Meister Job Change Guide

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Meister Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 60(70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise. But you will have 70 before getting to 200 base lvl)
Job Class: Mechanic
Quest Prerequisite(s): Juno
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Meister
  1. Go to Juno at juno113205 and talk with Rudy or Mister.
  2. Go to Verus at verus04214251 and talk with Mara three times.
    • NOTE At this point make sure you are in a party as the party leader.
  3. Talk with Type-E Mecha next to Mara to create an instance.
    • Talk again with Type-E Mecha to enter the instance.
    • NOTE The map is a copy of Juperos Core.
  4. Inside the instance talk with Mara.
  5. Go to the green crosses at the top, bottom left and bottom right of the map to investigate the Traces of Will.
  6. Go to the yellow cross at 3 O'Clock and step on the Door of Truth and wait for the dialogue to end.
  7. Talk with Mara while standing at the Door of Truth.
    • Select "Everything is designed", then "..." to end the dialogue.
  8. Talk with Mara to leave the instance.
  9. Dismount the mecha and talk with Mara to change your job to a Meister.