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Mechanic Job Change Guide

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Mechanic Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise)
Job Class: Blacksmith or Mastersmith
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Reset Stone
(if Non-VIP)
Item(s): 2795.png Green Apple Ring
5749.png Driver Band
Quest Reward(s): Job change to Mechanic
  1. Talk with Chainheart in Juno yuno129156 three times. During the third conversation, choose the option 'I want to know more'.
  2. Talk with the scholar outside the entrance to the Juperos Ruins jupe_cave3755, and accept his offer to teleport you to the core.
  3. Talk with the ghostfire immediately nearby and listen to its story.
  4. Travel counterclockwise to talk with the ghostfire in the southwest jupe_core25375.
  5. Continue travelling counterclockwise to talk with the ghostfire in the southeast jupe_core224262.
  6. Stand on the switch in the west jupe_core229150.
  7. Stand on the switch in the east jupe_core2272149.
  8. Examine the southern part of the nearby statue by moving near it. jupe_core2288142
  9. Stand on the switch in the south jupe_core215033.
  10. Talk with the ghostfire in the north again jupe_core2149273, who teleports you back to Juno after the conversation.
  11. Talk with Chainheart again, who makes you a Mechanic and awards you a Driver Band and Green Apple Ring.