Elemental Master

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Elemental Master
Elemental Master.png
Job Base(s): Sorcerer
Job Type: 4-2
Job Level: 50
Race: Human
Changes At: Legacy of the Wise One
Number of Skills: 17
Total Skill Points: 80
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+4 +4 +8 +13 +9 +5
4th Class Bonuses
+3 +6 +6 +10 +5 +3


Elemental Master Artwork.png
Elemental Master Art.webp

Elemental Master are the fourth class of Sorcerer.

WarpPortal description: "Elemental Master, the advanced class for Sorcerer, specializes in handling the elements of nature. You can summon advanced spirits and supporting allies with various spells."

Job Change Guide

Completing the job change quest requires finishing at least step 9 of Episode 17.2 and Step 5 of the Side quest Be Quiet in the Library. See Elemental Master Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Class Data


See Sage Skills or Scholar Skills for 2nd class Skills. See Sorcerer Skills for 3rd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
AP Burn.png AP Burn
Create a chance of decreasing the target's AP. For PvP and WoE only. 5 Offensive
Conflagration.png Conflagration
Set 9x9 cells on the ground on fire for 4 seconds, inflicting Fire Magic damage with a chance of Arson. 5 Offensive
Diamond Storm.png Diamond Storm
Summon an ice storm in 9x9 cells on the ground, inflicting Water Magic damage with a chance of Rapid Chilling within range. 5 Offensive
Increase AP.png Increase AP
Use 50 AP to increase the target's AP. 5 Active
Lightning Land.png Lightning Land
Summon a lightning storm in 9x9 cells on the ground for 4 seconds, inflicting Wind Magic damage with a chance of Torrent within range. 5 Offensive
Magic Book Mastery.png Magic Book Mastery
Books increase Magic damage of the following properties: Water, Earth, Fire, and Poison. 10 Passive
Spell Enchanting.png Spell Enchanting
Cast a buff that temporarily increase its target's S.MATK. 5 Supportive
Terra Drive.png Terra Drive
Raise the ground in 9x9 cells, inflicting Earth Magic damage with a chance of Crystalized within range. 5 Offensive
Venom Swamp.png Venom Swamp
Summon a deadly poisonous swamp in 9x9 cells on the ground for 4 seconds, inflicting Poison Magic damage with a chance of Strong Poison within range. 5 Offensive

Elemental Spirit Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Elemental Buster.png Elemental Buster
Inflict Magic damage of the same property as your current high spirit on targets in 13x13 cells. 10 Offensive
Elemental Spirit Mastery.png Elemental Spirit Mastery
Improve your summoned high spirit. 10 Passive
Elemental Veil.png Elemental Veil
Make your high spirit semi-transparent. 5 Supportive
Summon Elemental Ador.png Summon Elemental Ador
Possess a Large Agni with the higher Fire spirit, Ador. 1 Active
Summon Elemental Diluvio.png Summon Elemental Diluvio
Possess a Large Aqua with the higher Water spirit, Diluvio. 1 Active
Summon Elemental Procella.png Summon Elemental Procella
Possess a Large Ventus with the higher Wind spirit, Procella. 1 Active
Summon Elemental Serpens.png Summon Elemental Serpens
Possess a Large spirit with the higher Poison spirit, Serpens. 1 Active
Summon Elemental Terremotus.png Summon Elemental Terremotus
Possess a Large Terra with the higher Earth spirit, Terremotus. 1 Active

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