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Enchantable Costume

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This page holds all enchantable costumes based on online patch notes and forum posts. This is not a definite list. If there are any missing costumes, misinformation, or errors, let us know on iroWiki Discord.

  • To tell if a costume is enchantable, how to enchant a costume, or what enchants are possible, visit Costume Stone Enchants.
  • To see where most of these costumes are from, visit Costume Boxes.


  • If the costume is not listed, try searching with its ID number instead.
  • Some costumes have the exact same name, double check the ID number/link too if so.
  • To hide long tables, press Collapse.
  • If a sprite is blank, hard refresh the page.



ID Number Costume Name
19585 19585.png c Feather Beret
19577 19577.png Costume 10th Anniversary Poring Hat
400132 400132.png Costume Afro Wig
19716 19716.png Costume Alice Doll
31329 31329.png Costume Alice Wig
20070 20070.png Costume Alpaca Hood
19827 19827.png Costume Amistr Cap
31721 31721.png Costume Ancient Resonance
19930 19930.png Costume Angel Mini Silk Hat
31419 31419.png Costume Angel of Happiness
19529 19529.png Costume Angel Wing
19848 19848.png Costume Angeling Cap
19773 19773.png Costume Angeling Hairpin
31190 31190.png Costume Angel's Black Mini Silk Hat
19749 19749.png Costume Angel's Blessing
19939 19939.png Costume Antler
20236 20236.png Costume Archangeling Hat
20306 20306.png Costume Artist's Hat
31433 31433.png Costume Astro Circle
19985 19985.png Costume Aura Quartz Crown
400133 400133.png Costume Awakened Eden Group Hat
31935 31935.png Costume Baby Dragon Hat
19834 19834.png Costume Baseball Cap
400020 400020.png Costume Beachball
20302 20302.png Costume Beelzebub's Crown
19811 19811.png Costume Beer Cap
19678 19678.png Costume Bell Ribbon
19623 19623.png Costume Bijofnil Wings
20288 20288.png Costume Bijou Hat
31697 31697.png Costume Bird Nest
20449 20449.png Costume Black and White Temptation
19879 19879.png Costume Black Bunny Band
20191 20191.png Costume Black Cat Ears Beret
31140 31140.png Costume Black Cowboy Hat
15890 15890.png Costume Black Death King's Hat
31475 31475.png Costume Black Fox Ear Ribbon
20247 20247.png Costume Black Hand of Destiny
31332 31332.png Costume Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm
15825 15825.png Costume Black Musang Hat
31513 31513.png Costume Black Rabbit Ears
20496 20496.png Costume Black Shiba Inu Hat
19744 19744.png Costume Black Tail Ribbon
31912 31912.png Costume Black Veil
19969 19969.png Costume Blazing Soul
19808 19808.png Costume Blazing Sun
19987 19987.png Costume Blue Beanie
20222 20222.png Costume Blue Christmas Cheer
20238 20238.png Costume Blue Drooping Cat
31451 31451.png Costume Blue Frill Ribbon
31119 31119.png Costume Blue Magician Hat
19691 19691.png Costume Blue Ribbon
20096 20096.png Costume Blue Ribbon Headband
20046 20046.png Costume Blue Rose Decoration
15889 15889.png Costume Boitata Cap
19997 19997.png Costume Bomb Hat
19973 19973.png Costume Bone Circlet
31595 31595.png Costume Book of Soyga
31489 31489.png Costume Bouquet Hat
31800 31800.png Costume Brazil Twin Ribbon
19659 19659.png Costume Brown Beanie
31259 31259.png Costume Bubble Archangeling Hairband
20007 20007.png Costume Bullock Helm
19625 19625.png Costume Bunny Band
20031 20031.png Costume Bunny Headdress
19771 19771.png Costume Butterfly Hairpin
31141 31141.png Costume Cactus Flower Corsage
20297 20297.png Costume Cactus Hat
420015 420015.png Costume Camellia Demon Ribbon
19974 19974.png Costume Camouflage Bunny Hood
19654 19654.png Costume Captain Carocc's Hat
20044 20044.png Costume Carmen Miranda's Hat
19800 19800.png Costume Carnation Hairband
19874 19874.png Costume Carnival Circlet
19873 19873.png Costume Carnival Hat
19972 19972.png Costume Casket of Protection
20499 20499.png Costume Cat Ear Hat
31506 31506.png Costume Cat Eared Bandana
19976 19976.png Costume Cat Santa Hat
31906 31906.png Costume Cat's Paw Knit Hat
31907 31907.png Costume Cat's Paw Knit Hat (Brown)
31471 31471.png Costume Celestial Woman Flower
20232 20232.png Costume Celine Ribbon
20284 20284.png Costume Cherry Blossom Hat
20316 20316.png Costume Cherub's Winged Helm
19608 19608.png Costume Chick Hat
20190 20190.png Costume Chicken Hat
19958 19958.png Costume Choir Hat
19955 19955.png Costume Christmas Tree Hat
31132 31132.png Costume Christmas Wreath
31331 31331.png Costume Chung E Shinyon Cap
20106 20106.png Costume Classic Hat
19929 19929.png Costume Classic Ribbon
31560 31560.png Costume Clergy Nurse Cap
31379 31379.png Costume Clock Winding Key
31546 31546.png Costume Clockwork Cap
20495 20495.png Costume Coati Hat
19984 19984.png Costume Cold Protection Hat
20456 20456.png Costume Combat Vestige
19660 19660.png Costume Coppola's Hat
19619 19619.png Costume Corsair
19582 19582.png Costume Cowboy Hat
31801 31801.png Costume Creative Convention Cap
31802 31802.png Costume Creative Convention Chapeau
19860 19860.png Costume Criatura Academy Hat
20454 20454.png Costume Crown of Ancient Queen
20036 20036.png Costume Crown of the Sword Master
31565 31565.png Costume Crowned Princess Ribbon
20317 20317.png Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones
19294 19294.png Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones (Red)
31928 31928.png Costume Cylinder Hairband
19923 19923.png Costume Dark Age
19690 19690.png Costume Dark Snake Lord Hat
19721 19721.png Costume Darkness Helm
400158 400158.png Costume Demon Crown
19727 19727.png Costume Deviling Hat
15888 15888.png Costume Devil's Hand
19547 19547.png Costume Deviruchi Cap
20175 20175.png Costume Diabolic Headphones
400131 400131.png Costume Diadem of Brunhild
31794 31794.png Costume Dog Ear Cap
31202 31202.png Costume Dog Officer
31628 31628.png Costume Dokebi
20012 20012.png Costume Double Horn Helm
20009 20009.png Costume Dragon Skull
19998 19998.png Costume Dragon Turtle Hat
19963 19963.png Costume Driver Band
19964 19964.png Costume Driver Band (Yellow)
19601 19601.png Costume Drooping Aliot Doll
19959 19959.png Costume Drooping Argiope
31796 31796.png Costume Drooping Boto
19878 19878.png Costume Drooping Bunny
19544 19544.png Costume Drooping Cat Crew
31053 31053.png Costume Drooping Eddga
31664 31664.png Costume Drooping Ernst Von Wolf 11th
19927 19927.png Costume Drooping Gray Kitty
15839 15839.png Costume Drooping Gunslinger
20434 20434.png Costume Drooping Gunslinger
19600 19600.png Costume Drooping Kiehl Doll
19802 19802.png Costume Drooping Nine Tail
31372 31372.png Costume Drooping Roxie
31371 31371.png Costume Drooping Sorin Doll Hat
31507 31507.png Costume Drooping Yellow Cat
31541 31541.png Costume Drosera Hairpin
20164 20164.png Costume Duneyrr Helm
19971 19971.png Costume Dying Swan
20041 20041.png Costume Earth Goddess Flower
20241 20241.png Costume Eclipse Hat
19990 19990.png Costume Eclipse Knit Hat
31197 31197.png Costume Egg Crispinette
19988 19988.png Costume Elder Crown
19290 19290.png Costume Elder Devil Horn
20498 20498.png Costume Elephant Hat
19774 19774.png Costume Emperor Wreath
31185 31185.png Costume Engineer Cap
19824 19824.png Costume Evil Druid Hat
20199 20199.png Costume Evil Marcher Hat
31784 31784.png Costume Experimental Goat Cap
31328 31328.png Costume Faceworm Egg Shell
31509 31509.png Costume Fawn Ears
31445 31445.png Costume Feather Fedora
31913 31913.png Costume Feathered Black Cap
19828 19828.png Costume Fedora
19831 19831.png Costume Filir Hat
19833 19833.png Costume Fillet
31090 31090.png Costume Flapping Angeling
20377 20377.png Costume Flying Helmet
31598 31598.png Costume Forest Guide
15851 15851.png Costume Freyja Crown
20160 20160.png Costume Fried Egg Hat
19548 19548.png Costume Frog Cap
19806 19806.png Costume Full Bloom Hairpin
19991 19991.png Costume Galanthus Guard
20008 20008.png Costume General Helmet
31318 31318.png Costume Gerhard Von Deviruchi 83 Years
31123 31123.png Costume Ghostring Tall Hat
19288 19288.png Costume Giant's Helm
19836 19836.png Costume Gigantic Magestic Goat
19936 19936.png Costume Gigantic Water Cap
19917 19917.png Costume Gloomy Pumpkin Hat
15841 15841.png Costume Goggles Hat
15853 15853.png Costume Gold Ingot Poring
19880 19880.png Costume Gold Tiara
20233 20233.png Costume Golden Angel
19977 19977.png Costume Golden Exclamation
31597 31597.png Costume Golden Fish Hat
19979 19979.png Costume Golden Question
20301 20301.png Costume Golden Savage Hat
19718 19718.png Costume Gothic Headdress
31385 31385.png Costume Gothic Pumpkin Handicraft
31848 31848.png Costume Gothic Rose Bonnet
20450 20450.png Costume Gram Peony
20085 20085.png Costume Green Clover Hat
20094 20094.png Costume Green Ribbon Headband
19537 19537.png Costume Gryphon Hat
31571 31571.png Costume Guardian Processor
19910 19910.png Costume Halloween Hat
19762 19762.png Costume Happy Peace Proof
31529 31529.png Costume Happy Rabbit Ribbon
19684 19684.png Costume Happy Wig
19753 19753.png Costume Hat of Fortune
400161 400161.png Costume Hat of King
20038 20038.png Costume Haunted Armor Helm
19573 19573.png Costume Heart Wing Hairband
31683 31683.png Costume Heart Wing Headband
19526 19526.png Costume Helm
19667 19667.png Costume Helm of Dragoon
15905 15905.png Costume Helmet of Siegfried
20042 20042.png Costume Hermode Cap
31247 31247.png Costume Hippo Hat
19745 19745.png Costume Holy Marching Hat
19767 19767.png Costume Home Cherry Blossom
19772 19772.png Costume Honeybee Hat
31249 31249.png Costume Hopping Rabbit
31246 31246.png Costume Humming Bird
20204 20204.png Costume Hunting Cap
20227 20227.png Costume Husky Hat
19813 19813.png Costume Icecream Hat
19599 19599.png Costume Imp Hat
31714 31714.png Costume Indian Headband
31248 31248.png Costume Isabella Red Ears
31508 31508.png Costume Isabella's Blue Ear Hat
31387 31387.png Costume Jack
19525 19525.png Costume Jack be Dandy
31711 31711.png Costume Jewel Crown
19675 19675.png Costume Jumping Poring
31378 31378.png Costume Katarina von Blood 60
19688 19688.png Costume Katusa
19695 19695.png Costume Kettle Hat
19758 19758.png Costume King Frog Hat
19587 19587.png Costume King Poring Hat
31180 31180.png Costume King Sura Headband
31041 31041.png Costume Kitten Lace Hairband
31324 31324.png Costume Kitty DJ
31710 31710.png Costume Lace Flower Crown
19714 19714.png Costume Lady Tanee Doll
20155 20155.png Costume Lady's Feather Hat
19812 19812.png Costume Large Hibiscus
31504 31504.png Costume Large Hungry Fish
31612 31612.png Costume Large Sorcerer Crown
20491 20491.png Costume Laser of Eagle
20196 20196.png Costume Leopard Ear Hat
19835 19835.png Costume Lif Doll Hat
31812 31812.png Costume Light Bulb Hairband
19751 19751.png Costume Light Darkness Crown
19519 19519.png Costume Lightning Cloud
20011 20011.png Costume Lightning Speed
20014 20014.png Costume Lincoln Hat
19712 19712.png Costume Little Angel Doll
19915 19915.png Costume Little Devil's Horn
20099 20099.png Costume Ljosalfar
19815 19815.png Costume Lolita Ten Gallon Hat
20018 20018.png Costume Long Wolf Ears
19607 19607.png Costume Love Chick Hat
15904 15904.png Costume Love Guard
31531 31531.png Costume Lovely Heart Cap
20173 20173.png Costume Lude Hood
19986 19986.png Costume Lunatic Hat
19780 19780.png Costume Lunatic Knit Hat
19687 19687.png Costume Lush Rose
19966 19966.png Costume Maestro Song's Hat
19549 19549.png Costume Magestic Goat
19597 19597.png Costume Magic Eyes
19968 19968.png Costume Magic Stone Hat
15842 15842.png Costume Magic Time
31040 31040.png Costume Magical Feather
31435 31435.png Costume Magician Knit Hat
19807 19807.png Costume Majestic Helmet
31668 31668.png Costume Majorous Horns
20287 20287.png Costume Man's Golden Pride
20278 20278.png Costume Man's Pride
20294 20294.png Costume Maximilian Von Babe XXIX
31573 31573.png Costume Mecha Cat Ears
19967 19967.png Costume Midas Whisper
31914 31914.png Costume Mini Beret Hairband
19522 19522.png Costume Mini Crown
20243 20243.png Costume Mint Chocolate Bonnet
19962 19962.png Costume Mitra
31188 31188.png Costume Mono Gothic Bonnet
20153 20153.png Costume Monochrome Cap
31713 31713.png Costume Mystical Fruit Hat
19908 19908.png Costume National flag hat
31144 31144.png Costume Native Feather Headband
19729 19729.png Costume Neko Mimi Kafra
20398 20398.png Costume Niflheim Bunny Hat
20451 20451.png Costume Night Sky of Memory
31198 31198.png Costume Octopus Hat
19521 19521.png Costume Old Timey Derby
19543 19543.png Costume Oliver Wolf Hood
19893 19893.png Costume Ordinary Black Magician Hat
20283 20283.png Costume Overprotector
20037 20037.png Costume Owlduke Silk Hat
31845 31845.png Costume Palace Guard Cap
31447 31447.png Costume Pale Moon Hat
19953 19953.png Costume Parade Hat
19724 19724.png Costume Pavianne Doll Hat
31441 31441.png Costume Penguin Cap
400046 400046.png Costume Pierced Apple
19671 19671.png Costume Piggy Bank
31165 31165.png Costume Piggyback
31044 31044.png Costume Pink Drooping Kitty
19717 19717.png Costume Pink Ribbon
20237 20237.png Costume Pink Wool Hat
19803 19803.png Costume Pinwheel Cap
19707 19707.png Costume Polar Bear Cap
5352 5352.png Costume Poporing Cap
31547 31547.png Costume Poporing Mascot Head
31667 31667.png Costume Poring Beret
19832 19832.png Costume Poring Hat
20133 20133.png Costume Poring Mascot
31027 31027.png Costume Pretty Bear
31799 31799.png Costume Pretty White Bear
31815 31815.png Costume Prince of Rabbit
19896 19896.png Costume pRO 10th Cap
20172 20172.png Costume Pumpkin Head
31382 31382.png Costume Punkish Cat Ears
19842 19842.png Costume Puppy Hat
19617 19617.png Costume Puppy Headband
19809 19809.png Costume Purple Cowboy Hat
31125 31125.png Costume Queen Anz Revenge
19876 19876.png Costume Rabbit Ear Hat
20200 20200.png Costume Rabbit Head Dress
31092 31092.png Costume Rabbit Ribbon
31392 31392.png Costume Radio Antenna
31408 31408.png Costume Ragnarok Rush Goat
19520 19520.png Costume Rain Cloud
19518 19518.png Costume Rainbow
19650 19650.png Costume Rainbow Feather Decoration
19676 19676.png Costume Rainbow Poring Hat
31786 31786.png Costume Red Baby Dragon Hat
19701 19701.png Costume Red Bonnet
400162 400162.png Costume Red Navy Hat
20095 20095.png Costume Red Ribbon Headband
19804 19804.png Costume Red Vane Hairpin
31295 31295.png Costume Red Wing Hat
31950 31950.png Costume Replica Nut Cracker
20455 20455.png Costume Republic Hat
19926 19926.png Costume Ribbon Black
31326 31326.png Costume Rolf Von Gigue 666
400073 400073.png Costume Romantic Rose
19517 19517.png Costume Rooster's Comb
19536 19536.png Costume Rose Corsage
20040 20040.png Costume Rose Crown
31201 31201.png Costume Royal Rabbit Crown
19697 19697.png Costume Rudolf Santa Hat
19961 19961.png Costume Rune Circlet
31160 31160.png Costume Rune Helm
19723 19723.png Costume Sacred Torch Coronet
19750 19750.png Costume Saint Frill Ribbon
5267 5267.png Costume Sakkat
19768 19768.png Costume Sakura Coronet
19994 19994.png Costume saLUsalo Hat
19682 19682.png Costume Santa Poring Hat
19685 19685.png Costume Santa Poring Hat
19702 19702.png Costume Santa's Hat
19715 19715.png Costume Scarf
31059 31059.png Costume Seawater Hat
20266 20266.png Costume Secret Zipper
20171 20171.png Costume Sepia Cap
19965 19965.png Costume Shadow Handicraft
31526 31526.png Costume Shaman Hat
31696 31696.png Costume Shark Hat
31163 31163.png Costume Sheep Hat
19507 19507.png Costume Shining Sun
19814 19814.png Costume Shiny Wig
31091 31091.png Costume Show Me The Zeny
19894 19894.png Costume Shrine Maiden Hat
31182 31182.png Costume Side Cap
19978 19978.png Costume Silver Exclamation
19980 19980.png Costume Silver Question
19681 19681.png Costume Silver Tiara
19516 19516.png Costume Singing Bird
19535 19535.png Costume Sinsuncho Hat
31543 31543.png Costume Siorava Hat
31397 31397.png Costume Sitting Pope
19904 19904.png Costume Skull cap
20268 20268.png Costume Sleep Eclipse Family
20293 20293.png Costume Sleeper Hat
19739 19739.png Costume Sleeping Kitty Hat
19292 19292.png Costume Smokie Knit Cap
31440 31440.png Costume Snow Bear Hood
31588 31588.png Costume Snow Flower
20231 20231.png Costume Snowman Hat
20242 20242.png Costume Snowysnow Hat
20273 20273.png Costume Soft Sheep Hat
20330 20330.png Costume Sombrero
31396 31396.png Costume Sorcerer Hood
19677 19677.png Costume Soulless Wing
19670 19670.png Costume Southern Cross
20218 20218.png Costume Spell Circuit
31596 31596.png Costume Spider Seduction
19527 19527.png Costume Spiky Band
18743 18743.png Costume Spirit Of Chung E
19533 19533.png Costume Spore Hat
31158 31158.png Costume Squirrel Ear Hat
20113 20113.png Costume Star Reading Hat
31528 31528.png Costume Stardust Hairband
20381 20381.png Costume Steampunk Hat
31054 31054.png Costume Sting Hat
31448 31448.png Costume Sting Silk Ribbon
31941 31941.png Costume Storm Cell
31434 31434.png Costume Stormy Cloud
19829 19829.png Costume Straw Hat
31842 31842.png Costume Striking Hat
20207 20207.png Costume Striped Headband
31042 31042.png Costume Survivor's Circlet
19661 19661.png Costume Sweet Bonnet
20470 20470.png Costume Sweet Chocolate Hat
19789 19789.png Costume Sweet Gents
31177 31177.png Costume Tail Hat
18921 18921.png Costume Tarnished Lamp
31166 31166.png Costume Teddy Bear Hood
31811 31811.png Costume Thief's Hood
31943 31943.png Costume Tree Frog Hood
19911 19911.png Costume Triangle roof hat
19693 19693.png Costume Triple Poring Hat
31789 31789.png Costume Turkey Hat
19759 19759.png Costume Umbrella Hat
31937 31937.png Costume Unicorn Headdress
19546 19546.png Costume Valkyrie Helm
19884 19884.png Costume Vanargand Helm
19694 19694.png Costume Vane Hairpin
19839 19839.png Costume Vanilmirth Hat
31564 31564.png Costume Variant Veil
15838 15838.png Costume Vesper Headgear
20100 20100.png Costume Volume Feather Hat
31187 31187.png Costume War Princess Ribbon
31143 31143.png Costume Water Lantern
19757 19757.png Costume Water Lily Crown
19790 19790.png Costume Wedding Veil
400163 400163.png Costume Whale Cap
20130 20130.png Costume Whisper Tall Hat
19909 19909.png Costume White Baby demom hat
20282 20282.png Costume White Boy's Cap
31252 31252.png Costume White Cat Ears Hat
31436 31436.png Costume White Drooping Cat
19649 19649.png Costume White Kitten Ears
19761 19761.png Costume White Lily
31048 31048.png Costume White Lily with Black Ribbon
31043 31043.png Costume White Ribbon
20097 20097.png Costume White Ribbon Headband
31046 31046.png Costume White Rose Princess
31903 31903.png Costume White Snake
31394 31394.png Costume White Wizard Hat
19643 19643.png Costume Wickebine Ears
19616 19616.png Costume Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
20458 20458.png Costume Wild Poring Rider
18741 18741.png Costume Will O Wisp
19668 19668.png Costume Wind Mildstone
20048 20048.png Costume Wind of the Prairie
19970 19970.png Costume Wind Whisper
19903 19903.png Costume Witch's Pumpkin Hat
31179 31179.png Costume Wolf Masquerade
20453 20453.png Costume Wrapping Cloth
31200 31200.png Costume Wrapping Ribbon
19822 19822.png Costume Yellow Bandana
31476 31476.png Costume Yellow Cherry Blossom Hat
19515 19515.png Costume Yellow Hat
19709 19709.png Costume Yellow Ribbon
31610 31610.png Costume Yellow Wizardry Hat
20296 20296.png Costume Yoyo Hat
31562 31562.png Costume Zealotus Doll
20135 20135.png Costume: 12th Anniversary Crown
31176 31176.png Costume: Always Watching
20019 20019.png Costume: Beret Of Artist
20016 20016.png Costume: Cool Dinner Hat
19620 19620.png Costume: Detective hat
19818 19818.png Costume: Droop Morocc Minion
19589 19589.png Costume: Fallen Angel
20281 20281.png Costume: Kindergartener's Hat
19895 19895.png Costume: Magician's Night Cap
19696 19696.png Costume: Mochiring Hat
19892 19892.png Costume: Night Sparrow Hat
19883 19883.png Costume: Piamette Hood
19652 19652.png Costume: Rabbit Magic Hat
19728 19728.png Costume: Tare Zonda
20329 20329.png Costume: Very Cute Doll Hat
19825 19825.png Costume: Vicious Stop Bandage
20197 20197.png Costume:Amistr Beret
31850 31850.png Gift of Panagia
20226 20226.png Hair Brush
15875 15875.png King of Spirit Circle
19816 19816.png Pecopeco Cap Costume
15882 15882.png Rhythm Hairband
15876 15876.png RTC Second Best
20092 20092.png Sale Sign
19569 19569.png Sprout Hat
31389 31389.png White Bird Rose
18740 18740.png White Phoenix Hair


ID Number Costume Name
19906 19906.png Costume 24 Bolt
19954 19954.png Costume 3D Glasses
31687 31687.png Costume Alchemist Bag
18518 18518.png Costume Angel Wing Ears
31798 31798.png Costume Baby Panda
31437 31437.png Costume Baby Penguin
20312 20312.png Costume Baron's Evil Eye
15840 15840.png Costume Bio Protector
31186 31186.png Costume Black Cat
19722 19722.png Costume Black Glasses
31302 31302.png Costume Black Magenta Ribbon
19624 19624.png Costume Blank Eyes
19679 19679.png Costume Blank Eyes
31847 31847.png Costume Blinking Blue Eyes
31301 31301.png Costume Blinking Eyes
31398 31398.png Costume Blinking Small Eyes
31122 31122.png Costume Bloody Vicious Stop Bandage
31563 31563.png Costume Blue Eye Shadow
31449 31449.png Costume Blue Rose Eyepatch
19550 19550.png Costume Blush
19510 19510.png Costume Bolt Ears
19509 19509.png Costume Butterfly Ears
20039 20039.png Costume Butterfly Wing Ears
19912 19912.png Costume Cat Eyes
31203 31203.png Costume Charcoal Stove
20318 20318.png Costume Charleston's Antenna
20047 20047.png Costume Cherry Blossom Pray
31734 31734.png Costume Citrus Colored Ribbon
31542 31542.png Costume Clay Poring Jar
31902 31902.png Costume Cool Shades
31380 31380.png Costume Crow on Shoulder
20399 20399.png Costume Crow Tengu Mask
31462 31462.png Costume Cute Poring Earmuffs
31574 31574.png Costume Cyber Income
31570 31570.png Costume Cyclops Visor
31618 31618.png Costume Dancing Butterfly
31686 31686.png Costume Desert Wolf Baby
19542 19542.png Costume Devil Whisper
19787 19787.png Costume Devoted Eyes
31486 31486.png Costume Diver's Goggles
31682 31682.png Costume Drooping Elven Ears
31795 31795.png Costume Elephant Fairy
19551 19551.png Costume Elven Ears
19621 19621.png Costume Evil Wing Ears
31669 31669.png Costume Evolved Whisper Mask
31089 31089.png Costume Exploding Wave
31056 31056.png Costume Exploding Wave (Red)
31487 31487.png Costume Eye Bandage
31184 31184.png Costume Eye of the Hawk
31472 31472.png Costume Fairy Feathers
31384 31384.png Costume Fake Ears
31183 31183.png Costume Fallen Angel's Blessing
31047 31047.png Costume First Love Cheeks
31940 31940.png Costume flag mask
31391 31391.png Costume Floating Sage Stone
19995 19995.png Costume Flower Blossom
31439 31439.png Costume Fluffy Heart Earmuffs
31463 31463.png Costume Flying Drone
31615 31615.png Costume Geisha Make Up
31258 31258.png Costume Glowing White Blush
20298 20298.png Costume Happy Droopy Lunatic Ear
31167 31167.png Costume Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears (Black)
19788 19788.png Costume Heart Eyepatch
31561 31561.png Costume Heavenly Dark Flame
31843 31843.png Costume Heavenly Order
19826 19826.png Costume Ice Wing Ears
19810 19810.png Costume Ifrit's Ear
31600 31600.png Costume Kishu Dog
31617 31617.png Costume Lady Tanee
31911 31911.png Costume Little Garden
20255 20255.png Costume Love Cheeks
31538 31538.png Costume Lovely Feeling
20430 20430.png Costume Loyal Servant of Morroc
19886 19886.png Costume Luxury Sunglasses
20311 20311.png Costume Magical Booster
31461 31461.png Costume Marin Earrings
19769 19769.png Costume Mischievous Fairy
31785 31785.png Costume Monster Fish Gills
18742 18742.png Costume Moon and Stars
19289 19289.png Costume Moon Eyepatch
19989 19989.png Costume Mouton Life
31168 31168.png Costume Mouton Life (Blue)
19871 19871.png Costume Musical Decoration
31488 31488.png Costume MVP
20146 20146.png Costume Nero Mask
20314 20314.png Costume New Wave Sunglasses
31609 31609.png Costume Noble Mask
31715 31715.png Costume Orange Rabbit
31491 31491.png Costume Orange Tabby Cat
20005 20005.png Costume Pegasus Wing Ears
31234 31234.png Costume Persica
20147 20147.png Costume Pigeon on Shoulder
31688 31688.png Costume Poring on Shoulder
20295 20295.png Costume Poring Sunglasses
31527 31527.png Costume Radiant Rainbow Wings
20010 20010.png Costume Rainbow Wing Ears
31540 31540.png Costume Red Gemini Eyes
19669 19669.png Costume Reginleif Wings
20145 20145.png Costume Robo Eye
31787 31787.png Costume Savage Shoulder Bebe
31416 31416.png Costume Seraphim Coronet
5912 5912.png Costume Servant Deviling
31567 31567.png Costume Sheep's Horns
19752 19752.png Costume Shelter Wing Ears
19291 19291.png Costume Shiba Inu
31718 31718.png Costume Sky Lantern
31699 31699.png Costume Smiling Eyes
31620 31620.png Costume Snow Fox
31155 31155.png Costume Spinning Eyes
19830 19830.png Costume Sunglasses
20246 20246.png Costume Time Decor
19776 19776.png Costume Tomboy Fairy
31512 31512.png Costume Tuxedo Rabbit
31716 31716.png Costume Twinkling Red Eyes
19293 19293.png Costume Under Rimmed Glasses
31601 31601.png Costume Under Rimmed Glasses (Blue)
20286 20286.png Costume Under Rimmed Glasses (Red)
20459 20459.png Costume Valhalla Idol
31120 31120.png Costume Vampire Familiar
31452 31452.png Costume White Cat
31299 31299.png Costume White Rabbit
31250 31250.png Costume Wonderful Beast Ears
31327 31327.png Costume Wood Goblin Nose
19755 19755.png Costume YinYang Earring
19583 19583.png Costume Zorro Mask
20136 20136.png Costume: 12th Anniversary ElvenEars
19781 19781.png Costume: Angel Wing Ears
20319 20319.png Costume: Crimson Booster
5329 5329.png Costume: Dark Blindfold
19877 19877.png Costume: Eyes Of Darkness
18744 18744.png Twilight


ID Number Costume Name
20315 20315.png Costume Analyzing Eye
19553 19553.png Costume Assassin Mask
20201 20201.png Costume Banshee Master Kiss
31121 31121.png Costume Bat Stole
31045 31045.png Costume Blue Rear Ribbon
31395 31395.png Costume Book of Magic
31916 31916.png Costume Bow Tie
31164 31164.png Costume Brown Stole
20034 20034.png Costume Castle Bat
31492 31492.png Costume Cat Ears Cape Brown
31251 31251.png Costume Cat's Mouth
20280 20280.png Costume Chewed Pencil
19513 19513.png Costume Chicken Beak
31657 31657.png Costume Chignon (Black)
31655 31655.png Costume Chignon (Blonde)
31653 31653.png Costume Chignon (Blue)
31659 31659.png Costume Chignon (Brown)
31656 31656.png Costume Chignon (Green)
31660 31660.png Costume Chignon (Purple)
31654 31654.png Costume Chignon (Red)
31658 31658.png Costume Chignon (White)
19992 19992.png Costume Chilly Breath
20341 20341.png Costume Cowlick (Black)
20355 20355.png Costume Cowlick (Blue)
20351 20351.png Costume Cowlick (Green)
20354 20354.png Costume Cowlick (Orange)
20352 20352.png Costume Cowlick (Purple)
20353 20353.png Costume Cowlick (Red)
20356 20356.png Costume Cowlick (White)
20350 20350.png Costume Cowlick (Yellow)
19785 19785.png Costume Crunch Toast
31611 31611.png Costume Dark Snake Lord Stole
31399 31399.png Costume Darkness Veil
20202 20202.png Costume Deviruchi Balloon
31381 31381.png Costume Diabolic Lapel
20313 20313.png Costume Disk in Mouth
31087 31087.png Costume Dwarf Beard
31575 31575.png Costume Electric Two Sides Up Hair
20405 20405.png Costume Eremes' Scarf
31057 31057.png Costume Eremes Scarf (Black)
31545 31545.png Costume Eremes Scarf (Blue)
31330 31330.png Costume Fallen Angel Valletta
20154 20154.png Costume Falling Leaves
20156 20156.png Costume Fan in Mouth
31178 31178.png Costume Fire Muffler
31432 31432.png Costume Floating Ice
31635 31635.png Costume Flowing Long (Blonde)
31636 31636.png Costume Flowing Long (Silver)
19634 19634.png Costume Flu Mask
31438 31438.png Costume Fluffy Angel Cape
31685 31685.png Costume Fluffy Semi Long
20285 20285.png Costume Fluttering Cherry Blossom
20457 20457.png Costume Fluttering Feather
20349 20349.png Costume Flying Galapago
20235 20235.png Costume Frozen Lands Rose
31377 31377.png Costume Glast Heim Spectator
19783 19783.png Costume Granpa Stache
31067 31067.png Costume Hair Buns (Black)
31063 31063.png Costume Hair Buns (Blue)
31069 31069.png Costume Hair Buns (Brown)
31066 31066.png Costume Hair Buns (Green)
31070 31070.png Costume Hair Buns (Purple)
31064 31064.png Costume Hair Buns (Red)
31068 31068.png Costume Hair Buns (White)
31065 31065.png Costume Hair Buns (Yellow)
31846 31846.png Costume Hair Ribbon Wig
20344 20344.png Costume Happy Balloon
31936 31936.png Costume Honey Donuts
31905 31905.png Costume Ice Tails
19817 19817.png Costume Ifrit's Breath
19528 19528.png Costume Iron Cain
31684 31684.png Costume Kururinpa Tails
31453 31453.png Costume Large Ribbon Muffler (Black)
20239 20239.png Costume Large Ribbon Muffler (Orange)
20015 20015.png Costume Lincoln Beard
31450 31450.png Costume Lolita Two Side Up
31511 31511.png Costume Long Haired Cat Ears
31230 31230.png Costume Long Twin (Black)
31226 31226.png Costume Long Twin (Blue)
31232 31232.png Costume Long Twin (Brown)
31229 31229.png Costume Long Twin (Green)
31233 31233.png Costume Long Twin (Purple)
31227 31227.png Costume Long Twin (Red)
31231 31231.png Costume Long Twin (White)
31228 31228.png Costume Long Twin (Yellow)
31938 31938.png Costume Long Twin Braids
31222 31222.png Costume Low Pony (Black)
31218 31218.png Costume Low Pony (Blue)
31224 31224.png Costume Low Pony (Brown)
31221 31221.png Costume Low Pony (Green)
31225 31225.png Costume Low Pony (Purple)
31219 31219.png Costume Low Pony (Red)
31223 31223.png Costume Low Pony (White)
31220 31220.png Costume Low Pony (Yellow)
19713 19713.png Costume Lucky Clover
31482 31482.png Costume Lunatic Muffler
31599 31599.png Costume Medium Wave
31717 31717.png Costume Medium Wave (Yellow)
20035 20035.png Costume Miracle Blue Rose
31670 31670.png Costume Miyabi Doll Hair
31844 31844.png Costume Mob Scarf
31572 31572.png Costume Mobile Pursuit System
19514 19514.png Costume Old Timey Mustache
31569 31569.png Costume Open Air Headset
31712 31712.png Costume Oxygen Mask
19692 19692.png Costume Peace Pipe
31788 31788.png Costume Piamette Doll Hair (Silver)
31544 31544.png Costume Piamette's Curls
31029 31029.png Costume Pig Nose
19584 19584.png Costume Pirate Dagger
20340 20340.png Costume Ponytail (Black)
20362 20362.png Costume Ponytail (Blue)
20358 20358.png Costume Ponytail (Green)
20361 20361.png Costume Ponytail (Orange)
20359 20359.png Costume Ponytail (Purple)
20360 20360.png Costume Ponytail (Red)
20363 20363.png Costume Ponytail (White)
20357 20357.png Costume Ponytail (Yellow)
31586 31586.png Costume Poporing Muffler
31055 31055.png Costume Poring Bubble Pipe
19672 19672.png Costume Poring Letter
31490 31490.png Costume Poring Muffler
20240 20240.png Costume Present of Snow
31625 31625.png Costume Protective Scarf
31189 31189.png Costume Red Cat Ears Cape
20043 20043.png Costume Red Cherry Blossom
31594 31594.png Costume Red Pencil in Mouth
31698 31698.png Costume Red Riding Hood
31181 31181.png Costume Rosary's Necklace
31559 31559.png Costume Royal Guard Necklace
19636 19636.png Costume Rudolph's Nose
19566 19566.png Costume Samurai Mask
19726 19726.png Costume Scarlet Rose
19552 19552.png Costume Sentimental Flower
31793 31793.png Costume Seraphim's Feather
31162 31162.png Costume Shaving Foam
31797 31797.png Costume Shih Tzu Hair
31510 31510.png Costume Short Haired Cat Ears
31214 31214.png Costume Side Pigtail (Black)
31210 31210.png Costume Side Pigtail (Blue)
31216 31216.png Costume Side Pigtail (Brown)
31213 31213.png Costume Side Pigtail (Green)
31217 31217.png Costume Side Pigtail (Purple)
31211 31211.png Costume Side Pigtail (Red)
31215 31215.png Costume Side Pigtail (White)
31212 31212.png Costume Side Pigtail (Yellow)
31649 31649.png Costume Side Pony (Black)
31647 31647.png Costume Side Pony (Blonde)
31645 31645.png Costume Side Pony (Blue)
31651 31651.png Costume Side Pony (Brown)
31648 31648.png Costume Side Pony (Green)
31652 31652.png Costume Side Pony (Purple)
31646 31646.png Costume Side Pony (Red)
31650 31650.png Costume Side Pony (White)
31616 31616.png Costume Sleep Sheep
31566 31566.png Costume Stole of Dominion
31474 31474.png Costume Straight Long (Black)
31639 31639.png Costume Straight Long (Blonde)
31637 31637.png Costume Straight Long (Blue)
31643 31643.png Costume Straight Long (Brown)
31640 31640.png Costume Straight Long (Green)
31641 31641.png Costume Straight Long (Jet Black)
31642 31642.png Costume Straight Long (Light Purple)
31644 31644.png Costume Straight Long (Purple)
31638 31638.png Costume Straight Long (Red)
31209 31209.png Costume Straight Long (White)
31208 31208.png Costume Straight Long (Yellow)
31296 31296.png Costume Strawberry in Mouth
31386 31386.png Costume Survivor's Orb
31915 31915.png Costume Sweet Coronet
31731 31731.png Costume Sweets Party
19805 19805.png Costume Taboo Curse Scroll
31470 31470.png Costume Tengu Scroll
20132 20132.png Costume Test Subject Aura
20407 20407.png Costume Test Subject Aura (Red)
31473 31473.png Costume Tipsy
31446 31446.png Costume Toy Syringe
31695 31695.png Costume Tree Sprout
20342 20342.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Black)
20369 20369.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Blue)
20365 20365.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Green)
20368 20368.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Orange)
20366 20366.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Purple)
20367 20367.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Red)
20370 20370.png Costume Twin Ponytail (White)
20364 20364.png Costume Twin Ponytail (Yellow)
20497 20497.png Costume Umbala Spirit
31393 31393.png Costume Vajra
31383 31383.png Costume Volume Low Twin
31493 31493.png Costume Volume Low Twin (White)
20071 20071.png Costume Warg in Mouth
31533 31533.png Costume Warm Black Cat Muffler
31300 31300.png Costume Warm Cat Muffler
31199 31199.png Costume Weird Beard
20279 20279.png Costume Whistle
31593 31593.png Costume Yellow Scarf
19770 19770.png Costume: Japan Winecup
19541 19541.png Costume: Romantic White Flower

Upper Middle

Upper Middle
ID Number Costume Name
19837 19837.png Costume Asara Fairy Hat
19907 19907.png Costume Beautiful Phantom Mask
31028 31028.png Costume Black Cat Hoodie
19555 19555.png Costume Crescent Helm
19748 19748.png Costume Diadem
20393 20393.png Costume Dip Schmidt Helm
20183 20183.png Costume Floating Ghost
19754 19754.png Costume Good Wedding Veil
19840 19840.png Costume Hat of the Sun God
19756 19756.png Costume Holy Mother Love
19823 19823.png Costume Kitsune Mask Hood
20194 20194.png Costume Lion Mask
19574 19574.png Costume Lord of Death
19673 19673.png Costume Love Guard
19775 19775.png Costume Marvelous Wig
19819 19819.png Costume Necromancer Hood
19760 19760.png Costume Rainbow Veil
20045 20045.png Costume Samambaia
20392 20392.png Costume Sniper Goggle
31161 31161.png Costume Tiger Mask
5498 5498.png Costume Vagabond Wolf Hat
19710 19710.png Costume Wings of Victory
19540 19540.png Costume: Rabbit Earmuffs
19539 19539.png Costume: Reginleif Hairband
19598 19598.png Costume: Wondering Wolf Helm

Upper Lower

Upper Lower
ID Number Costume Name
31325 31325.png Costume Queen Scaraba Helm
19580 19580.png Costume Sphinx Helm
20217 20217.png Costume Veil

Middle Lower

Middle Lower
ID Number Costume Name
31118 31118.png Costume Assassin's Skull Mask
20230 20230.png Costume Bankruptcy Mask
31207 31207.png Costume Dokkebi Mask
21202 21202.png Costume Eat Coin
19674 19674.png Costume Evil Mask
20299 20299.png Costume Face Crasher
31505 31505.png Costume Falcon Mask
19882 19882.png Costume Flowerpot Mask
19801 19801.png Costume Fox Hat
19793 19793.png Costume Goblin Mask
19554 19554.png Costume Hahoe Mask
31256 31256.png Costume Jaguar Mask
20397 20397.png Costume Jakk
19918 19918.png Costume Lude Mask
19924 19924.png Costume Odin Mask
19919 19919.png Costume Quve Mask
20195 20195.png Costume Scratching Cat
20391 20391.png Costume Silent Executor
19747 19747.png Costume Thanatos Despero Mask
31030 31030.png Costume Tiger Face
19680 19680.png Costume Tongue Mask

Upper Middle Lower

Upper Middle Lower
ID Number Costume Name
31052 31052.png Costume Alchemist Mask
19743 19743.png Costume Anubis Helm
19689 19689.png Costume Ati Atihan
20006 20006.png Costume Dark Knight Mask
20468 20468.png Costume Harum Beret
20300 20300.png Costume Hill Wind Mask
31117 31117.png Costume Hoplite Helmet
19996 19996.png Costume Horse King
19821 19821.png Costume Hyegun Hat
19556 19556.png Costume Kabuki Mask
31608 31608.png Costume Magicstone of Grace
19905 19905.png Costume Secret Bandana
20378 20378.png Costume Sky Helm
20152 20152.png Costume Straw Rice Bag
19725 19725.png Costume: Bread Bag2
19746 19746.png Costume: Cap Of Blindness
19875 19875.png Costume: Love Rabbit Hood
19881 19881.png Costume: Pretty Rabbit Hood


ID Number Costume Name
480110 480110.png Adventure Cat's Bag
20763 20763.png Costume Amistr Bag
20500 20500.png Costume Archangel Wing
20575 20575.png Costume Backpack (Black)
20574 20574.png Costume Backpack (Red)
20607 20607.png Costume Baldr Wing
20582 20582.png Costume Bear Backpack
20534 20534.png Costume Big White Cat
20521 20521.png Costume Black Cat Backpack
20591 20591.png Costume Bow on Back
20537 20537.png Costume Falling Red Foliage
20593 20593.png Costume Frozen Crystal Wings
20519 20519.png Costume Full Bloom Cherry Tree
480126 480126.png Costume Giant Shark
480095 480095.png Costume Giant White Rabbit
20985 20985.png Costume Gourd Sake Bottle
480096 480096.png Costume Haori Coat
20761 20761.png Costume Happiness Wings
20512 20512.png Costume Heroic Backpack
480127 480127.png Costume Hooked Straw Hat
480107 480107.png Costume Kings Twin Sword
20605 20605.png Costume Leaf Umbrella
20586 20586.png Costume Loli Ruri's Moon
20515 20515.png Costume Magic Circle
20988 20988.png Costume Mechanical Butterfly
480123 480123.png Costume Nydhog's Rumor
480108 480108.png Costume Poring Basket
20990 20990.png Costume Rotating Gears
20746 20746.png Costume Rudra's Grace
480052 480052.png Costume Sakura Ribbon
20599 20599.png Costume Sakura Wings
480122 480122.png Costume Samba Carnival Feather
480093 480093.png Costume Scepter
480097 480097.png Costume Snow Powder
20514 20514.png Costume Sword of Thanatos
20603 20603.png Costume Ulysses Wings
20571 20571.png Costume Valkyrie Wings
20547 20547.png Costume Whisper's Blessing
20989 20989.png Costume Wind-up Screw
480111 480111.png Flower Wings
20572 20572.png Wing of Heart

Unknown Costumes

Not Found

These costumes are said to be enchantable but their names cannot be found on item databases.

Error 404
Costume Name
Costume Black Eye
Costume Blank Glasses
Costume Bubble Pipe
Costume Bubblegum
Costume Golden Angel Wings
Costume Marching Hat
Costume Ordinary Magician Hat
Costume Witch Hat

Not Implemented

These costumes are said to be enchantable and are found on item databases. However, they are extremely likely not implemented.

Error 501
Location ID Number Costume Name
Up 20219 20219.png Costume Angel Marcher Hat
Up 20112 20112.png Costume Aqua Ten Gallon Hat
Up 20033 20033.png Costume Buddhist Priest Crown
Up 19657 19657.png Costume Captain Hat
Up 19960 19960.png Costume Chain Puppet
Up 20167 20167.png Costume Devi Headphone
Up 20170 20170.png Costume Deviruchi Cap (Gray)
Up 20214 20214.png Costume Evil Marcher Hat
Up 20032 20032.png Costume Firinto Scarf
Up 19015 19015.png Costume Gemma Hairband
Up 19508 19508.png Costume Gemmed Sallet
Up 20174 20174.png Costume Halloween Hat (Orange)
Up 20021 20021.png Costume Heart Ribbon Band
Up 20127 20127.png Costume Helm of Abyss
Up 20134 20134.png Costume Helm of Abyss (White)
Up 20148 20148.png Costume Noble Hat
Up 19532 19532.png Costume Red Bunny Band
Up 20128 20128.png Costume Remover Hat
Up 19957 19957.png Costume Scooter Hat
Up 19956 19956.png Costume Soldier Hat
Up 19655 19655.png Costume Tiraya Bonet
Up 19658 19658.png Costume Vacation Hat
Up 20105 20105.png Costume: Fish Head Hat
Up 19524 19524.png Costume: Green Feeler
Up 19523 19523.png Costume: Green Ribbon
Up 20069 20069.png Costume: Gryphon Hairband
Up 20109 20109.png Costume: Jolly Roger
Up 20075 20075.png Costume: Little Feather Hat
Up 20198 20198.png Costume: Misty Ears
Up 20024 20024.png Costume: Orange Ribbon
Up 20066 20066.png Costume: Pecopeco Hairband
Up 20151 20151.png Costume: Poison Spore Hat
Up 20117 20117.png Costume: Raspberry Mousse Hat
Up 20023 20023.png Costume: Red Beret
Up 20216 20216.png Costume: Rideword Hat
Up 20080 20080.png Costume: Shaman's Hair Decoration
Up 19613 19613.png Costume: Valkyrie Feather Band
Up 20098 20098.png Costume: Vampire Hairband
Up 20078 20078.png Costume: White Feather
Up 19530 19530.png Costume: Wild Rose Hat
Up 20020 20020.png Costume: Zaha Doll Hat
Mid 20215 20215.png Costume Black Devil Mask
Mid 20101 20101.png Costume Bragi Wing Ears
Mid 20131 20131.png Costume Clock Tower Manager Intercom
Mid 20221 20221.png Costume Eyes Of Ifrit
Mid 31614 31614.png Costume Fox
Mid 20124 20124.png Costume Masquerade
Mid 19504 19504.png Costume Sunglasses
Mid 19742 19742.png Costume: Asgard Bless *
Mid 20076 20076.png Costume: Asgard Bless *
Mid 20149 20149.png Costume: Hexagon Spectacles
Mid 20116 20116.png Costume: Mermaid Headphone
Mid 20141 20141.png Costume: Observer
Mid 19512 19512.png Costume: Pink Heart Eye Patch
Mid 20213 20213.png Costume: Sirt Evil Eye
Mid 20108 20108.png Costume: Stunner Shades
Mid 20115 20115.png Costume: Under Rim Glasses
Mid 20077 20077.png Costume: Wing Style Spectacle
Mid 19511 19511.png Heart Eyepatch
Low 19798 19798.png Costume Angry Mouth
Low 20022 20022.png Costume Love Piece
Low 20054 20054.png Costume Pacifier
Low 20169 20169.png Costume Tongue
Low 20107 20107.png Costume: Fish In Mouth
Low 20193 20193.png Costume: Foxtail
Low 20150 20150.png Costume: God Of Winds Fan
Low 20192 20192.png Costume: Green Foxtail
Low 31315 31315.png Costume: Stall Of Angel
Up Mid 20220 20220.png Costume: Dark Night Veil
Up Mid 20065 20065.png Costume: Grand Peco Headdress
Up Mid Low 440000 440000.png Costume: Shark Hat
Up Mid Low 20168 20168.png C_Skull_Jhood
Up Mid Low 19951 19951.png C_Solo_Play_Box2

* Both Costume: Asgard Bless are on this list due to confusion. Only one is supposedly enchantable if it ever gets implemented.