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Splendide is a garrison town built by Laphines in the New World, found directly west of Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post.
In order to investigate the cause of the Yggdrasil's sickness, the Laphines has built a garrison in Jötunheim.
Due to the freezing cold climate of Jötunheim, the Laphines has placed mushroom-like purifiers which causes the snow in the area to melt allowing the Laphines to live in their ideal climate.

Adventurers are required to have the Ring of the Wise King in order to converse with the Laphines.



Provides fast travel to the North Entrance leading to Bifrost Field (277,383), East Entrance (380,254) and Town Center (191,182) for 400z (Non-VIP)

Point Seller (207,160)
Magic Gear Master (180,174)
Bounty Board (204,240)


Ground Level

Tavern (156,208)
Archives (237,210)
Laboratory (228,162)
Prison (170,166)
Military Storage (198,238)

Upper Level

Upper level is accessible by climbing the branches at (130,230) and (250,245). This is where the residential zone and the path to the Hazy Forest is found.


Daily Quests


Doing relevant daily quests gives players 6081.png Splendide Coins which can be exchanged for buff items at the Military Storage or exchanged with other items at Eclage.