Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

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The Rune-Midgarts Kingdom is the main country in the world of Ragnarok. With over 50 separate map areas, it is also by far the largest. With regions ranging from dense jungles to arid deserts to temperate forests, it has a highly varied landscape.


The Republic lies to the south of Republic of Schwartzvald. The closest city to the Rune-Midgarts being Juno. It is also to the west of many different foreign lands. The other two countries in Ragnarok, the Arunafeltz States and aforementioned Republic of Schwartzvald can be accessed via the International Airship in Izlude.


The kingdom has many varied and different types of climate, with jungles to the southwest, desert in the south, and forest in the remainder. There are numerous rivers and mountains, as well as lakes and grasslands.


The Head of State of Rune-Midgarts, is the king, who resides in a castle in the capital city of Prontera. The king commands a legion of Knights and Crusaders who protect the kingdom from outside forces, though the kingdom does have a peace treaty with its closest neighbor, the Republic of Schwartzvald.

Cities and Towns

  • Prontera is the capital of Rune-Midgarts. It is the economic center of the country, where Merchants gather to vend their findings, and citizens chat and gather into parties. Prontera is home to the Acolyte, Knight, and Crusader guilds.
  • Izlude is a small satellite town of Prontera, home to the Swordman guild. The town is known for its battle arena, as well as the airship link to the other two countries in Ragnarok.
  • Jawaii can be found off the shores of the mainland. It is a tropical paradise used by couples for rest and relaxation. The warm beaches there are sublime, though the hotel accomodations may leave something to be desired.
  • Geffen is known as the magic city, which is apt considering it is the base for the Mage and Wizard guilds. Geffen is located to the west of Prontera on and island. The center of town is dominated by the famous Geffen Tower.
  • Payon is a quiet Korean-style city located to the southeast of Prontera. It is home to the TaeKwon Kid and TaeKwon Master classes, and its neighbor Archer Village is home to the Archer class. The town has a large palace at the northern end of town and is located in the midst of a dense forest.
  • Morroc resides in the middle of a sprawling desert. It is home to the Soul Linker class, and the nearby pyramids house the Thief guild. Further to the southeast is the Assassin's guild. The town has a large castle in the center.
  • Alberta is a seaside town famous for its light and airy atmosphere. It is home to the Merchant guild, and is the gateway to many exciting foreign lands and dungeons.
  • Comodo is the true party city of the country, with gambling, festivities, and many ways to have fun. The town is home to the Bard and Dancer guilds, and has a large volcano in the center of it. Comodo is unique in that it is located inside a cave.
  • Umbala is a city built up in the high treetops of a jungle. Gateway to Nifflheim, Umbala is famous for its isolated tribe of people, who speak an entirely different language from that of the rest of the country. It is governed by a chief.
  • Al De Baran is the northernmost city in the country, just to the south of the Republic of Schwartzvald. Home to the Alchemist guild, it is also the location of the Clock Tower dungeon, and is the gateway to Lutie, the Christmas town.
  • Lutie can be described as "Christmas every day" in that it has a giganic Christmas tree in the center, along with a Toy Factory dungeon. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus can also be found, working away until December 25th.


Dungeon DB Map Link Location
Ant Hell Map directly east of Morroc
Byalan Island Dungeon, a.k.a. Undersea Tunnel Map accessed via Izlude
Clock Tower Map in Al De Baran
Dead Pit Mt. Mjolnir Dead Pit Map
Geffen Tower Dungeon Map in Geffen
Glast Heim Map north-west of Geffen
Hidden Temple Map north of Prontera
Orc Dungeon Map
Payon Cave Map in Archer Town, directly north of Payon
Prontera Culvert Map directly west of Prontera
Pyramid Map directly west of Morroc
Sphinx Map directly north-west of Morroc
Toy Factory Map in Lutie