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The Enchantment NPC for selected Kagerou and Oboro gears is located inside the Ninja Guild in Amatsu. There's an NPC named Artisan Tene que_ng7421 in the corner of the room where you can find the Kunai and Shuriken NPCs. You only spend 100,000 zeny per enchant and you'll get 2 random enchants. To reset the enchant, you need 100,000 zeny. You can reset only one enchant or both enchants, and still spend 100,000 zeny per reset. You can enchant your Ninja Gears repeatedly and it won't fail nor break. Armors that you can enchant are Ninja Scaled Armor [1], Tenebris Latitantes [1] and Special Ninja Suit [1]. Shields that you can enchant are Wolf Armguard [1] and Crescent Armguard [1]. Weapons that you can enchant are Raksasa Dagger, Mikatsuki, Huuma Swirling Petal, Huuma Fluttering Snow, and Huuma Thunderstorm.

The enchantment is given randomly. Possible enchantments are the +1 to +2 of the six stats(STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK) and advance enchantments like (DEF, MDEF, HP, and SP).

Eligible Weapons

Item Name Slot Max Enchants Description
13076.png Raksasa Dagger [1]
1 2 Only several skilled ninjas can handle this dagger. Favorite among high ranking ninjas for its amazing performance which exceeds the Asura.
13078.png Mikatsuki [1]
1 2 Reduces SP comsumption of skills by 5%. Reduces variable cast time by 5%
13313.png Huuma Swirling Petal [2]
2 2 Shuriken named after fluttering petals. They say it feels like you are surrounded by a cloud of petals when using this weapon. Increases [Swirling Petal] damage by 20%.
13314.png Huuma Fluttering Snow [2]
2 2 Shuriken with water property. Snowstorm occurs when in use. Autocast [Snow Flake Draft] at learned level when physically attacking.
13315.png Huuma Thunderstorm [2]
2 2 Shuriken with wind property. Blinds enemies' sight with rain and wind. Autocast [Lightning Jolt] at learned level when physically attacking.

Eligible Armors

Item Name Slot Max Enchants Description
15054.png Ninja Scale Armor [1]
1 2 Scale Armor told to be worn by a legendary ninja who used unique ninja skills. Specialized for close range Atk.

MHP + 15%, MSP - 30%. Additional ATK +10%, STR +2 with Applicable Job and Wolf Armguard.

15055.png Tenebris Latitantes [1]
1 2 Armor specially made to protect high ranking officials from Ninja assassins. Armor creates a clone of the user when under Atk to trick the enemy.

Autocasts [Illusion-Shadow] by chance when physically attacked.

15056.png Special Ninja Suit [1]
1 2 Newly improved ninja shoes which took into consideration the opinions of skilled ninjas. Lighter and durability of the textile is better than before.

For every 3 upgrades, AGI +1

2172.png Wolf Armguard [1]
1 2 Armguard with a threatening wolf drawing. You feel indiscriminating wild instincts when wearing this.

ATK +100 and FLEE -50 for 5 seconds by chance when physically attacking.

2173.png Crescent Armguard [1]
1 2 Armguard with a glowing crescent moon drawing. You feel a sense of mystical fullness when wearing this.

Reduces skill use delay by 2% per refine.

Enchants per Upgrade Level

All items appear to use same list of enchants. Enchants given depend on refine rate of the item.

Possible Enchants Upgrade Level
+0 +5 +7 +8 +10 +12
DEF +3, +6, +9, +12 +3, +6, +9, +12 +3, +6, +9, +12 +3, +6, +9, +12 No No
MDEF +2, +4, +6, or +8 +2, +4, +6, or +8 +2, +4, +6, or +8 +2, +4, +6, or +8 No No
STATS 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 2-3
HP No No No No +100, +200, or +300 +100, +200, or +300
SP No No No No +50, +100 +50, +100