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Job Base(s): Mechanic
Job Type: 4-1
Job Level: 50
Race: Human
Changes At: Juno
Number of Skills: 14
Total Skill Points: 91
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+10 +6 +10 +6 +5 +6
4th Class Bonuses
+7 +9 +4 +0 +6 +7


Meister Artwork.png
Meister Art.webp

Meister are the fourth class of Mechanic.

WarpPortal description: "Meister, the advanced class for Mechanic, excels on mechanical engineering. They can summon Auto Battle Robots to support them in battle. In addition they have various abilities to and strengthen allies with various devices."

Job Change Guide

See Meister Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Class Data


See Blacksmith Skills or Mastersmith Skills for 2nd class Skills. See Mechanic Skills for 3rd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
File:ABR: Battle Warrior.png ABR: Battle Warrior
Summon a Battle Warrior to aid player in combat. Only 1 Battle Warrior can be summoned at a time. For the duration Power Swing will hit twice. 4 Active
File:ABR: Dual Cannon.png ABR: Dual Cannon
Summon a Dual Cannon to aid player in combat. Only 1 Dual Cannon can be summoned at a time. For the duration of the skill, Vulcan Arm, Arm Cannon, and Knuckle Boost will hit twice. 4 Active
File:ABR: Infinity.png ABR: Infinity
Summon an Infinity to aid player in combat. Only 1 Infinity can be summoned at a time. 4 Active
File:ABR: Mother Net.png ABR: Mother Net
Summon a Mother Net to aid player in combat. Only 1 Mother Net can be summoned at a time. For the duration Mother Net will sometimes heal player for 10% of their max HP when they take damage, also periodically restore 3% SP to player and nearby party members. 4 Active
File:ABR Mastery.png ABR Mastery
Increased stats of summoned creatures such as ABR - Battle Warrior, ABR - Dual Cannon, ABR - Mother Net and ABR - Infinity. 10 Passive
File:Activation Attack Machine.png Activation Attack Machine
Attach an Attack Machine to the target for the duration. Attack Machine will inflict damage to enemies surrounding the target every second. Cannot be casted to targets that are more than 15 levels apart from caster. Damage is increased based on target's Base Level. 5 Active
File:Activation Defense Machine.png Activation Defense Machine
Attach a Defense Machine to the target for the duration, increasing targets' DEF and RES. 5 Active
File:Axe Stomp.png Axe Stomp
Inflict Physical Melee damage to enemies around the user. Increase damage of Axe Tornado for a short duration. This skill will hit 3 times when using a Two-Handed Axe. 5 Active
File:Manufacture Machine.png Manufacture Machine
Create capsules used for Meister skills. 5 Active
File:Mighty Smash.png Mighty Smash
10 Active
Rush Quake.png Rush Quake
Rush towards the enemy inflicting melee physical damage and leave enemy in Quake status for 30 seconds. Caster will also gain Rush status which increase physical damage dealt by caster.

Enemies in Quake status receives 50% additional physical damage.

10 Active
File:Spark Blaster.png Spark Blaster
10 Active
File:Triple Laser.png Triple Laser
5 Active
Two Hand Axe Defending.png Two Hand Axe Defending
Reduce physical damage taken from enemies of different sizes when equipping Two-Handed Axe. 10 Passive

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