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Wave Mode
Base Level: 1
Party: 1+ (Need to be in a party)


  • Wave Mode instance is a mini-game mode in memorial dungeon, it is similar to tower defense game fashion. The game starts when the player enters the dungeon. Wave Mode dungeon lasts 1 hour.
  • A monster wave is released once every 20 seconds and the monsters that appear differ for each wave. A special monster (champion monsters in forest mode, treasure box in sky mode) appears every 5th monster wave.
  • In forest mode monsters from each waves will not attack even when they are attacked. While in sky mode, the monsters attack.
  • In sky mode, there's a pack of lance mercenaries coming from the opposite side from where the monsters appear. These lance mercenaries will attack the monsters, including treasure boxes, and treasure boxes killed by the mercenaries won't drop anything.
  • All monsters dont drop loots except champion monsters in forest mode and treasure boxes in sky mode.
  • Each wave consists of 20 monsters for forest mode, and 10 for sky mode. Once monsters reach the end of the map, they will die instantly. Once all monsters die after reaching the end of the map, the mini-game will end.
  • The wave will be cycled after last wave back to first wave. Forest mode has a cycle of 70 waves. Sky mode has cycle of 10 waves.
  • To enter, find Entrance NPC 'Zonda Rep', located in the following areas:
  • Eden Group moc_para014488
  • Prontera prontera14666
  • Payon payon192112
  • Morroc morroc171107


  • Waves
Wave Number Monster Spawn
Wave 1 Poring
Wave 2 Lunatic
Wave 3 Chonchon
Wave 4 Rocker
Wave 5 Swift Poring
Wave 6 Fabre
Wave 7 Boa
Wave 8 Stainer
Wave 9 Creamy
Wave 10 Elusive Hornet
Wave 11 Caramel
Wave 12 Bigfoot
Wave 13 Poporing
Wave 14 Horn
Wave 15 Elusive Rocker
Wave 16 Yoyo
Wave 17 Coco
Wave 18 Martin
Wave 19 Wolf
Wave 20 Swift Spore
Wave 21 Argos
Wave 22 Steel Chonchon
Wave 23 Baphomet Jr,
Wave 24 Savage
Wave 25 Elusive Andre
Wave 26 Mantis
Wave 27 Side Winder
Wave 28 Argiope
Wave 29 Penomena
Wave 30 Solid Elder Willow
Wave 31 Hunter Fly
Wave 32 Holden
Wave 33 Siorava
Wave 34 Butoijo
Wave 35 Elusive Raggler
Wave 36 Mao Guai
Wave 37 Marionette
Wave 38 Hermit Plant
Wave 39 Zipper Bear
Wave 40 Furious Stalactic Golem
Wave 41 Pitman
Wave 42 Waste Stove
Wave 43 Breeze
Wave 44 Elder
Wave 45 Furious Hunter Fly
Wave 46 Ungoliant
Wave 47 Hatii Bebe
Wave 48 Roween
Wave 49 Stapo
Wave 50 Swift Argiope
Wave 51 Anopheles
Wave 52 Mineral
Wave 53 Wild Rider
Wave 54 Taoist Hermit
Wave 55 Elusive Wood Goblin
Wave 56 Obsidian
Wave 57 Evil Nymph
Wave 58 Nereid
Wave 59 Rybio
Wave 60 Miyabi Doll Ringleader
Wave 61 Siroma
Wave 62 Kaho
Wave 63 Heater
Wave 64 Galion
Wave 65 Yao Jun Ringleader
Wave 66 Lude
Wave 67 Hylozoist
Wave 68 Lava Golem
Wave 69 Snowier
Wave 70 Solid Red Novus


  • Waves
Wave Number Monster Spawn
Wave 1 Angeling
Wave 2 Deviling
Wave 3 False Angel
Wave 4 Cornus
Wave 5 Treasure Box
Wave 6 Mistress of Shelter
Wave 7 Black Skeggiold
Wave 8 Blue Skeggiold
Wave 9 Rudo
Wave 10 Treasure Box
  • Treasure Box in Sky Mode drops the following items:
  • This instance was removed on iRO on May 17, 2022 on the Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Implementation Patch: website link