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About Manuk

Manuk is a new town introduced in Episode 13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown. Manuk is an icy village populated by a race of giants called the Sapha. As they speak a different language, a quest is required to communicate with the locals and to use their services. The Manuks form a faction in the conflict with the Lapines, a fairy-like race that live in the woodland areas around Splendide.


The Sapha are race of beings who are decedents of Hwergelmir who rebuilt their tribe in the flood of the blood of Ymir. Ever since, they have been plagued with a disease that petrifies their body over time. Some believe it is a curse from the blood of Ymir.

The Sapha inject Bradium to help slow the side affects of their illness but their resources will soon become exhausted. As they continue to mine the surrounding area for a cure, they too seek adventurers from Mid-Guard to bring new minerals for their research. However, tensions are high among the residents due the on going war between the Two Tribes. - Sapha (Tree) and the Laphine (Fairy).







Guild Flags


Merchant of Manuk - man_in0128616. For 1 6080.png Manuk Coin will sell you 3 consumable items of your choice.