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Stealth Field

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Stealth Field.png Stealth Field
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 3, selectable
SP Cost: 50 + (Skill Level × 50)
Cast Time: (Skill Level × 0.5) seconds
Cast Delay: None
Cooldown: [25 − (Skill Level × 5)] seconds
Duration: [10 + (Skill Level × 5)] seconds;
Until recast or SP reaches 0
Target: Self
Area of Effect: 5x5
Catalyst: 2 Magic Gear Fuel
Item: Camouflage Generator
Mount: Madogear
(Mechanic) Analyze Lv. 3, Neutral Barrier Lv. 2

Stealth Field (Alt: Stealth Field) is a 3rd class Madogear supportive skill available as Mechanic.


Places a 5x5 area around the user that turns players translucent, leaving them immune to target skills. Maintaining this skill active will drain 3% of Max SP every 3 seconds and reduce Movement Speed by 30%. Requires to have a Camouflage Generator in the inventory and each cast consumes 2 Magic Gear Fuels.

Level Duration Cast Time Cooldown SP Cost
1 15s 0.5s 20s 100
2 20s 1.0s 15s 150
3 25s 1.5s 10s 200


  • If two instances of this skill overlap, they will be canceled.
  • This skill can be canceled manually by casting a second time (this feature currently does not work in iRO).