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Job Base(s): Novice
Job Type: First
Job Level: 50
Race: Human
Changes At: Geffen
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 121
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+0 +4 +0 +8 +3 +3



Mages are naturally imbued with the powers of the elements within their souls. Though still learning to hone these powers, they use their knowledge and intelligence of these elements to significantly impact the battlefield. Growing up west of the mystical Mt. Mjolnir, in Geffen, they are able to see magic all around them and use this to their advantage.

Mages rely on their magic skills as their main source of damage. They use their knowledge of the monster's element to know what elemental magic skill to use to deal more damage to monsters.

Job Changing

  1. Once you are Job Level 10, go to the Mage Guild in northwest Geffen geffen_in164124.
  2. Talk to the Mage Guildsman in front of the chalkboard on the wall who changes your job to Mage and rewards you with a Novice Rod [3].
  • Alternatively, after reaching Job Level 10, go to the Mage classroom at Criatura Academy and speak to Mage Chuck located at iz_ac02148110.


I. Fire Mage

Since many low level monsters are weak to fire, this build uses Fire Bolt and Fire Ball to kill single and groups of monsters respectively. In addition, the levels of bolt skills can be changed to kill monsters in one casting of a bolt skill.

Base level 40 base status distribution suggestion. You may allocate certain status points depending on your preference but the idea is to focus on increasing INT and DEX statuses as they increase your MATK.

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 53
  • DEX: 30
  • LUK: 1

II. Bolter Mage

This build takes advantage of using specific elemental bolt to kill monsters weak to an element, dealing even more damage. For example, using Fire Bolt on Earth monsters, using Lightning Bolt on Water monsters, and using Cold Bolt on Fire monsters.

b. Stats:
Same as the Fire Mage build above.

General Leveling Strategy

Below are three suggestions to efficiently level a new character:

  1. First, get gear and experience for your new character by following this Izlude tutorial guide from the forums (this guide is also listed down below in the Mage equipment section with additional details).
  2. Using 19163.png Catherina Von Blood [1], you can level as soon as base level 3-56 in Sunken Ship. Talk to Fisk alberta189151 and pay 250z to go to the Sunken Ship. Use any AoE skill available for your class (e.g., Magnum Break, Fire Ball, Cart Revolution, etc.). You may use 4084.png Marine Sphere Card to use Magnum Break if your class does not have an AoE skill.
  3. Without using 19163.png Catherina Von Blood [1], using the Payon Bounty Board Quests, kill Willows until level 21 and Bigfoot until level 41. Then, using the Eden Group Leveling Quests, kill Orcs, Orc Ladies, and Orc Babies until level 55 and Geffen Bounty Board Quests, kill Orcs and Orc Ladies until level 60. You can stack the quests for Orc and Orc Lady kill counts by having both quests active!

Stats Description

It is vital that you understand how each status affects your character to play the game well. Below is a summary but go to the Primary Stats page for detailed information.

Melee Weapons - (Axes, Books, Daggers, Katars, Knuckles, Maces, and Spears)
Ranged Weapons - (Bows, Guns, Instruments, and Whips)

Overall Tips and Suggestions

  1. Your next class is either a Wizard or a Sage; you may have to adjust your build accordingly.
  2. Use Eden Group Leveling Quests and Bounty Board Quests to find monsters to kill around your level.
  3. Use Stat Reset to reset your stats to maximize your damage.
  4. Use Skill Reset to rest your skills to maximize your damage.
  5. Use specific elemental bolt to kill monsters weak to a specific Element.
  6. Use the Archer/Mage/Ninja Sniping Maps in Leveling Spots to kill monsters from far away
  7. Useful recovery items. (If using Meat/Fresh Fish, it is advised to RODex it to yourself in smaller portions to keep within your weight limit)
  8. Useful INT or MATK cards:
  9. Useful HP cards:
  10. Useful Utility cards:
  11. May use any of the following gear based on your budget:


I. Enchanter Mounds Quest

After creating a Novice character, follow the section of this Izlude tutorial guide titled "Enchanter Mounds Quest" which involves NPC Enchanter Mounds in Izlude at izlude96125. This quest will allow you to enchant the 2302.png Cotton Shirt that you get the moment you created your Novice character with the enchantments Max HP+100 and Max SP+50, provided that you complete the step that requires you to speak with NPC Enchanter Almond J in Izlude at izlude108139. This cotton shirt proves itself useful once you change your class and can no longer equip most of the novice gear provided to you when you register at the academy. It is recommended to card this cotton shirt with cards that increase HP and/or SP such as 31016.png Decorated Evil Tree Card or 4003.png Pupa Card.

After providing Enchanter Mounds in Izlude at izlude96125 with a review of the service they provided during the enchanting quest, you can talk to Enchanter Almond J in Izlude at izlude108139 with other classes to enchant the novice weapon you receive after you change your class from Novice to Mage. However, due to a bug, Enchanter Almond J in Izlude izlude108139 will refuse to enchant the novice rod you receive when changing your class to Mage. The two enchantments that are normally provided are random and if you aren’t happy with the result you can enchant it again endlessly. If you were able to enchant the novice rod you would likely use this enchanted weapon until you can do the level 26 Eden Group Equipments Quests which is the first part of that questline which rewards a weapon. Keep in mind Enchanter Almond J won’t enchant the Novice Main Gauche that you get for registering at the academy despite it being a novice weapon.

II. Eden Group Equipments Quests

Starting at level 12 you can complete the Eden Group Equipments Quests to obtain free equipment for your class. This equipment is sufficient to get you to level 99.

III. General Weapon Recommendations

Mages can use Rods and Daggers. Here is a short list to get you started.

Class Data


Skills can be reset any time, go to Skill Reset for the guide.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cold Bolt.png Cold Bolt
Launch 1~10 cold bolt(s) to target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Water-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Ball.png Fire Ball
Attack a target and enemies in a 5×5 area around it for MATK*1.6~3.4 Fire-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt
Launch 1~10 fire bolt(s) to target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Fire-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Wall.png Fire Wall
Put up a small fire wall that causes 50% Fire-element damage to enemies passing through and pushes them back. 10 Offensive
Frost Diver.png Frost Driver
Attack a target for up to 200% Water-element damage with a chance to freeze it, rendering it immobile and turning it to Water 1 element. 10 Offensive
Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery
Passively increases SP recovery speed when not moving. Also increases efficiency of SP-restoring items consumed and thrown by an Alchemist 10 Passive
Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt
Launch 1~10 lightning bolt(s) to target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Wind-element damage. 10 Offensive
Napalm Beat.png Napalm Beat
Deal up to 170% MATK Ghost-element damage to target and all enemies in a 3×3 area around it. 10 Offensive
Safety Wall.png Safety Wall
Use a Blue Gemstone to create a pillar on a cell that protects whoever stands in it from melee attacks. 10 Supportive
Sight.png Sight
Reveal hidden enemies in a 7×7 area around the user. 1 Active
Soul Strike.png Soul Strike
Ghost-element attack dealing up to 5× MATK damage to a single target. Does additional damage to Undead-element enemies. 10 Offensive
Stone Curse.png Stone Curse
Attempt to turn target into stone, rendering it immobile and turning it to Earth 1 element. 10 Active
Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm
Foes within target 5x5 area are hit 1~10 times, each for MATK*1 Wind-element damage. 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Energy Coat.png Energy Coat
Reduces damage from incoming physical attacks while consuming SP. 1 Supportive 35 Energy Coat Quest

Job Bonuses

Job Bonus
Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
AGI 18 26 40 47        
INT 2 14 22 33 38 44 46 50
DEX 6 10 36          
LUK 30 42 49          


Equip Attack Speed From Novice
Bare Handed 146 −10
Shield -10 0
Dagger 0 +15
Rod (One Handed) -5 +20
Rod (Two Handed) -5 N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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