Smith Dagger

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Smith Dagger.png Smith Dagger
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 3
Catalyst: Hammer, Weapon Materials
Item: Anvil
(Blacksmith) Iron Tempering Lv. 1

Smith Dagger (Alt: Smith Dagger) is a 2nd class passive skill available as Blacksmith and Mastersmith.


Enables to forge various Dagger class weapons by consuming a forging hammer and all required items. The level of this skill affects the level of weapons that can be created. Requires the player to have an anvil in the inventory.

For further information about forging, see Forging.


Level Eligible Weapons Materials
1201.png Knife
998.png 1 Iron
909.png 10 Jellopy
1204.png Cutter
998.png 25 Iron
1207.png Main Gauche
998.png 50 Iron
1210.png Dirk
999.png 17 Steel
1213.png Dagger
999.png 30 Steel
1216.png Stiletto
999.png 40 Steel
1219.png Gladius
984.png 4 Oridecon
999.png 40 Steel
726.png 1 Sapphire
1222.png Damascus
984.png 4 Oridecon
999.png 60 Steel
729.png 1 Zircon