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Ore Discovery

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Ore Discovery.png Ore Discovery
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 1
(Blacksmith) Hilt Binding Lv. 1, Steel Tempering Lv. 1

Ore Discovery (Alt: Finding Ore) is a 2nd class passive skill available as Blacksmith and Mastersmith.


Gives a very low chance of monsters dropping an ore item when defeated by the player. This only applies if the player earns the highest priority for the item drops from the defeated monster.

List of droppable ores

Droppable Ores
1003.png Coal
991.png Crystal Blue
985.png Elunium
714.png Emperium
1011.png Emveretarcon
994.png Flame Heart
969.png Gold
997.png Great Nature
993.png Green Live
1002.png Iron Ore
998.png Iron
995.png Mystic Frozen
984.png Oridecon
1010.png Phracon
990.png Red Blood
757.png Rough Elunium
756.png Rough Oridecon
996.png Rough Wind
999.png Steel
992.png Wind of Vendure