items won't drop unless the accessories are equipped.
    • The items are character bound; if the wrong character acquires one of the quest items, it will be permanently stuck on their account.
    • With that in mind, if you are in a party, make sure that item sharing is turned OFF, otherwise the quest items could appear in someone else's inventory.
    • If you accidentally sold the accessories go to spl_in0260231, talk to the Fairy inside and she will give you the accessories in exchange for a 3carat Diamond.
  6. Return to Splendide and speak to Yoop spl_in0260231 who tells you to return to the Warlock Guild Master.
  7. Walk down to the ground and go to the north-west corner of the city (not on top) splendide140284 and enter the Guild Master's room once again.
    • Or return to the wall in Morroc morocc90144
  8. Talk to the blue haired assistant spl_in0284103 to the right. She will give you 4 types of Rainbow Rubies, 5 each (Each type of ruby mimics a Warlock AoE spell when used). You will be sent to the testing area at this point.
  9. Enter the chat in the testing area, if someone's ahead of you, the wait can be up to about 25 minutes. Make sure you bring a lot of potions, as this test hurts quite a bit!
  10. After entering the Magical Room, 2 Nagas, 2 Bradium Golems, 2 Dark Pinguiculas, and 2 Aqua Elementals will spawn and must be killed using the Rainbow Rubies or your own skills.
    • You have five (5) minutes to complete this task.
    • Warning: There is NO delay on the first spawn. It will load before you do.
    • Tip: This fight isn't nearly as hard as it initially looks. Cast Level 1 Storm Gust or Level 10 Frost Nova as soon as you enter the room, and run to the corner.
    • Chain Lightning the Aqua Elemental, killing them pretty much instantly. Throw 2 Crimson Rock on the rest, then clean up with whatever you want.
    • Once you're in the corner, a wall spell can help - Ice Wall doesn't work here so safety wall is a good choice.
    • Try to finish the fight in the corner, as this will make the second wave easier than the first.
    • You *WILL* need healing potions (Condensed White Potion) bring a lot of them.
    • You can also bring Token of Siegfried to revive yourself in case you die.
  11. As you slay the last monster of the first group, another wave of 2 Nagas, 2 Bradium Golems, 2 Dark Pinguiculas, and 2 Aqua Elementals will spawn once more.
    • If you're in the top left part of the room, you will only pull the Nagas.
    • The counter resets, and you have five (5) minutes to kill this group.
  12. After all monsters have been slain, magical Porings will spawn. Kill all of them.
  13. Finally, a Hollow Stone will spawn. You have ten (10) minutes to kill it.
    • You can spam Jupitel Thunder on it to kill it.
    • After the stone has fallen to pieces, you are teleported back to the Guild Master's room.
  14. Talk to the Assistant to the right, then the Guild Master.
  15. The Guild Master will change your job to Warlock, awarding you with a Green Apple Ring and a Magic Stone Hat.