Smith Mace

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Smith Mace.png Smith Mace
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 3
Catalyst: Hammer, Anvil, Weapon Materials
(Blacksmith) Smith Knucklebrace Lv. 1


Enables Blacksmiths to forge various Mace class weapons. The level of this skill affects the level of weapons that can be created. Higher level weapons have lower creation success rates than lower level weapons.


Level Eligible Weapons Materials
1501.png Club
998.png 3 Iron
1504.png Mace
998.png 30 Iron
1507.png Smasher
999.png 20 Steel
1510.png Flail
999.png 33 Steel
1519.png Chain
999.png 45 Steel
1513.png Morning Star
999.png 85 Steel
730.png 1 1 Carat Diamond
1516.png Sword Mace
999.png 100 Steel
963.png 20 Sharp Scale
1522.png Stunner
999.png 120 Steel
968.png 1 Heroic Emblem