Imperial Guard

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Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard.png
Job Base(s): Royal Guard
Job Type: 4-2
Job Level: 50
Race: Human
Changes At: Prontera
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 95
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+9 +3 +9 +10 +9 +3
4th Class Bonuses
+6 +9 +5 +7 +3 +3


Imperial Guard art.webp

Imperial Guards are the fourth class of Royal Guard.

WarpPortal description: "Imperial Guard's unmovable faith has granted them true strength. It's a job that pursues protecting allies rather than destruction. They are equipped with a sword and shield as well as powerful divine attacks."

Job Change Guide

See Imperial Guard Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Spear Sword Mastery.png Spear Sword Mastery
1H Swords, 1H and 2H Spears increases HIT and Imperial Guard skill damage 10 Passive
Attack Stance.png Attack Stance
Increase equipment's ATK at the cost of losing DEF 5 Active
Overslash.png Overslash
Inflict Melee Physical damage on a target and enemies 7x7 cells around it 10 Offensive
Grand Judgement.png Grand Judgement
Inflicts Ranged Physical damage on a target and enemies 7x7 cells around it and Increases Vanishing Point and Cannon Spear damage for 300 seconds 10 Offensive
Shield Shooting.png Shield Shooting
Throws a shield at the target to inflict ranged physical damage and Increases Rapid Smiting, Shield Press and Earth Drive damage for 10 seconds 5 Offensive
Shield Mastery.png Shield Mastery
Shields increase Physical Resistance and Imperial Guard skill damage 10 Passive
Guard Stance.png Guard Stance
Increase equipment's DEF at the cost of losing ATK 5 Active
Guardian Shield.png Guardian Shield
Cast a physical barrier based on your HP to you and party members 21x21 cells around you for 60 seconds 5 Active
Ultimate Sacrifice.png Ultimate Sacrifice
Drops your HP to 1 and Resurrects party members up to 7x7 cells around you with full HP and SP 5 Active
Rebound Shield.png Rebound Shield
Decreases damaged taken from Sacrifice for 60 seconds 5 Active
Cross Rain.png Cross Rain
Summons a holy field that inflicts Holy Magic damage every 0.3 seconds for 4.5 seconds 10 Offensive
Holy Shield.png Holy Shield
Improves Shadow and Undead Resistance and casts Holy Magic damage buff 5 Active
Judgement Cross.png Judgement Cross
Inflicts Holy Magic damage on a target, Increased damage to Plant and Insect enemies 10 Offensive

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