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About Izlude

Izlude, the satellite town of Prontera, sits on the eastern edge of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom. Being a port, it features trade and travel routes by air and sea. The marina on the northeastern side of the town offers passage to the trade city of Alberta and to Byalan Island, where adventurers can venture into the Undersea Tunnel dungeon. For those looking to travel internationally, the airship station at the southern edge of the town offers a route with destinations to Juno, the capital city of the Republic of Schwartzvald, and Rachel, the capital city of the Arunafeltz States. There are also Kafra services available, for storage and warping to Prontera. Izlude offers several services for adventurers. Recently, the Royal Criatura Academy has established itself on the northern side of the town. It offers new adventurers opportunities to train in various skills, discover jobs available to them, and to learn about the world. The Swordsman association resides on the western side of the town, for those adventurers who are looking to hone their skills and become Swordsmen themselves. Built by King Tristan III to promote friendly competition, the Izlude Arena quickly became a popular attraction among citizens and adventurers alike. Adventurers gather here to show off their skills and to gain fame, glory, and rewards.


As Prontera's population started swelling, overpopulation became a concern for its citizens. Watcing space become more limited and a need for increased defense grow, officials decided to build the satellite town Izlude. It would help bolster the city's defenses and provide its citizens more room to grow. The Swordsman association, once within the city's walls, relocated itself to Izlude once the town was established. Many citizens moved and the town began to flourish. Its strategic location gave Prontera access to a port, increasing possibilities for trade and transportation. Since then, various new features have been added to the town, including the Izlude Arena, the Royal Criatura Academy, and the airship dock.


Izlude sep2013.png



  • 1 - Arena (213,161) ---- see Izlude Arena for details
  • 2 - Swordsman Guild (52,172)
  • 3 - Criatura Academy (128,257)
  • 4 - General Shop (110,182)

Billboards and Signs

  • Bulletin Board - Izlude: The Satellite City (131,116) - Gives background information on Izlude
  • Sign (144,148) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (54,139) - Flavor Text



Guides - Izlude Guide are at (133,113) and (129,175)
Shows the locations of the Dock, Airport, Arena, Tool Shop, Weapon/Armor Shop, Swordsman Guild on minimap
Also shows the locations of the Kafra Lady, Eden Teleport Agent, Newlywed Helper and Mercenary Guildsman
Kafra Employees are at (128,148)
Save, Kafra storage, Teleport service, Rent cart, Reserve points
Mailbox is at (136,94)
Send and Receive Mail
Eden Teleport Officer is at (131,48)
Teleport Service to Eden Group
Channel Teleport Official is at (122,105)
Changes channels. These only apply to Izlude and South Prontera field.
Hypnotist is at (127,175)
Resets your skills at no cost as long as your base level is 99 or less. Can reset more than once. You must have 0 weight, and you must remove or put away your cart, mount (e.g. Pecopeco), animal (e.g. Warg or Falcon), homunculus, etc.

Store NPCs

Weapon Dealer (General Shop)
Arrow, Silver Arrow, Bow [3], Rod [3], Knife [3], Cutter [3], Main Gauche [3], Sword [3], Falchion [3], Blade [3], Katana [3], Slayer [2], Bastard Sword [2], Two-handed Sword [1], Broad Sword [1], Axe [3]
Armor Dealer (General Shop)
Buckler, Shield, Shoes, Boots, Muffler, Manteau, Cap, Helm, Jacket, Adventurer's Suit, Wooden Mail, Mantle, Coat, Padded Armor, Chain Mail, Full Plate, Novice Armlet
Tool Dealer (General Shop)
Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Empty Bottle, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing, Trap, Arrow
Trading Merchant (General Shop)
Bullet, Silver Bullet, Bloody Shell, Branch [3], Crimson Bolt [1], Cyclone [1], Rolling Stone [1], Black Rose [1], Long Barrel, Jungle Carbine, Thunder P [1]
Pet Groomer (General Shop)
Pet Food, Pet Incubator, Poring Pet Backpack, Rocker Glasses, Mochi, Bun, Flame Gemstone, Blue Vital Flower
Butcher (160,186)
Vendor from Milk Ranch (128,158)
Fruit Gardener (124,165)
Apple, Banana, Carrot, Potato
Point Seller (138,163)
Scarlet Points, Lime Green Points, Indigo Points, Yellow Wish Points

Trade NPCs

Smile Assistance - Smile Girl (125,175)
1 Mr. Smile for 10 Clover, 10 Fluff, and 10 Jellopy
Monster Tamer - Shogo (General Shop)
1 Orc Trophy for 1 Chivalry Emblem and 1 Scorpion Tail
1 No Recipient for 1 Old Portrait
1 Book of the Devil for 1 Old Magicbook and 2 Horrendous Mouth
Bullet Seller Tony (Currently Stuck in the wall. You can see him around 170,138)
30 Poison Sphere for 1 Emveretarcon, 1 Phracon, and 10 Venom Canine
30 Flare Sphere for 1 Emveretarcon, 1 Phracon, and 2 Burning Heart
30 Lightning Sphere for 1 Emveretarcon, 1 Phracon, and 3 Cyfar
30 Blind Sphere for 1 Emveretarcon, 1 Phracon, and 5 Squid Ink
30 Freezing Sphere for 1 Emveretarcon, 1 Phracon, and 2 Brigan
Magazine Dealer Kenny (He is also stuck in the wall below the Bullet Seller. You may need to rotate camera to see him)
1 Cartridge for 500 Bullets and 500 zeny
1 Silver Cartridge for 500 Silver Bullets and 500 zeny
1 Blood Cartridge for 500 Bloody Shells and 500 zeny
1 Poison Sphere Pack for 500 Poison Spheres and 500 zeny
1 Flare Sphere Pack for 500 Flare Spheres and 500 zeny
1 Lightning Sphere Pack for 500 Lightning Spheres and 500 zeny
1 Blind Sphere Pack for 500 Blind Spheres and 500 zeny
1 Freezing Sphere Pack for 500 Freezing Spheres and 500 zeny
Givu (Arena, Point Exchange Room)
Amount traded is selectable for items
5 Honey for 20 Arena Points
5 Royal Jelly for 30 Arena Points
5 Mastela Fruit for 30 Arena Points
8 Condensed White Potion for 30 Arena Points
3 Anodyne for 20 Arena Points
1 Yggdrasil Seed for 20 Arena Points
1 Yggdrasilberry for 40 Arena Points
1 Old Blue Box for 100 Arena Points
1 Old Purple Box for 300 Arena Points
1 Old Card Album for 1,000 Arena Points
??? Base experience points for 40 Arena Points
Souvenir Photo with NPCs or Monsters (Baphomet, Dark Lord, Doppelganger, Eddga, Dracula, Samurai, Stormy Knight, Phreeoni, Girl, Valkyrie) for 10 Arena Points

Quest NPCs

Swordsman (Swordsman Association, middle room)
Swordsman job change NPC
Swordsman (Swordsman Association, middle room)
Part of Swordsman job change quest
Krongast (69,181)
Part of Blacksmith job change quest
Knight De Thomas - De Thomas (Swordsman Hall, front room)
Teaches HP Recovery While Moving

Travel NPCs

Kafra Employee (128,148)
Prontera - 600z
Geffen - 1200z
Payon - 1200z
Morroc - 1200z
Al De Baran - 1800z
Eden Teleport Officer (131,148)
Paradise Group Building - free
Sailor (197,205)
Byalan Island - 150z
Alberta - 500z
Odgnalam (182,218)
Malangdo - free after doing Malangdo Island quest
Edgar (182,186)
Alberta - 250z
Honeymoon Helper - Helper (180,224)
Jawaii - 100,000z
Teleporter (Arena, middle room)
Arena's Point Exchange Room - free
Arena Transportation
To be transported to the Arena Stages, you enter the chat and wait instead of trying to speak to the NPC.
lvl 50s Waiting Room (Arena, northwest room)
Level 50 Arena Stage - 1,000z
lvl 60s Waiting Room (Arena, west room)
Level 60 Arena Stage - 1,000z
lvl 70s Waiting Room (Arena, southwest room)
Level 70 Arena Stage - 1,000z
lvl 80s Waiting Room (Arena, southeast room)
Level 80 Arena Stage - 1,000z
Ponox (Arena, east room)
Pre-Party Arena Stage?? - free
???Helper NPC (Arena, Pre-Party Arena Stage???)
Party Arena Stage?? - 1,000z for all members??

Background NPCs

Soldier (124,178)
Talks about selling loot to NPC Merchants
Kylick (150,143)
Talks about either Amatsu and its cuisine or Binoculars/Izlude's Telescope (two sets of conversation)
Dega (150,118)
Talks about Monsters with Cast Sensor and magic spells of their own or about Mt. Mjolnir and its aggressive insect monsters or about a place where every type of Poring may be found (three sets of conversation)
Cuskoal (119,121)
Talks about the Arena or gathering information at pubs (two sets of conversation)
Red (56,126)
Argues with Cebalis about which skill is better, Bash or Magnum Break
Cebalis (58,126)
Argues with Red about which skill is better, Bash or Magnum Break
Bonne (55,74)
Welcomes you to Izlude and talks about Izlude and the bridge
Charfri (135,78)
Talks about Izlude and/or Byalan Island (two sets of conversation)
Aaron (Swordsman Association, east room)
Talks about stats, focusing on Swordsmen
Vendigos (Arena, middle room)
Talks about how the Arena works
Arena Record Staff - Owen Kheuv (Arena, middle room)
Gives the current best records for all level challenges
Helper Pat - Pat (Arena, northwest room)
Talks about the rules of the Level 50 Arena Stage
Helper Ben - Ben (Arena, west room)
Talks about the rules of the Level 60 Arena Stage
Helper Vicious - Vicious (Arena, southwest room)
Talks about the rules of the Level 70 Arena Stage
Helper Epin - Epin (Arena, southeast room)
Talks about the rules of the Level 80 Arena Stage
Helper Lunic - Lunic (Arena, east room)
Talks about the rules of the Party Arena Stage
Helper Lonik - Lonik (Arena, east room)
Will inform you if there's anyone in there


Undersea Dungeon

For more information, please see the Undersea Tunnel article.

Illusion of Under Water

A revamped version of Undersea Dungeon, collect Illusion Stone and craft Illusion Gears.