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Fallen Angel Wing Enchants

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The garment 2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1] (hereafter FAW) can be enchanted with a variety of enchantments by the Valkyrie npc in the Eden Group kitchen. There is no fee for enchanting, however, resetting enchantments costs 1,000,000z. There is no chance to fail or break the wings.

The number of times a FAW can be enchanted depends on it's refine rate.

Refine Rate Enchants possible
+6 or lower 1
+7 or +8 2
+9 or higher 3

The player may choose the category for each enchant they receive. On the third slot, an more powerful enchant is possible, in addition to the enchants possible on the first two slots.

Enchant Options

Enchant Type Enchants 3rd slot (additional possible) enchant
Fighting Fighting Spirit 3~5 Fighting Spirit 6
Magic Spell 4~6 Spell 7
Archer Expert Archer 1~3 Expert Archer 4
Critical Fatal 1~3 Fatal 4
Max HP MaxHP +1~3% MaxHP +4%
Max SP +25,50 or 75 sp +100 sp
ASPD Delayafterattack 1~3 +1 ASPD
Str Str +3~5 Special Str
Agi Agi +2~4 Special Agi
Dex Dex +3~5 Special Dex
Vit Vit +3~5 Special Vit
Int Int +3~5 Special Int
Luk Luk +3~5 Special Luk

Please check the enchant descriptions page for the descriptions on each enchant.

Special Stat Enchant

"Special" Stat enchants have the following effect:

  • +1 to (stat)
  • +3 to (stat) if refined to +8 (for total of +4)
  • Bonus if refined to +9
Str Agi Dex Int Vit Luk
+1% atk +1% atk +1% matk +1%matk +1% maxSP +1% max HP
  • +1 aspd, -7% fixed cast if refined to +12