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You can enchant your costume on a building in Malangdo . There are 3 NPC responsible in enchanting inside: Designer Heidam, Aver De Dosh and Lace La Zard.


Enchanting a Costume

Talk to Aver De Dosh to enchant the Headgear Costume and Lace La Zard for Garment Costume.

  • You must have both costume and the stone to perform the enchantment.
  • Enchantment has 50% chance to fail.
  • If it is failed, only the stone will disappear while the costume remains.
  • Enchant cannot be resetted.

Enchantable Costume

Kit Costume

Kit Costume Box can be purchase from Kafra Shop.

Kit Costume Box
Head (Upper) Head (Middle) Garment
19654.png Costume: Captain Carocc's Hat 20146.png Costume: Angel's Masquerade 20746.png Costume: Rudra's Grace
19608.png Costume: Chick Hat 20147.png Costume: Pigeon On Shoulder
19721.png Costume: Darkness Helm 20145.png Costume: Robo Eye -
19823.png Costume: Kitsune Mask Hood (Upper, Middle) -
19712.png Costume: Little Angel Doll - -
19876.png Costume: Rabbit Ear Hat - -
19907.png Costume Beautiful Phantom Mask - -
20036.png Costume: Sword Master's Crown - -


14 pieces of Kitcoin can be trade to Designer Heidam for 1 random costume as mentioned above. Kitcoin Purse contain 14 pieces of Kitcon that can be purchase from Kafra Shop or buying from players.

Obtained In-Game / Cash Shop

There are also some costumes that are eligible for enchantment that can be obtained in game (via quest), cash shop and lucky box.

Head (Upper)
31190.png Costume: Angel's Black Mini Silk Hat
31119.png Costume: Blue Magician Hat
20317.png Costume: CatEar Cyber Headphone
20454.png Costume: Crown of Ancient Queen
31185.png Costume: Engineer Cap
20377.png Costume: Flying Helmet
31123.png Costume: Ghostring Tall Hat
20450.png Costume: Gram Peony
20038.png Costume: Haunted Armor Helm
31068.png Costume: Hair in a Bun (White)*
19915.png Costume: Little Devil S Horn
20018.png Costume: Long Wolf Ears
19597.png Costume: Magic Eyes
20278.png Costume: Man's Pride
31188.png Costume: Mono Gothic Bonnet
20398.png Costume: Niffleheim Bunny Hat
20451.png Costume: Night Sky of Memory
31092.png Costume: Rabbit Ribbon
20266.png Costume: Secret Zipper
31182.png Costume: Side Cap
20113.png Costume: Star Reading Hat
20453.png Costume: Wrapping Cloth
20227.png Costume: Puppy Hat
Head (Middle)
31186.png Costume: Black Cat
31122.png Costume: Bloody ViciousStop Bandage
20318.png Costume: Charleston's Antenna
19787.png Costume: Devoted Eyes
31184.png Costume: Eye of the Hawk
31183.png Costume: Fallen Angel's Blessing
20430.png Costume: Loyal Servant of Morocc
20314.png Costume: New Wave Sunglasses
5912.png Costume: Servant Devilring
31120.png Costume: Vampire Familiar
31187.png Costume: War Princess Ribbon
Head (Low)
20315.png Costume: Analyzing Eye
20034.png Costume: Castle Bat
19552.png Costume: Centimental Flower
31121.png Costume: Bat Stole
20285.png Costume: Fluttering Cherryblossom
19513.png Costume: Chicken Beak
20356.png Costume: Cowlick Hairstyle White*
19785.png Costume: Crunch Toast
31087.png Costume: Dwarf Beard
20405.png Costume: Eremes Scarf
19783.png Costume: Grandpa Stache
19514.png Costume: Old Timey Mustache
20363.png Costume: Ponytail*
31189.png Costume: Red Cat Ears Cape
20407.png Costume: Red Subject Aura
31181.png Costume: Rosary's Necklace
19636.png Costume: Rudolf Nose
20370.png Costume: Twin Ponytail*
Head (Mix)
31118.png Costume: Assassin Skull Mask
20300.png Costume: Hill Wind Mask
31117.png Costume: Hoplite Helmet
19823.png Costume: Kitsune Mask Hood
20378.png Costume: Sky Helm
20500.png Costume: Archangel Wing
20763.png Costume: Amistr Bag
20761.png Costume: Happiness Wings
20746.png Costume: Rudra's Grace
  • Including the other color of Costume: Ponytail, Costume: Twin Ponytail, Costume: Cowlick Hairstyle and Costume: Hair in a Bun

Enchantment Stone

Exchanging from Costumes
Designer Heidam will trade 1 Costume into 1 Enchant Stone. He will take a costume RANDOMLY FROM YOUR INVENTORY. So, it is a good idea to put some costume you want to keep on cart first.
Treasure Box Drop
Treasure boxes in Wave Mode Dungeon Sky Mode have a chance to drop the following stones below. Other stones can only be obtained from exchanging costume method.
  • CRI Stone (Slot 1)
  • HP+50 Stone (Slot 2)
  • Magic Stone (Slot 2)

List of Enchant Stones

This is the list of enchant stones available. The "slot" in the Stone item's name and description refers to the costume placement: slot 1 means head upper, slot 2 means head middle, and slot 3 means head lower.

Slot Enchant Stone Stat
Head (Upper) 6636.png STR Stone(slot 1) STR + 1
6638.png AGI Stone(slot 1) AGI + 1
6637.png INT Stone(slot 1) INT +1
6640.png VIT Stone(slot 1) VIT + 1
6639.png DEX Stone(slot 1) DEX + 1
6641.png LUK Stone(slot 1) LUK + 1
6716.png CRI Stone(slot 1) Critical + 1
6943.png ATK Stone(Upper) ATK + 1%
6944.png MATK Stone(Upper) MATK + 1%
6790.png Big Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to big monsters.
6791.png Medium Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to mid-sized monsters.
6740.png Recovery Stone(slot 1) HP recovery by Heal, items + 2%.
6741.png Recovery Skill Stone(slot 1) Increases healing power by 3%.
6792.png Small Stone(slot 1) Increase 1% of damage to small-sized monsters.
25000.png SP Absorption Stone(Upper) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into SP with 1% chance.
Head (Middle)
6945.png STR Stone(MIddle) STR + 1
6947.png AGI Stone(Middle) AGI + 1
6949.png VIT Stone(Middle) VIT + 1
6946.png INT Stone(Middle) INT + 1
6948.png DEX Stone(Middle) DEX + 1
6950.png LUK Stone(Middle) LUK + 1
6743.png HP+1% Stone(slot 2) MaxHP + 1%
6717.png HP+50 Stone(slot 2) Max HP + 50
6744.png SP Stone(slot 2) Max SP + 1%
6642.png ATK Stone(slot 2) ATK + 1%
6643.png MATK Stone(slot 2) MATK + 1%
6742.png Recovery Stone(slot 2) Every 10 sec, recover 10 HP.
Head (Low) 6644.png HIT Stone(slot 3) HIT + 1
6645.png FLEE Stone(slot 3) FLEE + 1
6718.png Magic Stone(slot 3) SP + 10
6745.png Recovery Stone(slot 3) When enemies got killed by your Physical attacking, Magical attacking, recover 1 SP.
6951.png HP Stone(Lower) MaxHP + 1%
Garment 6908.png ASPD Stone(Garment) ASPD + 1
6963.png HP Absorption Stone(Garment) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into HP with 1% chance.
6964.png SP Absorption Stone(Garment) Absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into SP with 1% chance.